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How To Make Casual Tops Look More Expensive?

street-style-basic-tops-looksWhen it comes to fashion ONE thing will always remain true: It’s not what you wear, it’s HOW you wear it! And in fact a lot in fashion today has to do with having great taste and personal style. The rise of the effortlessly cool outfits, the urban glam, sporty-luxe looks are all results of the new style mesh that’s going on right now. The old with the new, the posh with the casual, the retail with the high end.

They’re all coexisting, married in perfect harmony on the backs of the coolest and most savvy sartorials out there. casual-topsStyle is what we have regardless of where we’re going and what we’re wearing, so buying wholesale clothing and making a basic casual top for example look more expensive can – why not – turn into a fashion challenge. Besides we can never have too many casual clothes, nor too many simple sweaters, affordable dresses or basic tees. They’re the simple items that can bring together so many looks. apparel-candy-blouseshow-to-make-casual-clothes-look-expensive (2)So many times I’ve gone shopping for God knows what – except clothes per se – and usually ended up in wholesale clothing for women sections digging up for tiny treasures or affordable tops to go with more expensive items like skirts or trousers or bags and so on. Let’s not even discuss funky nail polishes that you just want to have on a spur of a moment. A great affordable sweater, a jumper, a pair of sunglasses are all items we can never have too much of. affordable-clothes-apparelccasual-tops (2)how-to-make-casual-clothes-look-expensive (3)And if the shop offers great style pieces, such as the one at Apparel Candy – you pretty much end up indulging in everything, because they’re affordable, because you know you can make them look so polished paired with great accessories, and because frankly us girls can never say no to clothes. affordable-topsapparel-candy-wholesale-cloSo how do we make casual clothes looks more expensive? It’s all about details and accessories.

ANY simple top – sweater, jumper, jersey top, t-shirt, blouse, shirt – can immediately look chic and dressy with a great necklace. Sometimes even a pop of red lips will do the trick. street-style-basic-tops-looks (9)street-style-basic-tops-looks (4)I love pairing casual clothes with more statement pieces, with more luxurious items because I love the clashing of textures and styles, I love the balance of such a look, which usually translates into effortlessly chic outfits. Street Style Day 5 - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014street-style-basic-tops-looks (11)A simple dress can instantly look brilliant with some great jewelry, ankle boots, and a leather jacket. how-to-make-casual-clothes-look-expensivehow-to-make-casual-clothes-look-expensive (4)street-style-basic-tops-looks (7)A good ol’ jumper or jersey top looks fantastic with a pair of jeans, hot heels, and a statement necklace or a pair of great earrings. street-style-basic-tops-looks (2)street-style-basic-tops-looks (5)street-style-basic-tops-looks (8)Always make sure you pick more simple designs, classic colors, good fabrics, never over-the-top, not too flamboyant. Keep it all simple and fuss-free. A good fit is another important tip to making affordable pieces look more expensive.

And then we have the scarves, the accessories, which are never too many so buying as much as we want from any shop anywhere is usually what we do, which is great cause we can then have fun pairing them with so many looks and outfits without ever looking the same. street-style-basic-tops-looks (3)street-style-basic-tops-looks (6)wholesale-women-clothingapparel-candy-fashionstreet-style-basic-tops-looks (10)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAstreet-style-basic-tops-looks (13)street-style-basic-tops-looks (14)street-style-basic-tops-looksSo next time you go shopping for other than clothes, still be on the lookout for great casual basic items that constantly keep our creativity rolling and frankly make great looks paired with cool outfits and statement accessories.

It’s not what you wear… it’s HOW you wear it! 😉

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