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The Haircut All MEN Should Get!

men-haircut-undercutA promise is a promise so… another Wednesday, another Men post on FashionTag, this time less on fashion and more on style & looks. On the UNDERCUT to be more specific, the one haircut and men-hairstyle that’s been going on for quite sometime, reminiscent of those 1940’s dapper looks. What is the UNDERCUT? “I’d like to shave my head, but still have long hair please.” No problem. Well, this is the undercut: shaved on the sides and long in the front hairstyle. Say what you will about it, truth is, it’s got so many options, from super edgy, to toned down, from extravagant to office appropriate, it’s so versatile and flattering on most face shapes – that it’s no wonder boys are getting it like crazy. Hell, women are chopping off their locks to get it, so there’s definitely something going on about this cut. Boys, if you have it, or you had it, kudos for you! but if not, what the hell are you waiting for? Or perhaps you feel it’s ubiquitous hence boring? No such thing. Trust us. The Undercut is the shit. This is how we wish all our boyfriends looked like, and we know you can pull it off. men-undercut-2013How To Do The Undercut?

If you’re blessed with a good head of hair, I’d be a pity not to shave off your sides and leave your upper part longer.

  • if you’ve got a dapper style: sleek it back like those 1940’s mobsters.
  • if you’re a rockenroll child: the sky’s the limit super shaved on sides & sleeked back, or even disheveled, or side parted.
  • If you’re more of a smart casual kinda guy, keep it simple: do the toned down version of it.
  • Sporty boy: take your pick.

The point is, it will look fantastic and blend in your style regardless of it. You can go extreme on it, or keep it rather classic. You can wear your front hair as long as you want, sleeked back or not, side parted, and shave your sides as deep as you feel like it, or go gradual. Don’t be afraid to have fun & experiment, it’s only hair. It’ll grow back.

And since we’re talking fashion… here’s some inspiration on what men should wear this winter. men-fashion-style-undercutmen-hairstylesIf you’ve got a receding hairline, do not despair. Think David Beckham or Jude Law. Both have had this undercut and pulled it off brilliantly. So where there’s a will, there’s a way. david-beckham-undercutOK, I agree the undercut is perhaps overly present and every men and boy out there is getting it, from those famous faces to your best friend or neighbor. But sometimes, just sometimes, when such a cool trend comes along, you just have to say fuck it and jump on board. Scared you’ll look like the rest, are you? Well that’s why the undercut comes with infinite style possibilities. See for yourself 😉

For more Men’s Hairstyles (undercuts, buns, curly, straight, long, short included) you’ll LOVE this website boys: Hairstyle On Point. Inspiration guaranteed! 😉

men-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstyleNinh Nguyen'men-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstyledapper-looks-men-undercutmen-edgy-stylemen-hairstyle-short-sides-long-front


men-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-look-short-sides-long-front-hairmen-looksmen-styles-undercutmen-the-undercutmen-undercutMen-undercut-long-hairmen-undercut-style-2013street-style-men-hair-undercutstreet-style-men-undercutundercut-hairstyle-men-fashionundercut-hairstyle-men-fashionmen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstylemen-undercut-hairstyleNickWoosterUndercutWhat do you think?

253 thoughts on “The Haircut All MEN Should Get!

  1. AWWWWW!!! YES, that’s exactly what I meant in the last week 🙂 J’adore this haircut I’m completely obsessed with it mmmmmmmmm love it 🙂

    • this is a popular style amongst soccer players and when my hair grows long enough on top its what I’m getting. And I’m def straight. It’s unfortunate you have terrible taste

    • yea, im straight, have NO problem finding a girl, and have a cut similar to some of these, lets see the chicks you pull with whatever haircut you think is better you salty douche bag

    • Yep don’t know any straight guy that can pull this off… Oh wait a minute, I’m straight and a male model. And I guess I must also add that I have a fiancé, just so ya know there’s no doubt that I might be gay ha

      • you are right! wow, you proved him wrong. way to show him that this hairstyle can sometimes be rocked by insecure douchebags. much impress. such jeelous. wow. bowe dwon to kinge douchebag. wow.

