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Gettin’ Cheeky With It. BUSTIER TOPS Trend!

bustier-tops-street-styleSomewhere along the road, Rihanna‘s fashion sense decided to marry a cheeky-borderline-kitsch but recurrent trend form the 50’s, ’80’s and ‘90’s. Years later we’re playing dress-up with their kids.

BUSTIER TOPS are reigning this hot season, straight from those VIPs, beach catalogues and catwalks, right to the streets. Forget guarding your bra from the eyes of strangers. Well. Sort of. I don’t mean like a bra bra. Although it kinda looks like one. But it’s not. rihanna-bustier-topsbustier-top-lingerieAnyway.

I swear sometimes it feels like there’s this fashion conspiracy against us mortals to see who falls for what. Something like The  Hunger Fashion Games going on we don’t know about? So… the award for most ridiculous daring & cool style goes to…

It’s the time of the boobs, exposed stomachs, great bums & legs showing off in tiny little shorts. It’s the time of red lips during the day, of tons of makeup or bare faces likewise. Of oversized-men-inspired-covered-form-head-to-toe-looks (a little bit of sheer here and there), happily married to skin-tight-show-off-everything-and-put-a-bling-and-makeup-on-it-too looks. bustier-topsTo the untrained eye this is all a bit too much. Vulgar & cheap perhaps. But maybe, just maybe a fun quirky kinda attitude can save the day. 😉

It is fashion after all. Not rocket science. It’s meant to be fun, creative and expressive. So… why not do it all, if it pleases you. bustiers-2014It’s all this great funky circus of styles that everyone loves to experiment with, and those too scared to try yet, will just sit for the peep show. Fashion today is a win-win situation.

I do think we owe a lot of the showing of the skin looks to celebrities and all this crazy pop culture. Designers show collections, celebs wear them and have fun with clothes and all the fads, streets do their shit, and retail chains speculate on all this desire to emulate and be different at the same time. 2014-trend-bustiersSo what happens when you add this trend to this trend? (in the hope of channeling Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot somewhere in the South of France.) No. You do not get 2 trends. This is not math. You get 1 massive trend. Doh. And generations of women strutting their assets in BUSTIERS. And I’m not talking beachwear. What? bra-top-bustiersummer-trend-bustier-topsThis just makes me giggle (actually I laughed out loud when I remembered). You know that Seinfeld episode when Jerry took a lady to court for wearing a bra as a top? Ha. Little did he know, she was a fashion Nostradamus. bustier-bra-topBustier Styles ( floral prints, neon colors, denim, jersey, lace, embellished,  strapless or not):

  • bustier tops
  • corset bustiers
  • cropped bustiers
  • bra tops


bra-tops-bra-top-inspiration-stylebra-top-lookbra-tops-street-styleBUSTIERS-looks-2014-summerThis tiny little top is the statement piece of your 2014 summer and spring, from morning to evening, with ONE major DON’T alert. Don’t push your boobs up to your neck (unless they’re humongous and look naturally enhanced, in which case I’m jealous), but opt for a very clean, natural, effortless look. The bustier itself is VERY sexy. No need to up your game on this one. bra-top-trendbustier-bra-topsIt all sounds great, but let’s just have this talk for a minute. For the sake of conversation, shall we?

Assuming we’ve all got the stomachs (literally) to wear these, is there a thin line (or even a thick one please!) between those 50’s bra top styles (that women wore AS A BRA) and today’s bustiers? (which, in some cases are still bras, but we wear them as tops.)

And, if there is this thin, thick, whatever line, where the fuck is it? How do we know when we crossed it? Do we simply trust the labels saying something that looks like an underwear is actually outwear?

And is there an age limit to this? bustiers-styles-2014I don’t know man. I for one, adore this trend. Always have. Always will. It’s a great look for those hot summer days, for weekends, holidays or nights out. 2014-summer-look-bustier-topbustiers-and-bra-tops-trend-2014bustiers-for-summer-stylebustier-shorts-summer-lookCutoffs look fantastic with floral bustier tops, either cropped or not.cropped-bustier-and-cutoffslace-bustier-cutoffs-stylestreet-style-spring-2014-bustiersummer-look-bustier-shortsA night out can turn into your fashion statement with a maxi skirt, flat gladiator sandals and an embellished bustier top. bustier-top-for-evening-lookbustier-tops-trend-2014 (2)bustier-tops-trend-2014crop-bustier-street-stylecrop-bustier-topwenn3807516embelished-bustier-topI also LOVE those bra tops or cropped bustiers underneath a blazer, paired with suit pants and pencil skirts, but come on now? How many can really wear that to work? Never mind. street-style-bustierscrop-bustier-top-street-stylestreet-style-bustierstreet-style-bustier-topBTW, you can wear bustiers OVER tees. what the… ? street-style-bustier-over-tbustier-over-t-shirt-lookmore inspo… bustiers-outwear-lingeriebustiers-trendsbustier-top-trend-2014Micah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Street styleStreet Style Day 3 - Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture F/W 2013-2014street-style-summer-bustierstreetstyle-bustiersstreet-style-lace-bustiers-lingeriestreet-style-bustier-topsfloral-bustier-topcrop-bustier-top-stylestreet-style-bustier-top (2)Loose boundaries and new defined common sense do not immoral make. Yeah grandma will probably ask you what the hell are you doing going out in your bra, but what does she know. It’s not like we’re showing off nipples or anything. Not yet, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Gettin’ Cheeky With It. BUSTIER TOPS Trend!

  1. always loving your posts, girl! this trend is quite enamoring! i love it and wish i had the bod to pull it off. While some may think I’m too old to rock this look, I probably would if I had the killer six-pack… Forget that, I’d rock it if my stomach were a flat plane! Bustier style, I will still wear. I’ll leave the cropped bra tops for the fit and young.

    • thank you sooo much! Totally agree 🙂 I LOVE this trend so much. Personally i find it so feminine and fresh. Like you say: Bustiers – bring them on 😉 but the cropped tiny bras… not so sure about it. If I were 17, now that’d be a totally different discussion. Thanks babe xoxo

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