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Skirts: Is MIDI The New Mini?

full-midi-skirt-trend-2014Never thought I’d say this but I’m pretty ready to trade in my mini skirt hems for longer ones, like over-the-knees, half-calves ones. Am I really getting that old? Or am I just a fashion victim? Unhappy with either possibilities, but forced to pick one, I’m gonna go with the latter, just cause my spirit hasn’t aged a day since I was 20. neon-full-midi-skirt-street-styleFashion has this power over me to just throw out the window my delusional self assertion of being a mature consistent coherent woman. While in life I try to keep myself maniac-free, inhibiting my getting-bored-too-soon impulses (or my ADD), when it comes to fashion I’m the exact opposite. Does this make me mad? Well no. Other things do, but that’s another story. It actually makes me quite sane, style wise, cause fashion is an inconsistent bitch who one day is praising mini skirts and the next is all about longer hems. So I, therefore, am only in tune with its brilliant inconsistencies.

But just when you thought you can’t get this little bitch all figured out, I dawns on you: it’s a cycle. It’s all a stylish un-harmful karma of what goes around comes around. Only in fashion, old and new/past and present live well side by side with the help of reinvention.midi-full-skirts-trendAccording to the world of sartorialists, in 2013 – 2014 Autumn & Winter this is what it’s all about. The return of the past with 2 major trends: PUNK40s/50s skirts style. Dita Von Teese’s burlesque stubbornness was bound to have a major impact at some point, right?

FULL MIDI SKIRTS are massive this season, urging us all to channel our fairytale-meets-Grace-Kelly persona. These skirts that look like beautiful explosions resting on our lower body scream exaggerated beauty. Whether in toned down hues or bold neon shades, prints or patterns these full shapes make us all look like retro dolls in a very modern sophisticated way. full-midi-skirt-street-styleBut how easy is pulling off a full skirt look? I say pretty NOT easy at all. First of all there’s the unlikeness one might take in this very style (I was guilty as charged, but not anymore as I so egocentrically professed in the beginning), which, when resolved, forces you to face a bigger problem: HOW TO STYLE a FULL MIDI Skirt? And avoid looking frumpy or swallowed up into a big ball of fabric.

The one thing that comes to our rescue is none other than good ol’ BALACE, that I, more often than not, tell it to go fuck itself. So apparently the key to nailing this retro chic housewife look is keeping your top as tiny and fitted as you can, and your shoes as posh as possible. Sexy heels, pointed toes, sandals and pumps – it’s your time to shine! dita-von-teese-full-midi-skirtfull-midi-dress-street-stylemidi-skirt-styleWhen donning the full midi skirt you may want to to keep it classy all the way and pair it with one of those tiny sweaters. full-skirts-trendOr, you may just as well make use of today’s debauchery and wear a plain damn hot bustier. Or cropped top.  full-midi-skirt-street-style-4full-skirt-styleCan’t believe I’m actually gonna say this again, but you know what? To hell with balance on this one too, I mean the way this hot mess of a skirt looks with a slightly oversized shirt tucked in, or with anything a few sizes up (T-shirt, sweatshirt, blouse) is pretty irresistible. Why is that, I wonder? I think it all has to do with the nipped waist. Basically as long as you make sure to show off your waist I’m sure you can pull off any top, be it fitted or not. full-midi-skirt-street-style-5full-midi-skirt-street-style-6full-midi-skirt-street-style-2full-midi-skirt-street-style-3how-to-wear-midi-full-skirtsretr0-full-midi-skirtskirt-trendsIf however you’re not such a Dita Von Teese kinda gal (I know I’m not. Love her. Adore her style, it’s just not for me.) why not mix this retro skirt style with the other big trend of the season? PUNK, and its versions. Leather jackets, graphic tees, boots, tennis shoes etc… It does look amazing! full-midi-skirt-street-style-1leather-full-midi-skirt-street-stylemidi-skirts-trend-2014Or… if a ball of fabric, though exquisitely made, is still too much for you, but you adore the midi style, you can still do a version of the full skirt. PLEATED MIDI Skirt is the way to go. Remember those 70s & 80s dresses and skirts our moms used to wear? That’s the one. My mom looked just fabulous in hers.

Something about that longer hem, flowy fabric just brushing off your calves as you make your way through the crowd of the town, on your way to work, or some posh new place to meet with your girls. A trench coat or long fur coat on top (like Carrie Bradshaw used to wear on her dates with Mr. Big) & some super hot heels will complete this fab look. pleated-midi-skirtsmidi-skirt-street-style-5 (2)pleated-midi-skirt-street-stylemidi-pleated-skirtmidi-skirt-street-style-2midi-skirt-street-style-5pleated-midi-skirt-street-style-1pleated-midi-skirt-street-style (2)What do you think ladies? Let’s think about it over the weekend 😉 xoxo

13 thoughts on “Skirts: Is MIDI The New Mini?

    • Hi Nicole, it is such a tricky look, i agree. I do think you can definitely pull it off: keep the dress in one color, prints can be overwhelming and the hem not too long (like right over the knees, above the calves). High heels and a fitted top will probably look best. Try out as many looks as possible and at the end o the day, if it looks good, it means it looks great! U know. Regardless of any styling rules 😉 I’m sure you’ll look amazing! Thanks so much for visiting xoxo

  1. What a beautiful look !though I have been looking everywhere for the red skirt or a similar nice full skirt any suggestion?

  2. Seeing more and more Midi Skirts out there. They are starting to take over my closet too. Move over Mini, Maxi and Skinny Jeans the Midi is here to stay !

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