    • Just got this hair cut and that’s a good thing. Next time I go to the bar I bet i’ll be getting my drinks paid for by gay man. Then I’ll be introduced to his circle and meet his hot female friends get invited back to the after party where it’ll be me a few gay dudes and a bunch of sexually frustrated attractive girls noticing that everyone in the party male/female wants me.

      It doesn’t get better than that

    • Don’t be Jealous Bro! This style has been around for quite some time. It sucks that you can’t wear it. These guys can and probably have been with more women than you can ever dream of.

      Dated Marilyn Monroe ( Playmate ). Also numerous models and actress.

      known for being a ladies man.

      John Dillinger… He literally had a gang of women.

      Clyde Barrow… Ran around robbing banks with his lover named Bonnie.

      I also recommend seeing the movie ‘Fury’. It’s Awesome and guess what!? They all have undercuts. 😉

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  3. I’ve had my hair like this for the last 6 months. The last time I had an undercut was when I was 13. I have had your typical fade (clean, nice fade. i dont play when it comes to my hair) a 2 guard on top and 0 to 1/2 on the sides. I’m 28 now and have had no idea what to do with my hair since it has been long. It’s about 6in on top and the sides are 1/2. I have worn a hat most of the time it has been long cause it falls in my face an I jus simply don’t know what to do with it. I usually put a lil pomade in it and jus slick it back. I didn’t even know if there was a name to the style. I told my hairstylist I wanted the top long and sides short. So, she hooked it up. But now that I’ve seen this. No more hat for me!! Time to start rockin it. I will say, I have gotten a lil more attention from the lady’s since my hair has been this way. Now it all makes sense.

  4. Since acquiring this hair cut, I’ve felt great! I usually get looks more frequently from women (usually the oversized on Plenty of Fish). After applying copious amounts of gel and killing half of the o-zone layer with hairspray, my feminine side usually comes out and I do a little kooky dance to make sure the hold is permanent. People often confuse me with a crusty old Navy chief or Miley Cyrus, but just those two because I don’t have those giant anal plugs in my ears. Welcome aboard younger generation of dingus.

    • J Harris, the slicked back look with the short sides is straight out of 1925 prohibition. Men with REAL style and poise rocked this look. Straight hardcore gangsters rocked this look with a three piece suit. What the fuck are you talking about?

  5. One point: all the men featured here are amazingly handsome. I’m convinced any haircut on them looks good. As an Asian, I do not have the head shape nor facial features of these men here. Not sure how I will look with this haircut tbh.

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  7. I love this haircut. But I don’t like your headline. Just seems really demanding and pretentious. I can picture someone making a “The hairstyle ALL women should get!” and it makes me cringe.

  8. I like the article but WAIT David Beckham falls into the “receding hairline” category? I thought he had a full head of hair

  9. Question: If I go to a regular Hair Cuttery, will they know what I mean when I say I would like an undercut? Or do I have to break it down for them and explain it?

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  12. Sorry, thats bull… All men should get this haircut? Firstly, these men showned here are all handsome/ sexy, so any fking haircut would look good on them. Show me normal guys with this haircut would be better.. Then we can decide if ‘All Men ‘ should get this.

  13. nice article but wouldnt you think it’ll be better if you got pictures of normal everyday guys sporting this hairstyles to really ram home the point that this is THE HAIRSTYLE that all guys should have.

    I mean.. half these guys all look good with any hairstyle (or no hair at all!)

  14. I have a rather long face and hence it looks like I have a big head. I do however have really thick hair, is this cut an option for me? I was under the impression that I would need to make my head look wider rather than shaving the sides really close.

