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Gift Ideas: Endless EARRINGS!

statement-earrings-gift-ideWith the holiday season almost here we’ll all be running around like headless chickens in no time, with one dilemma and one thing only on our minds. Well… maybe 2. What gifts to buy friends and families for Christmas & (2) what to wear to the holiday parties? Look no further, breath in and relax. I’ve got an idea. Why don’t we get something either (or both actually) for us & the women and girls in our lives that looks stylish and adds the holiday razzmatazz we’re all crazy about: EARRINGS!  earrings-gift-ideasbyVellamo-earrings (2)Long endless infinite earrings that lusciously hang from your ears dangling their luxurious stones as you’re laughing and tilting your head – these statement pieces will definitely make an outfit stand out. You know, jewelry has that power to add jazz and sophistication to a look. This, mixed with women’s love for all bling & jewelry (especially statement earrings) make accessories (read earrings per se) the best gift idea & easiest way to spice up your style. Christmas-gift-ideas-byVellamo-earringsbyVellamo-earrings-gift-ideasThese luxurious well crafted and original earrings are made by my friend Sandra at byVellamo (see her Etsy shop here) and are spot on with both the Trends out there (statement earrings! hello!) as well as Christmas gift ideas. This season it’s all about super long dangling opulent chic earrings in either Swarovski crystals, disco balls, silver and all that sparkles OR in the most exotic colorful palettes and stones in that ‘un-paired’ quirky style specific to byVellamo designs – the left earring is always different from the right one. Same style & color, true, but not so alike! gift-ideas-byVellamo-earrings byVellamo-earrings-christmas-gift-ideasgift-ideas-byVellamo-earringsJust last summer she gifted me for my birthday with a pair of red long sophisticated earrings (thank you!) and let me just say they made me feel like this Russian doll slash Mexican beauty that I took a photo and posted it on FB bragging about it (here it is).

Okay, enough talk, let’s have a look. This blue-turquoise pair is my fave! To die for!


For more styles & designs go here:

byVellamo Shop | Facebook |Twitter

6 thoughts on “Gift Ideas: Endless EARRINGS!

  1. The one with a shell and the cup – ‘Dear Santa…’ 😉
    Beautiful earrings, I’m mad about this kind of jewelry. The longer, the better.
    Love when some celebrity wears one, huge earring which ‘steal the show’ it looks so sophisticated.

    (I’m so sorry for my so long absence here, will ya forgive meeee????
    God, you’re really busy bee, I’ve so much posts to read, but it’d be pleasure for me :))

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