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Why Are Women Chopping Off Their Hair? Would YOU?

short-haircuts-girlsThat’s the thing about trends, once it sticks, it gets all over the place to the point of redundancy even. Is this the case of SHORT HAIRSTYLES? Do all women chop off their mermaid tresses like demented fashion victims, cause that JLaw woman did, and then Hailee Steinfeld, and then God knows who, and before them it was Rihanna, then Miley and so on? And now we have a world of cute little pixies? hair-trend-shortpixie-cutsDoes the chopping off of our locks have more to do with being fashionably cool, or does it have a hidden subliminal meaning & message behind. Aka: us girls feeling more empowered, liberated, strong – cause you know the shorter the hair, the tinier the problems. Of styling I mean.

Or are we constantly getting over something, or somebody? (and radically change our manes to get our lives back.)

Whatever the case… my money’s on the TREND thing, with a bit of liberation and getting over an idiot. It’s THE thing in town everyone’s doing, like the perm in the 80s. The short cut looks fantastic and it’s reversible. In months, and months, true. But hair grows back, and if patience is not your thing, there’s always the extensions solution. 2014-trend-short-haircelebs-women-short-hairstyleschic-hairstylesWere it not for a beautiful celeb who first cut her long hair, and designers or stylists recommending this sexy androgynous look to everyone under the sun – it wouldn’t have been a trend, and women with long hair and no intention of chopping, would have left their locks intact, and just occasionally dream about cutting it all off whenever Charlize Theron or Halle Berry crossed their screens or minds. Truth is gals… it takes a looooot of balls to go from long hair to short hair, hence the transformation process. hair-trend-2014-shortcharlize-theron-short-hairA lot of questions come up, like: Does short hair fit any face shape? YES – say all the stylists, it’s just a matter of finding the right short cut for your face shape, and finding the features you want to enhance and focus on those (great eyes and eyebrows, cheek-bones, lips, neck). Short hair is not just one hairstyle. Short hair can be chopped, slicked back, with bangs, asymmetrical, curly, straight, wavy, side or back shaved, head shaved, pixie cut, and most of the times… it requires more styling, than long hair. short-hair (2)Of course I’m biased here, cause I’ve had my hair short ages ago (and it had to do less with the trend – which was non existent back then – and more with an idiot and a transformation). But it worked. And I loved it. It wasn’t pixie short, just chopped off in layers up to my cheeks and jawline. It looked fabulous when it was styled, but otherwise, let’s just say I would not have gone out to take the trash even. So… yes I learned to style it in order to love it. And ever since I’ve never made a dramatic change, although the pixie cut is on my mind for at least 1 year. Just don’t have the balls for it, and will probably not have them for sometime. pixie-haircut-lookWomen with short hair have a certain sex appeal to them, they look powerful and very confident in a very feminine cheeky way. Ever since I discovered Micah Ginelli, the blogger who cut her endless exquisite hair that was down to her bum, first by shaving it off on one side, and then by shaving it all off – I’m in love with short hair. No, actually I’m obsessed. She’s one woman who looks so much better with a short cut. And I love her pixie do, cause it’s pretty versatile, it can be styled with a side clean part, with bangs, sleeked back, messy… and fits her style and look so much better. long-hair-micah-ginellishort-hair-women (4)micah-ginelli-shaved-hairmicah-ginelli-hairmicah-ginelli-short-hairmicah-ginelly-hairshaved-head-womenShort hair can look anyway you wish, from professional to wild, to chic or sophisticated – but do all these things translate beyond our heads and minds, or is the SHORT HAIR TREND loved only by women?

What do men think about girls with short hair? 

Is long hair still the utmost definition of femininity? When you say ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ does long hair inevitably come with this image?

For the fun and curiosity of it I’ve asked around a few men what they think of women with short hair. Except for one boy who confessed to be instantly sold on the short hair look in women, and would with no hesitation pick a short haired girl over a long haired one, the rest were in between. Why would this lad pick chopped off hair: for what it stands. ”The girl’s probably free spirited, cool and fun to be around, but very confident, strong and sexy.” There you have it.

Another boy said he’s totally on the long hair team, and confessed he’s an idiot to say it but women are supposed to have long hair.

Well I guess it’s to each their own. It’s not like we don’t have preferences when it comes to how our men look, right?

Let’s see more pics for short hair inspiration: shortHAirmiley-cyros-short-hairshort-dosshort-hair (4)short-Hairshort-hair-bangsshort-haircutsshort-hair-look (2)short-hair-styleshort-hairstylesshort-hairstyles-celebritieshort-hairstyles-womenshort-hairstyle-womenshort-hairtrendshort-hair-trendsshort-hair-women (2)short-hair-women (3)short-hair-womenshrot-haircut-trend (2)shrot-haircut-trend (3)side-cut-short-hair-womenstreet-style-short-hair (3)street-style-short-hair (4)super-short-hair-womenwomen-look-shaved-hairwomen-short-hairstyleswomen-short-hairstyles (2)What I’m curious about though, is what you think. Do you have short hair? Do you like it? Would you do it?

19 thoughts on “Why Are Women Chopping Off Their Hair? Would YOU?