  15. i have had this cut for yrs. going on chemo my hair started falling out and did not grow fast enough so i started out shaving my head then went to this keeps u cool in summer and looks great too. u can do so many things with it slick it back comb it forward and do a little flip with the bangs gel it and keep it messy or even go for a faux hawk very very cool hairstyle

    • Seriously! The few examples they provided of black guys either involved relaxed or flat ironed hair or undercuts without much top length

  16. “ALL” is a bit much I would say. Please consider people’s hair textures (especially when thinking about different cultural backgrounds/ethnicities) before making such a “fashionable” announcement on haircuts and styles. This is a very limiting post to have such an “all”-inclusive headline.

  17. Yes ALL men should have the same haircut. I mean why would you want to be different or have your own style when you can just parrot everybody else. Next up, why ALL women should shave their heads.

    • No idea why this is downvoted.

      That is the hitler youth cut, whether you want to associate it or not. google “hitler youth cut”

    • Hi, as I came upon your comment, I immediately. chuckled, because, moments ago, I commented that this haircut looks like an attempt not to look too much like a nazi or a punker. I absolutely HATE it. Yuck. It looks totally stupid on most men. I think that you & I have very good taste.

  18. Thank you for reminding us that “all MEN” are in fact Caucasian (and/or possibly Latino) with straight hair. Well done!!

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    • If you look at that photos there are about 5 Asian men about 4 or 5 men of African descent and a few Hispanic males as well. So… yea.

      • People don’t appear to actually view the things they like to complain about… they just go by the first sentence and the first few photos. Genius.

  20. Been looking at this style for about 8 months. I used to be bald, now I am growing it back. The new styles out today have inspired me. Bald is so boring. I am a dark CUban, with Straight hair. I am about to blow people away with this hair cut.

    • Nobody would call that a receding hairline except for the idiots who think its acceptable to mock, laugh at and demonize men with real hair loss.

      This article is disgusting.

    • I agree 1000% with you. I, too, say “Ew”. This stupid haircut looks like they’re trying to avoid looking completely like a nazi and/or a punker, but, it just can’t quite be pulled off, and made to look sharp or classy. I say: “Yuck”, guys, have you no taste,or is your taste in your mouth. LOL.

    • Oh, so just because the SS used to get this haircut means we’re not allowed to have this hairstyle. They also wore clothes, we should stop wearing clothes. Oh, and they spoke German, we should just get rid of Germany. You’re a very intelligent person.

  21. Im Hetero Guy. And I’ve Been Wearing A Pompadour For Five Plus YearS. I Usually Wear It Tight ON The Sides Six Inches On Top And PArted On The Left Side. I’m Also Heavily Tattooed.

  22. I literally did 3 of these haircuts today at my salon. YES I think there is a way that every man can make this work for them. I did 3 different versions of this cut for 3 different guys from three different ethnicities with 3 different face shapes and styles and styling time requirements. Fabulous! They all loved it so much that they couldnt thank me enough.

  23. For the most part, any guy who cares and puts too much effort into his hair, should not be called a “man”. More like a flamboyant scrawny little boy who cares too much about the way he looks. And “girls” these days…you fall for these things and then you ask yourself “where did all the REAL men go?” hahaha

  24. Nope nope nope. Most of these men pull it of well, but it’s definitely not for everyone. My friend (african american) has done this and, trust me, his hair looks way better when the sides are grown out. Otherwise the top sticks out everywhere

  25. actually yes, looking through the pics again, I also have to say I hate it. It’s a very specific type of alternative hipster look and not my style at all (i could probably pull it off ok as there are many variations but it just wouldn’t be me) you might as well be recommending tight jeans, vest and leather boots to ALL men. It might look ok to good on them but itd be so superficial.

    • yep. Even if you’re a nice dude, if I see this haircut my first reaction is to think you’re a pretentious dickhole.

  26. I had this haircut over a year ago. It’s called the 20s Undercut. Most men thought it cool, most women made fun of me.

