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Winter Trend: SCARVES & Why We Love Them?

scarves-for-winterSeriously? Besides the fact that they make you feel as if you’re still in the comfort of your warm puffy cozy bed, when in fact you’re out in the blizzard cold, and they can always make  and never break an outfit, hence their instant ‘I-can-turn-any-outfit-into-a-stylish-one-ASAP’ trait – I really see no point in taking this discussion further, as in trying to convince anyone of how much they’d actually need a scarf. Because… wait. I don’t have to. Scarves are the one thing everyone is wearing and resorting to, if not for sartorial reasons hidden behind these fluffy massive winter accessories, then for the need to stay warm. scarf-style-2014-winterFrom fashion ignorants to fashion lovers the SCARF is around each and everyone’s neck. This winter, more than ever I feel there’s such a back to accessories phase in fashion, that we just gotta make the best of it. And with this particular time in fashion, when all is IN, it’d be a waste to not splurge on so many scarf styles out there. scarvesWhich brings me to my question: In 2014 Winter, is there a SCARVES TREND to keep an eye on and guide our style choices?

  • BLANKET scarves
  • TUBE scarves.
  • TARTAN scarves
  • FUR scarves
  • KNITTED thick scarves
  • TOO LONG wipe-the-floor-with scarves
  • SILK scarves

scarves-looksWell… all styles, except maybe for those long thin ones that used to be a hit back in the day. In terms of color it’s a heaven, from basic hues to prints, patterns and bright shades you can wear a scarf to mix in with your stylish outfit, but not make a stand, or you can make it the star of your look and spice up an otherwise plain outfit. scarves-trend-2014How to wear scarves? More like is there a secret to wrapping & tying up a great scarf around your neck? I’ve always been a tad jealous of those women who so nonchalantly seem to just wrap a massive scarf around their neck, without ever having to think about it or check themselves in the mirror, but pulling it off big time. I always feel like this simple fashion task is the hardest of them all, hence my love and choice for fur scarves and tube ones. Yes they do look fabulous, but truth is it’s easier to pull a tube scarf over your head and look sophisticated or throw on a fur one, without having to worry about how to wrap these cozy accessories around your neck and have the same effect. fur-scarftube-scarf-street-styleIf you’re going for blanket size scarves, they will look incredibly effortless sophisticated because however you choose to wear them you’ll probably nail that chic-bundled look.

blanket-scarf-street-styleblanket-scarf-street-styleIf knitted long scarves are your cup of tea, leaving them sweep the floor/pavement is one way to go about the effortlessness or you can wrap them around your neck 100 times. No wind or rain will ever touch you.  black-scraf-trendlong-scarf-styreet-styleSilky scarves – I always felt were for the warm season, when, truth is you don’t even need them. I for one, never saw  what the fuss was with them. Yeah style wise they look amazing, but so does the sight of a statement necklace or bare neck. I guess it’s the style statement that pushes some to go for silky scarves in blizzard cold. I do agree some patterns, prints and colors on these luxurious silky accessories are to die for… silk-scarf-styleMore SCARVES looks… classic-scarf-look (2)classic-scarf-lookfur-scarf-street-stylefur-scarf-tyrend-2014how-to style-scarveshow-to-wear-scarveslong-scarf-lookscarfscarf-accessories-winterscarf-stylescarves-stylesstreetstyle-checkered-scarfstreet-style-scarvesstreet-style-white-scarftartan-scarf (2)tartan-scarftube-scarf-2014wrapping-scarveswomen-scarveswinter-look-scarfDo you wear scarves? What’s your fave style?

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