  1. Micah is the absolute perfect short hair model – ❤️❤️❤️
    Great post – I have been toying with the idea of a major haircut but so far it’s just a mental thing…

  2. I’m gonna have to pass this trend, this is something I don’t get. All the celebrities chopping off their hair – all looked lot better before! I think shorter hair can be nice but pixie short is a no-no in my eyes.There are veeeery few women who look good with so short hair. I definitely couldn’t rock it. Maybe I was influenzed by my father who always said that long hair are a must for a women, something that makes them beautiful. And I have to say also my husband is pretty “protective” when it comes to my hair, he’s always worrying that I don’t use too much heat or products to ruin them 😀 I think it might be in mens dna to love long hair or something like that 😀

    • I love how some women look with short hair, soooo sexy, but I don’t think I could ever chop it off. chicken shit scared lol, cause I’m sure once i did it, I’d instantly miss my long hair and get all depressed about it. I know what u mean about some men being against short hair and having the long hair woman in their dna. Still… Mammu, seriously, if I had the balls I’d do it haha. Thanks so much for an amazing insight and comment xoxo

    • Nothing to do with dna…if that was true,why there are african cultures where women shave their heads to become beautifull? This long hair thing for women is very ethic centred,it doesn not apply everywhereon Earth

  3. For me, I had to do a la chop after years of back to back braids, cornrows and weaves. I totally neglected what lay underneath and my hair was a mess, and I was beginning to bald at the sides. It was one of the hardest things I ever did, as I was used to a body of hair falling on my face, rocking my fringe… I also felt it made me less unattractive and initially it was hard to look at myself in the mirror. And then one day ‘My Saviour’ came in the shape of a sexy foetus, i.e. a veeery young guy and we had a brief fling but he totally loved my hair and was so into it/me, and yes I am not ashamed to say that was what really helped to pull me out of my funk, A Man, Ha!!

    • So inspiring!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m sure you looked fabulous with short hair, you gorgeous girl. Smb once said we are not our hair, and that is so true, I think. Besides short hair in women i bloody amazing, I love it, just haven’t got the balls to chop it off. It;s true tho, like u say, long
      hair is also our safe place, comfort zone. And, you know what… it always takes smb else to see the spark in us, and boost ur confidence, and if it’s a man: so much better! Ha! Thanks so much for this inspiring experience you shared Kisses xoxox

  4. I had short hair all my life, and decided to grow it out to ‘get it out of my system’. Then I had an operation that went wrong and ended up in a coma… My first thought after I woke up in the ICU was “I hate long hair. I nearly died with this terrible hair.’ … Lol… For real, that was my first thought. The minute I was able, I chopped to a long bob, but 6 months later my hair started falling out from the shock and drugs… Last Tuesday, after too much hair had fallen out, I just cropped it all off. Oh my gosh, I’ve never felt so good about a haircut, and I love getting my hair cut! I forgot how much I love short hair. Everyone thought I’d be devastated, but it was like the reverse Samson effect. I chopped my hair off and got all my powers back. I feel so much hotter and confident with short hair. Everything seems to fall in to place clothing and make up wise. When I have long hair I feel bland and wishy-washy…. Everyone just needs to have the hair they feel best in, be that long or short….

  5. I love short hair, but I have hair past my waist and I think it would be way too dramatic to cut it all off! I’ve always wanted to be brave and have a pixie cut like Twiggy, but I think I will be keeping my long locks for now. I think cutting it short can be an empowering thing to do – long hair is usually a symbol of femininity, so too cut it short is such a great statement. All these women in your post look amazing with short hair.

    • Back in the 90’s, I grew my hair to my waist–immaculate, shiny dreadlocks that had their own fan club. Then I decided to chop them. I just loved how cool and sexy extremely short hair looked, and I was actually annoyed because friends took it so personally that I’d cut such long hair! But I HAD to. My stylist friend was horrified–he refused to chop the dreads and said if I did it, he’d give me the polished cut. He couldn’t believe when I came back the next day and sat in his chair, dreads gone. I love both, and have had fans of both. I’ve had more people ask if I was a model with the short look, though. It’s just hair, who cares?

  6. In a society that blatantly hates men and has been skillfully organized around the needs of women. It is no surprise that women cut their hair off. No matter if conscious or not it is a clear indicator of the utter contempt that women have for their own femininity. It is a clear extension of the feminist manifesto and also a sign of how far the ideology of hate has penetrated young women’s minds. It is also a sign of the narcissistic attention whoring behavior of most women today who are led by ego and a relentless feeling of entitlement. As the world crumbles around them they set their focus on their own interests and showing off to each other. Materialism, capitalism, hatred of men and the cancer of feminism have produced this and it is going to get a lot worse. A sick society produces sick results.

    • An other fellow here who needseducate himself about other cultures…..and history.tell me fellow,how long was Marilyn Monroes hair??
      Mras are really very sick men…

    • @Logan:
      My “cancer of feminism” is one known as ovarian cancer. I had hair down to my breasts but because of upkeep and treatments, I now have a pixie cut. I have both good and bad days where I love and loathe my hair and I am sure I will eventually grow it back out again, if I live. However, if I do live, I may eventually cut it short again. It is just f&$@ing hair. Men can have long hair, why may women not have short hair without being men-hating feminist cancers upon our societies? Please check yourself. I will definitely be saying a prayer for you and your hatred of women (that you seem to confuse as womens’ hatred of men). I am not a self-professed feminist but d*mn dude. Chill the hell out.
      Are you stuck on “…a woman’s hair is her crowing glory [sic]…?”
      I have nothing left to so say. I am utterly baffled and disgusted.

    • How incredibly blindsighted you are!! Women can have whatever haircut they ike, it is the 21st century!!! It is a haircut and is down to each own person’s preference. I love my short hair, it makes me no less of a woman. Keep your ridiculous preaching to yourself.

    • Or we just liked how it looked and how easy it was to maintain. Logan, this post says far more about your diseased mind than women choosing to have short hair because they want to!

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