    Women don’t want ALL men to get this, with the exception of Beckham, of course, they want young, studly men in their 20s to get it.

  27. Nooo. This only looks “ok” on a select few people. 99% of the time I look at a guy w this haircut and think “wow, what a tool. I would never date that guy”.

  28. you mean, the haircut every androgynous lesbian in a major city has been reclaiming for the past few years? as usual, the gays do it first… and better ;).

  29. I’ve been a stylist for 22 years…Only half of thes are undercuts. Some are pomps, some are high and tight fades. You can have a lot of length on top and a high and tight fade as many of these pictures have and it still blends. Just saying, be cautious about using a style name incorrectly to a stylist. I learned in the early 90’s when people wanted a “step” and used it incorrectly, to articulate what that means back to them. Because what most of them wanted was a heavy weightline, or sort of a wedge cut, not a step.

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  31. So I have a huuge forehead so how does that fit in? I don’t think i could ever get this cause I need bangs to cover my forehead lol. Any Ideas? Cause I do like the haircut

  32. as a guy Im too lazy to have this kind of hair also I don’t wanna have to take care of it lol

    rather have a military hair than this XD

  33. Yeah, I would get this haircut except, I am not convinced this looks good on men who are balding or have a serious receding hairline. In fact none of these men have that problem, (how convenient). Show me pictures of it looking good on a guy whose front of his hair on the top is receded 2 inches back and sparse/scattered/thin.

    • Truth! Though women will demonize balding men and look at them as revolting human beings not knowing that hair loss is genetic and NO treatment or cure exists. Better yet, how nice of women to mock, ridicule and laugh at balding men as if it were socially acceptable to do so.

      Has it even been accepted to laugh at women with hair loss?

  34. Yes of course when you “every man” you are clearly speaking to the 20-30 year olds with chiseled features ad nice bodies. What a 42 year old 5’7″ , 180 lb, bearded bearish dude who wants to try it. I have some flecks of grey and mostly black with a gentle “Jesus of Nazareth” wave but nut curly. Id love something I could let air dry, tousle over and be done. Maybe something in it for frizz control not nothing glued or POOFY”. I HATE POOF.

  35. It’s weird….this seems so late to me. I’ve seen this haircut in Toronto a TON over the past few years. My brother-in-law rocked this ‘do about four years ago before I ‘d seen it anywhere other than in vintage photographs. I get that fashion constantly renews and references itself but I feel so….sick of this. At this point it just speaks of caring too much about the wrong shit. You realize that having The Sweet Hair is not going to make you a real boy, right? So discover the joys of being unencumbered with this bullshit!

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  37. To all the fools screaming, “but I’m not white!” — I counted five black dudes and six Asians pictured in this article. Wake up or shut up.

  38. I’ve rocked this haircut since I was 14 years of age, its very adaptable…fade it, shave the sides, mohican it, quiff it, part it, fringe it……and yeah….it’s a cut that has been around for over a century and many of my gay and straight mates have had this cut for many years. I’m now 49 years old and it still looks feckin ace ! American’s take so much longer to catch up on European fashion styles. It’s also been part of the “rockabilly” revival in the UK for 30 years or more, and its where this current popular style seen on a huge percentage of men of all ages and races has come back into fashion!. Rockabiliy fashion is HUGE in Europe (hence why skinny jeans and check/plaid shirts are back in vogue, and ladies 50’s style dresses are selling like hotcakes here. The fact that that stupid S**t Miley Cyrus (as did Rihanna and numerous other celebrities) chose this as her latest style, just means that she has her finger on the pulse unlike others. Whether you love it or hate it, on boys, men, girls or women, I’m afraid its here for a few years more. As you American’s say “get with the program”. Apologies for my awful English spelling, but google keeps correcting my terrible Oxford English Spelling ! 🙂 One last word…HAVE FUN WITH YOUR HAIR GUYS AND GALS, you may not have it forever ! (p.s….we brits also detest David and Victoria Beckham, do you guys want them back ?) hee hee hee

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  40. haha! I have this hairstyle. At first, I hadn’t seen men’s hair just before I got a new haircut. Then, I was like “What?! Why a lot of men have the same hairstyle as mine?!”… A few weeks later, I realized that the style is very popular! :p The undercut ROCKS!

