The SKIRTS Of 2014 Spring!

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Spring Summer 2014 CollectionSexy. Spunky. Smart. Stylish. Semi-retro. Semi-grunge. Shiny. Sheer. Short. Shocking. Are but a few spring’ish seductive synonyms to describe this hot season’s skirt. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the catwalks last season, it’s that designers envision Spring/Summer 2014 in SKIRTS (among other things).

Pants or trousers, depends from which side of the pond you’re from, take a back seat. As do shorts, or any bottoms for that matter in favor of this uber feminine slightly retro chic, but still grungy item: Le Skirt. Frankly it’s about time we got a breath of fashion fresh air, cause as much as we love men clothes and walking in their shoes, truth is we’re not equal (cause we rock above and beyond our male beloveds. Doh.), and we’ve got this super power to do and wear whatver the hell we love and pull it off. Male Monday. Androgynous Tuesday. Hot Wednesday. Sexy & Seductive Thursday. Feminine Friday. You get it. 2014-spring-skirts-midi2014-spring-skirts-trendfull-midi-skirtWith the skirt focus this season we seem to be going back to basics or linger confused somewhere in time between 1970’s (tea-lengths & pleats. helloooo!) and 1990’s (what? don’t fake a surprised face cause we all love a bit of rocknroll and grunge. We may have gotten tired of it… but the love is there.) kylie-jenner-front-slit-skirtJason Lloyd EvansFashion & unsuccessfully-funny rant aside, WHAT SKIRTS ARE HOT THIS SEASON? Is there a skirt trend? Or ALL is IN? While the latter remains true, there appears to be a very obvious back to classy-feminine-can-t-be-bothered-yet-incredibly-rockish-cool-chic-skirt-basics with  THE MIDI skirt – the star of 2014 summer, alongside its various interpretations and sisters. 😉

street-style-leather-midi-pencil-skirtHow To Wear 2014 Summer’s Skirts? Since high-waisted skirts are the only thing the above styles have in common, it’s imperative to say, that ALL skirts this season, look HOT with crop tops or bustiers.

The plain ol’ T-shirt is making a clean statement alongside chunky necklaces. Great combo!

And the classic shirt/blouse remains a cool choice. As does the sweatshirt or mini sweater. 

Street style inspo: 2014-spring-skirts (2)2014-spring-skirts2014-spring-trend-midi-skirts2014-spring-trend-wrap-mini-skirts2014-trend-ruffle-skirtsabbeylee_maxiaxi-slit-skirts-streetstyleBalmain-2014-ruffle-skirt-trendblackskirt2Christine Centenerapencil skirtdenim-shirt-midi-skirtfausto-puglisi-rtw-ss2014-runwayflared-skirt-street-stylefull-skirt-stylelondon-long-skirt-looklong-slit-skirt-stylemaxiskirt-street-stylewrap-skirt-lookstreetstyle-slit-skirtstreet-style-sheer-skirts-2014-trendstreetstyle-maxi-skirtstreetstyle10755-webmidi-full-skirt-street-stylemidi-pencil-skirt-lookmidi-pleats-skirtmidi-skirt-2014-springmidi-skirtsmilan-fashion-week-skirtsmini-skirts-street-stylepencil-midi-skirtSo… if you’re facing a skirt predicament, buy or style something that a 90s Kate Moss would wear style-crossed with a 70’s diva in sexy tea-length pleats, or even an 80’s ruffled mini skirt obsessed socialite. All the while keep it effortlessly cool and have fun. 😉

7 thoughts on “The SKIRTS Of 2014 Spring!

  1. Lovely and stylish selection of skirts! One of my faves? The ‘in yer face’ orange puff ball skirt with the fantastic vibrant bloom print. I love skirts and I’m slowly building a lil’ collection. Got my pleather for when I want to rock with the best of ’em, my pleat when I’m feeling sweet, my sheer when I’m feeling naughty, rose floral print…

    When you have a moment, do visit my blog on
    would be great to have your comments/feedback!

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