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Is TINY The New Oversized? We Talk SWEATERS For Spring!

tiny-sweaters-styleHa! I guess it’s out with the old, in with the new for 2014 Spring/Summer. New being small & tiny fitted sweaters, the opposite of what we’ve been doing for the past year. Hey, I’m not shouting a trend yet, just thinking a lot about the what if behind this look, courtesy of quite a few ladies who ditched their BF’s tops for a more feminine, sexy slash girly take on sweaters.

Think 1950’s (slight obsession alert!) or even late 90’s. Hmm. Not bad. Not bad at all. I must confess the hobo look was getting redundant. spring-2014-trend-tiny-sweatersfitted-sweatersOkay, truth is I’m kinda of angry and frustrated right now. Just when I got the hang of, and mastering of the oversized look, BAM! gotta give it up. Well, I don’t have to, but you know what I mean.

Cause let me tell you something, wearing your husband’s sweaters is NOT an easy job. He’s humongous. You’re tiny… Before you know it people might mistake you for a walking sweater. No body, no face. Just a sartorial choice itself.

And now fashion is telling me to dis this art aside? And YOU WONDER WHY I’M ANGRY?

Okay I’m joking. Caps are off. Role-playing the Devil’s advocate is fun.

Actually I couldn’t be happier about the TINY SWEATERS, cause personally (as much as I do like oversized sweaters, which are perfect for fat-days & freezing-winters) I adore tiny fitted sweaters. And I never thought I’d see the day they made a comeback. So I’m quite happy they’re trying to breakthrough again. 2014spring-trend-tiny-sweatThere’s just something so very cute and feminine about a small sweater with rolled up fitted sleeves, that hugs the body and hems up to the waist – I think it’s irresistible. Pairing it with a skirt (be it full, midi, maxi, pencil or mini) is just fucking great! 50s-style-sweaterfitted-tiny-swetaer-skirtsmall-sweaters (2)I think the secret lies in the simplicity of the look. It’s a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda situation. Yeah you can splurge on accessories, or go for a bold color or funky print top, but the effect is the same. SIMPLE silhouette.

Perfect for office, for dates, for dinners, for smarter meets casual occasions, the tiny sweater can adapt in spring or chilly summer days/evenings to a more relaxed look. Think cutoffs, flirty mini dresses, shorts.summer-sweaters-looktiny-sweaters-street-styleOr go for a sophisticated look with heeled pumps and ripped jeans. Perfect! tiny-sweaterA long trench coat over will give a bit of boho Parisian vibe to it all. A leather jacket is very loose and rock style. A blazer is office appropriate.

Shoes wise… of course anything goes. classic-sweaters-streetstyletiny-sweater-trend-spring-2014What I love most about the TINY SWEATER look is the fact that it’s bulk free. YES! I also love them in bold colors and crazy prints, as they can make any pair or jeans, shorts or plain skirt look sophisticated. Hot heels and a cool leather jacket on will give you extra chicness.

Let’s see some street style inspiration! 🙂 Paris Fashion Week Streetstyle, outside Louis Vuitton, Alexa Chungfitted-sweater-classic-lookfitted-sweaters-business-lookfitted-sweaters-spring-trendfitted-sweaters-street-stylefitted--sweater-streetstylefitted-sweaters-trendsmall-chunky-sweatersmall-sweater-maxi-skirtsmall-sweater-streetstylesmall-sweaters-trendsmall-sweaters-trend-2014small-sweater-summer-trendsmall-waist-sweater-stylestreet-style-small-sweaterstreet-style-small-sweaterswaist-small-sweaterstiny-sweater-trend-spring2014tiny-fitted-sweaterssummer-sweaterssummer-sweaters-2014summer-sweaters-trendsweaters-for-springWhat do you think? Should they come back or not?

5 thoughts on “Is TINY The New Oversized? We Talk SWEATERS For Spring!

  1. I like both and the truth is, I always had 2-3 tiny sweaters in my armoire, and wore them when I was getting tired of the oversize ones. The fact that the boyfriend jumper is so loved, will lead to a mix of both in the street style fashion. My humble opinion… Hugs!

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