  41. I like this look. A friend of mine has this cut and also wears it in a mohawk. Personally I wear a fade but its more of a military fade going from the 1 guard to a 7 guard on the top. (1/8th of an inch to about 3/4th of an inch). The main reason is I like this look on me and its fast. 1 dab of hair goop and its done it 5 seconds. My entire morning routine is only 13 minutes! Ive had my barber cut it long on the top but not that long, My hair is wavy curls. Kept short you would never know it had any curl, but when its long it has a mind of its own. These guys mainly all have stick straight hair (except for the massive curly photos….which I think looked rather bad on them). Otherwise I like this look….but that because they selected attractive models so of course they could have bed head and still look attractive so show me the hair cut on some real men. One point…. this is also how Miley Cirus is wearing her hair….just saying.

  42. Hahaha…what the hell were the people thinking that wrote this article? The Haircut All Men Should Get, are you fucking serious?? This IS the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. The only dudes that I can see sporting this are the one’s who are girly or feminine. You aren’t going to see a MAN with this TRENDY bullshit of a haircut.

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  44. What the hell? There is nothing attractive about this hipster garbage. In fact the whole hipster style is disgusting. The only girls attracted to guys with this style are trashy hipster girl. No normal girl would find this attractive on a guy. Undercuts need to die. Fortunately this ugly trend will probably not last long. I can’t wait till 2014/2015 when all this pretentious, ugly hipster crap dies.

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  46. 30% of the pictures shown are high and tights, low and tights, and pompadours. All of which look better than an undercut. I had that haircut when I was in the sixth grade. It was radical then. I don’t cut my hair now.

    • You are correct. But she isn’t a great blogger, hence the over-generalized title and lack of knowledge on the differences. It was nice to see all the tattoos on this post, so I’ll let it go.

  47. This is absolutely absurd. Do people lack individuation so much that they need some random stranger to tell them what hair cut THEY NEED to look good? That is ridiculous. I find the word “fashion” hilarious because it’s root word is FAS. FAS is the law of the divine or law of god. Fas-shun is the shunning of the divine. That’s why fashion so morally empty and disgusting. Enjoy your shitty hair cut.

  48. I’m almost positive that one (maybe two) of the people listed above are actually women.

    Especially the Asian with blue hair, sunglasses and on the cell phone. Like a previous poster said, we’ve been seeing this in the lesbian community for years!

  49. Hi i stumbled to this blog post and was wondering if a chubby/fat guy can pull this off, i am currently on a toned down mohawkish style and i am conscious of my hair as i already lack self esteem because i am on the chubby/fat side. Thanks for the response and to this blog

  50. For it to be an “under cut” there has to be long hair on top hanging OVER the shaved hair. The rest is just some spiffy buzzcut side fade shit. PS it’s funny how so many commenters refer to attractive men with style who pull tons of beautiful women “homosexual”. Sorry nobody wants to look at you. Sexy is as sexy does, Forrest.

  51. So yeah, get this hair cut if you want to look like every other preppy prick on the planet. WHY DOES EVERYONE WANT TO LOOK LIKE CLONES. GET YOU’RE OWN LOOK.

  52. Just got this cut the other day & it’s awesome. So easy to style. BTW I’m a straight 36 y.o. married father of 2. My wife was actually the first person to suggest this style to me. When I asked my stylist friends on FB, all 3 of them also suggested this cut. All the stylists at the salon were excited saying it was their favorite cut right now. Sorry haters, it’s back!

