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  1. Hey Dana,
    Your blog is AMAZING! How long have you been blogging? How long did it take you to get so much traffic on your blog? I’m just starting out and I’m trying to find ways to get more traffic. Also, I have a online jewelry boutique and I was wondering if you charge people to advertise on your site?

    • Hey Tierra! Thanks so much babe! I so love your blog as well so will keep on reading you:) wish you soooo much good luck with your blog!!!
      I’ve been blogging (seriously) since January 2012, and i try to write SEO oriented, use lots of tags, write about mainstream stuff, write constantly, write pretty short pieces and use big photos, (no time to read these days so i gotta make it attractive:). And every once in a while I post a longer article, about whatever subject I like. I have fun with it and really enjoy it, so i use this blog, like yourself, to freely express myself and have some fun with it. my oasis of creation:)
      I have between 1500-2000 daily hits (these are constant, cause some days it’s more) so yes I do charge – $150/month. I would put a side picture banner with links to your shop. I can provide the design for the banner as well:)
      I would also love to help you out with a review of your shop so if you want to, email me at and we discuss what you’d like the review post to be about, pictures etc.
      Thanks for your support Tierra! xoxoxo

      • Wow!! I am very amazed by you! Thank you for reaching out to me, I really appreciate it! Would the review of my online boutique also be included in the price of $150?

      • Hey thanks Tierra! Yes of course! That’s just smth I thought of doing for you especially that your business is fashion/style related, so it fits the FashionTag profile 🙂 xoxo

  2. Hey Dana,

    just found your blog a few days ago and have already taken it to my heart. Your latest post about packing for holiday: My thoughts exactly! I´m heading to Spain in a few weeks and try to find a way to pack my stuff without being buried alive in my clothes!
    I thought about taking photos of outfits before packing instead of just throwing countless tops and shorts in my suitcase….which makes me a freak in my boyfriend´s eyes but who cares!! He knows I´m crazy about fashion 🙂
    Love your blog!!
    xoxo from Germany!

    • Zoe thanks so much for all your kind words and support, so glad u like my blog and this post. Totally understand you, when it comes to summer holiday packing i always end up carrying way too much and living my days in bikinis and evenings super chilled and laid back in some cutoffs and tops or dresses. This year i promise to take less 🙂 your idea with taking pics is amazing! might just do that too since it will definitely narrow down outfits. Ah…. so obsessed i know but who cares. the important thing is to have fun with clothes and not take fashion too seriously, that’s what i always say. Have an fantastic trip nd tell me all about it when you come back. Kisses xooxox

  3. hi there! i just came across your blog while looking at the post you made of hairstyles men should have, which i’ve recently donned on myself! very pleased at it and i reckon you are absolutely outstanding! have a nice day dana cristina!!

  4. I just read your post on the new 2013 hair trend for men and I’d like to thank you for recognizing that it’s a style that men of all colors can wear, not just white men. ALL other sites and blogs I’ve seen post about the hair style seem to believe that white men are the only representation available for the look

  5. hey Dana Cristina,
    I love your fashion blog!
    I am studying journalism right now in New York, Long Island.
    I just started my blog a few weeks ago for one of my journalism classes
    but I am starting to love writing about fashion on my own.
    I hope you achieve your goals!


    • Hey Cristina, Sooo happy you started to blog! Just checked out your blog and loooove it!!! congrats babe. Keep up the great work and you’ll get right where you wish, and make all your goals and dreams happen. Thanks for your kind words! kisses xoxox

  6. Hi Dana! Just wanted to tell you what an amazing blog you have!! I learn so much from it; for me – it’s the best source of inspiration when it comes to fashion. Thank you so much for your great work!! I really appreciate what you’re doing.

  7. Please can you do star style on the Olsen twins and miranda kerr or even kourtney kardashian! i love your views on things and would love to see what you think of them.

  8. Dear Owner,

    We came accross your website and have interest in selling the Bye Bra to you. We believe Bye Bra is a useful addition to your website. We produce – in the Netherlands – the adhesive breast lift our self. The Bye Bra is unique due to the quality as it is made from a high quality medical tape provided by the international nr. 1 tape manufacturer 3M.

    We would like to request who is responsible for buying adhesive bra’s in your company. Thank you for your reply,

    Wendy Steen

  9. Dear Dana,
    your photo is great and so is your blob! I’m happy for yuo!Drop a line, please, if you find the time!

    • oh wow thank you sooo much, it means the world to me. Best comment ever, you just made my day! Listen, I’m in no position to give advice, but the best thing to do in all this blogging thing is to be yourself. sounds like a cliche, but it’s sooo true. Just post stuff YOU like and love, what ticks with you, what inspired YOU, and let your readers guide you through the whole blogging journey. You’re doing a great job, I’m sure you’ll make all your dreams come true! Kisses and tons of luck and love :* xoxox

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