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Shoes Dilemma: Combat OR Motorcycle BOOTS For 2014 Winter?

biker-versus-combat-bootsI know you’re tempted to say ”both. doh.” but just think about it. If you had to choose one of the 2… which would it be? One with laces the other without. Both styles are courtesy of the 90’s comeback & grungy/dark/Nirvana-meets-Guns’Roses-looks. Add some punk in there, it is back in fashion anyway, and you pretty much summed up the biggest trends since 2012.

These heel-less ankle boots, however similar they look and translate into similar styles, making your outfit appear effortless, grungy, rocknroll or punk, you know what they say – the Devil is always in the details, and for small style variations on this 90’s theme each boot comes with its own spin on the look. combat-and-motorcycle-bootsCombat boots are a little above the ankle, lace-ups, more fitted around your foot, can be worn with laces tied up (super fitted, sort of punk style) or laces un-tied and left disheveled as if you had no time to properly put them on (sort of 90’s grunge look). Some have buckles & studs for extra drama, some come in vintage looking styles as if you’ve worn them for decades but cost you a week’s rent. They look fantastic with skinny jeans, leggings, tights & cutoffs, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets. If a laid back model off duty style is what you’re going for, they seem to be the best option. combat-boots-trend-2014Moto Boots, on the other hand, are, since their 2012 comeback, still going strong be it summer or winter, and are perhaps a more tamed version of the punk grungy shoe style. They don’t have laces & they’re not fitted around you’re ankles. They usually have a zipper on the side or they’re loose enough for your foot to slide in. Yes they look as masculine & harsh as their siblings, but something about them makes them less heavy. Maybe the buckles or studs they usually come adorned with, or their shorter length (right around the ankle), but they seem more grungy-girly, rather than badass rocknroll.

Or maybe their ubiquity for the past year tamed them a little bit. I mean, it’s the same as the leather jackets. Since every girl and woman out there is wearing these biker boots all the time, (having nothing in common with the grunge trend, their boot option being none other than a passion for fashion), well there goes these boots’ initial rocnkroll statement. Right out the window. biker-bootsLet the boot battle begin – Combat VS Moto Boots looks: 

Combat Boots: 2014-winter-trends-combat-bootscombat-boots-look (2)combat-boots-lookcombat-boots-puck-rock-lookscombat-boots-trendcombat-boots-winter-2014grunge-look-combat-bootshow-to-style-combat-bootskendall-jenner-combat-bootsrocnroll-style-combat-bootsstreetstyle-combat-bootswinter-trend-combat-bootsMotorcycle/Biker Boots (click here for more styles and tips)biker style2014-trend-biker-bootsbiker-boots-streetstylebiker-boots-trendhow-to-style-moto-bootsmotorcycle-bootsmotorcycle-boots-lookstreet-style-biker-bootsstreet-style-moto-bootswinter-trend-biker-bootswinter-trend-moto-bootsI guess this is what happens with certain staples that used to belong only to a certain niche or style… if everyone is doing them, they’re bound to change their meaning and (don’t get me wrong) their fashion strength. I think we need something new asap.

Which brings me to the combats. Their sort of new comeback in fashion makes them somewhat new to the moto boot, right? Or not?Clearly they do have tons in common with the biker boots, and the style you get with either of them is basically the same, but which ones do you like best? combat-or-motorcycle-bootscombat-versus-biker-bootsmotorcycle-boots-combat-booI swear the more I think about it the more I’m confused. I used to adore biker boots, and would pick them over any other flat style shoe, but now… I’m not so sure. The idea of channeling an off duty model (in my distorted reality that is) is so appealing I might just consider the combat boots for now.

So,  if you had to choose one boot style, which would it be: with or without laces?

15 thoughts on “Shoes Dilemma: Combat OR Motorcycle BOOTS For 2014 Winter?

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  2. Ahhhh, the dilemma! I’m yearning for a yummy pair of Rag & Bone moto boots and have been for months, but don’t want to drop that much $ on something I can’t wear for at least a year. Do you think moto will still be around next winter? Combat? Or will both be as gone as the 90s?

    • I think both of these boots are classic, and will never be out, personally I’m more into combat right now, just cause moto became a bit too mainstream. But you know, whatever you like and feel great in, that’s what you should go for. I always say it’s not as much about fashion or trends, as it is about style. Thanks xxx

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