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Can I See Your… Lingerie?!

exposed-lingerie-styleYES! According to the latest trends (that are trying to push through since 2010 courtesy of all designers) we’ll all be strutting our hot assets (errrrr, gulp) in plain lingerie. On the streets. (question mark) At work. (starting to freak out). On 1st dates. (That’s it! I’m drawing the line here!) Has the world gone mad or what? Behold, you lovely dolls cause it’s not all as it seems (hopefully). From Jason Wu to Alexander McQueen & Dolce & Gabbana or the 90’s Versace we’ve had our share and not-too-subtle cry for the exposed lingerie trend. Cool bra tops, tiny shorts, see-through lace, suspensor tights… I mean just a few seasons ago Vivienne Westwood showed up at her own show in underwear. Aaaaand it’s not all that new. The trend I mean.  In the 15th century I think showing a bit of  that bra/corset’s lace was a fashion must do. It was in the 60’s & 70’s that girls loved their glittering shimmery little shorts, and 90’s had models on magazine covers in tiny little tops that resembled a bra rather than an actual bandeau top, while the lads from Pulp were singing “He’s coming up the stairs, / and in a moment he’ll want to see your underwear.” Ha! Not to mention Madonna and her borderline porn shows from back in the day. Such an inspiration for all of today’s music celebs who just can’t get enough of showing us how flawless they look, and how well they’re performing half naked. But lingerie as a street trend? Really? What pops into my mind right now (right after the fear of us all looking like hookers and misfits) is that Seinfeld episode when everyone was so appalled (yet amused in that beyond hilarious style) at the woman who never wore a top, but a BRA! Blazer on top and she was good to go. Will it come to this? Will we all be immune to bare flesh  and act super nonchalant as our bosses welcome us in their underwear at the monthly meeting? Ha! catwlak-exposed-lingeriejasonwu-lingerie-as-outwear-trndAs a controversy lover and a give-it-all-up for-creativity type you might assume I’m fine with it. Well… wouldn’t mind the sight of a few ripped lads here and there, or the occasional dress that resembles a silky camisole. Hell I’m even cool with those tiny bra-looking tops that actually look amazing with high waisted bottoms. And I must confess I adore exposed suspensor tights. (read mock suspensor thighs actually) But who does’t right? And while I respect what ya’ll want to wear, I’m sticking to the ever classic teaser: bra straps sometimes, or a somewhat see-through top, short shorts et all. Still gotta say it: can’t wait for the day when it’ll be more than OK for us to go ahead and leave the house in our knickers and push-up bras. Drums please!camisole-lingerie-dress=streetstyleexposed-lingeriecelebs-in-lingerie-red-carpetalice-delal-lingerie-lookAnd now back to this exposed lingerie trend that’s trying to make it into our quite perfect little fashion lives. I think it’s all this 90’s and 60’s comeback that’s caused a boom and a hipster feeling of the occasional cool colored bra from underneath a top, or the sight of those high waisted knickers from underneath sheer maxi skirts. Plus we can always blame the celebs, they’re the ones responsible for a a trend sticking to us or not. And to be honest with you it’s the constant sight of Justin Bieber‘s underwear that’s really concerning me (lol). The kid is just a kid to say the least and nicest thing, but apparently no one else knows this and everyone else is channeling the sexy look (let’s all roll our eyes and say ‘as if’ please). Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga (on stage most of the times) but as of lately A listers such as Diane Kruger or Penelope Cruz are giving us the ”look at me (read my boobs) bitch” slap in the face. Evening gown with such a low cut that we’re starting to feel (un)lucky they’re wearing those fancy bras. bra-blazer-lookbra-topdiane-kruger-visible-bra-dressexposed-lingerie-street-style (2)Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011, Pradaexposed-lingerie-trendKristen Stewart-lingerie-dresslingerie-as-outwear-trendlingerie-exposed-trendlingerie-look-street-stylelingerie-street-stylelingerie-street-style-brasolange-lingerie-red-carpetstreet-style-lingeriesuspensor-tights-lingerietaylor-momsen-lingerie-looktrend-2013-exposed-lingerieDon’t know about you but I’m drawing the line at knickers and plain bras. I can deal with sheer dresses, cropped tight tops (aka bras – think Dolce & Gabbana), camisole dresses with punk boots… What do you think? Trashy or Enticing? Is the lingerie as outwear (not yet) trend a desperate cry from designers to shock and shake the trends altogether in the hope of creating a move (another sex revolution anyone?), OR is is just a bad idea that’ll never go beyond our TV screens, iPhones & magazines?

13 thoughts on “Can I See Your… Lingerie?!

  1. So okay, lingerie huh? Well I guess everyone in the pics looks awesome but this one comes back every now and then and I kind of feel like it never totally catches on. I feel like it’s one of those trends where some people will look amazing and others….well not so much….

    • yep. so true. but come on, even so, as good as one would look there’s still an exposed-lingerie-line that should not be crossed. maybe. don’t know, guess it depends on age, job, occasion, personality. don’t think it’ll ever catch on, though. ur so right xxox

  2. I don’t mind the idea of it but it’s really hard to pull of, flashing your panties or bra in’t enough 😀 The full outfit has to be thought through to every little detail. From the photos above I see only 2 or 3 looks that are nice, everything else just looks….something 🙂 xoxo

  3. I love this trend but when its done under lace, chiffon etc and not so much when its bang out there on its own…not a fan of how Diane K is rocking it. Btw, I want to have Daine K’s agent. She is very pretty yes, she is known for the one mediocre film she did iiions ago, and still pops up in almost every fashion mag….anyhoo kudos on her on nabbing Pacey!! x

    • haha ur so right about diane kruger lol. About the trend: it’s not that bad actually and under lace it looks amazing. its just that there’s a thin line i guess between looking trashy and getting it right. Thanks xxx

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