  53. Man I go to town with everybody hair like this for the past six month. Sorry I just stay the same as everybody else. Girls would you go to town with everybody same haircut as you?

  54. These styles are the most ugly I have ever seen
    I pray longer hair comes back into fashion
    Those shaved bits at the side they look they have just escaped from prison
    or the 1950s they will be wearing those awful baggy trousers next.

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  56. I need to to thank you for this fantastic read!! I absolutely loved
    every bit of it. I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new
    stuff you post…

  57. Not to be a dick but most people that have this haircut now are gay people and wannabees. If you are gay or a backstreet wannabee like justin beaber you get this haircut. I am not a women i AM A MAN. I am bold RIDDICK style and i get more pussy bold then you fags can get n your life. Not trying to be a dick but stop lying to yourself tricks are for kids.

  58. Ok but what about average size guys like me? I’m 6’2″ and 250lbs. These are all really thin huys they show. Would it look good on a bigger guy? I’m not huge but I’m not skinny like these guys either.

  59. Love the post. And these men look so hot with the undercut !!! Great pics. Just something I would like to share…I’ve had an undercut myself for about a year now. Am from India where women always wear long hair and where hair anything above shoulders is considered very short, getting an undercut was quite a…move! Appreciated by rare, accepted by few and shunned by many 😛 my hairstyle is slowly getting acceptance, thanks to the trend catching up eventually here too, although almost always sported by men.

  60. Wow Dana, how offensive. Maybe check your status as a woman before writing such an incredibly misandrous article. Men are happy with all kinds of haircuts, we don’t need you telling us to get “hitler youth” haircut because of your perverse objectification of “Cole Mohr.” Mens hairstyles come in all shapes and sizes, and most of us are happy with the diversity. Try to think before you write. I would kick you in the vagina if you were here right now.

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  62. Fuck this haircut. Everyone thinks its so fashionable nowadays to look the same — countless men have the same hair, tattoos, and stupid wingtips. Just stop; think outside the fucking box — that is what fashion is in the first place. Not this genderbending//guess if im gay or not//metrosexual// crap!!!

  63. this haircut is popular because someone was thinking originally. i started cutting my mine this way when boardwalk empire came out because I liked the look of the cut. Now its getting popular in the media but still not popular in rural areas. I’m straight but was ridiculed for being metro. is that a bad thing?

  64. I’ve been sporting this thing for years since before Boardwalk aired.. My mate referred to it as the Waffen Cut, I’d just sported it cos I thought John Cassavetes looked the shit in The Dirty Dozen! 🙂

  65. This chick is SO far behind the times! This look came in around 2008 (I hit it then) and like every trend, it went out the following year. Sadly, people kept cutting their hair like this and then straight men picked it up. That’s when you know it’s over. Never trust an out of date girl to tell a man how to cut his hair.

    • I went to a work function last night heavily populated by gay male nurses, and they *all* had this cut. 12 guys, all identical. One of them had complained in the past that gay men hang onto a style long after it’s out of fashion so you end up with the ‘Clone’ effect. Curious, I typed “Why do all gay guys have Hitler Hair?” into Google, which bought me here.

  66. some young men have jobs and families. spending too much time on hair to look like somebody elses version of ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ is not really viable or of much interest to normal blokes. If you were ever to meet one of these haircut people then i’m sure you’ll have a great conversation about hair and hair and hair. I like my hair, it’s long and rugged, I never use any product – a real bed head. one day, when you have a job and kids, you may stop wasting time on such trivials…….

  67. It is a military style from world war II and all sides wore it… Take a look at one of the most famous photo’s in the world. It is a soldier Kissing a girl after we won the war. Guess What!? He has this haircut. Girls liked it back then, girls like it now. Get over trying to decide what a straight male should look like. I’m pretty sure most of these soldiers would beat the Sh** out of you if you made fun of their haircut.



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