Would You Wear Stones & Chains Jewelry? The Glam Side Of It…

abruSHOP-jewelry-styleYou know how with some people you just click and the chemistry makes it all so easy to chat over this and that? Such was the case of meeting Romanian (Timisoara) jewelry artist Andrei Abrudean, for an interview. In his slim fit black jeans, black T-shirt, and tennis shoes, with his hipster bag & accessories he does come across as the coolest artist ever. Funny, witty and so passionate about his craft, Andrei confessed why he’s obsessed with making jewelry from the most unusual pieces and materials? ”I’m inspired by everything around me, music, people, but mostly by common materials that I can transform into the most uncommon things ever”. Hence his jewelry brand – Abru SHOP – that’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Andrei replaces the classic blings with electronic parts, recycled materials, wire, chains or river stones into the most unusual & cool necklaces, bracelets or rings.    abruShop-accessories-necklace

“It all started when I used to work in electronics and soon realized those hardware, electronic bits and pieces are so much more appealing to me than the usual gems I used to work with before as an artist. So I thought, why not? you know. I started with a printed circuit board and changed it so much until it looked like this cool jewelry piece that no one else had. And then… I turned everything into jewelry and accessories, and realized this is my thing, my road:  using recycled & unusual materials. Then I turned colored crayons into fantastic colored necklaces, and river stones & copper wire into jewelry – my Alluvia collection. Soon I’ll start working on my next line based on my 1st love: the electronic boards and pieces. Rough, raw, punk, grunge. That’s my thing and my comfort zone.”

Though he rarely thought about fashion, and confesses to not really give a crap about trends, he’s aware of his sartorial nearabouts.  ”I do and I don’t care about fashion. I realize accessories are a huge part of it, but I don’t create with trends in my mind, although my new line will be spot on with Punk’s revival in fashion, it’s just how it is. I hadn’t planned it. I think you need to feel free when you create. That’s what it’s all about.” new-abrushopHitting it off so easily at our 1st meeting, we just had to do a fun Abru SHOP meets FashionTag photo-shoot of some Alluvia Collection necklaces. I mean seriously, how could I pass the opportunity of wearing something as quirky and edgy as stones & wire made into posh statement necklaces? And I just had to see how they looked with a normal, casual, work appropriate outfit.

Can we wear sticks and stones to the office? Can we look cool & polished at the same time? And how do we style funky accessories made from recycled materials? Without looking like savages from Stonehenge, that is. Easy peasy.  “It’s all about balance, on one hand, but on the other I think you can wear anything with the right attitude, style and confidence. A tip would be: if your outfit is bold, keep it simple jewelry wise and vice versa.” as Andrei tips us.

all-black-necklace-street-style-abruSHOP-jewelryWindy cloudy day, white heels, H&M bag, all black outfit and military inspired H&M jacket and I was off to meet the boys, Andrei and David (my amazing photographer friend). It would be the 1st time I’d actually wear such edgy designer pieces. I wore 3 necklaces from Alluvia collection at Abru SHOP: Stone Explosion, Lithosphera, and Stone Storm.

And I loved them. I loved the way they looked, felt (not heavy at all), how they were designed and gave a bit of glam roughness to an otherwise rather simple plain outfit. Beautifully crafted and polished, the chains, wire and stones looked like precious raw pieces rather than what they actually were. The chromatic palette makes it easy to style them, as they go with pretty much anything, from your grunge T-shirts to a crispy white shirt. They can complete a grunge style, can balance a preppy one, or give edge to an office look. Black & white tops I think best compliment these Abru SHOP necklaces. 

Who can wear them? Anyone with a penchant for funky statement unusual pieces. Personally I think they look best against a simple clean look, so all you office ladies and working busy bees throw ON the Lithosphere necklace on your classy office outfit.

AbruSHOP – Lithosphere Necklace… abru-shop-stone-necklaceabruSHOP-necklace street-style-stone-necklaceIf you’re a wild one, and love experimenting Abru SHOP jewelry is so for you. A grunge kid, a punk rebel or just an edgy little fashionista – you’ll pull you style together with necklaces like Stone Storm or Stone Explosion.

AbruSHOP Stone Storm Necklace… Abru-SHOP-accessoriesstreetstyle-abrushop-statement-necklacestreetstyle-stone-chain-necklaceAbru-SHOPAbruSHOP Stone Explosion Necklace… streetstyle-funky-jewelrystatement-necklace-streetstyle-abrushopAnd beware, they might look raw, but they feel like the poshest pieces ever, beautifully cut and designed for all styles, looks and outfits. One rule though: mix it up & don’t be afraid to let go and experiment fashion wise. I’ve loved every minute of wearing them, my favorite being the Lithosphere, cause it’s such a cool mix of glam & rough, it’s irresistible. I did turn a few heads and got a few OMGs and WOWs over these cool urban raw glamorous unusual pieces, so a statement I did make.

Coolness. Check. Statement. Check. Originality. Check. Quality. Check. Designer. Check. Affordable. Check.

Abru SHOP. Click

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9 thoughts on “Would You Wear Stones & Chains Jewelry? The Glam Side Of It…

  1. Cool!!! I agree that Litosphere is ‘the bestest of the best’ :), but also Stone Storm matches perfectly with your unbuttoned jacket (I mean the buttons from right side, the necklace in the center and the buttons from left visually make a harmonious triangle).

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