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Why We All Still ‘Love Sex & The City’?

sex-and-the-city-fashion (5)Beyond the exquisite fashion awareness and love this show started, it stood and still stands for so much more: women’s status on all levels, sex, relationships, love, marriage, kids, freedom to be and act however the hell we please, mistakes, memories, friendships, breakups, shared moments, winning some, losing some.

It all happened in the beautiful lives of these 4 women in NY, and in ours. All in fabulous outfits, amazing fashion moments, looks we copied and emulated over and over again. sex-and-the-city-fashion (6)

Almost 10 years later I find myself still loving the styles, the looks, the outfits, and the 4 girls that made it all possible. Just 2 weeks ago I started watching the series again after having watched it 10 times before.

I know some lines by heart yet I still hold my breath at THAT outfit, this skirt, or Carries’s thoughts on Big. I still laugh out loud at Miranda’s brilliant sarcasm or Sam’s theories on relationships, and while they’re all so different from one another, they’re all right in what they preach. sex-and-the-city-fashion (4)So why this SATC nostalgia? Well last week the news/rumor broke that a SATC 3 will be in the making! And then I read the author’s opinion on how Sarah Jessica Parker is too old for this shit. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I’m guessing women in the real world grew up and changed so if the same happens to the characters, what do you know? – it’s only, er… normal. Anyway. SATC-carrie-bradshaw-styleLeaving the SATC 3 debate for some other places and times, let’s focus on the one thing this show became iconic for: the FASHION. The OUTFITS. Carrie Bradshaw pushed boundaries with her looks, she defied rules, she dressed how she pleased for the sake of fashion and fun, and not once was she ever scrutinized and labeled negatively for it.

But then again it was NYC, where nobody gives a crap what you wear, until they do, and that’s the point when it actually doesn’t even matter, cause that’s when you can start doing you. Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (2)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (3)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (4)Every single look Carrie had I loved. From her daytime dresses, quirky pants and crop tops, fabulous coats and those amazing SHOES, to her going out outfits, her brunch style, her stay-at-home-and-write PJs or shorts, to her baggy-chic-granny nightgown. Even if at first sight some of her clothes were whoaaa! she could certainly carry them and pull off ANY look.

Here’s SATC fashion & Carrie Bradshaw’s style in all their glory. Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (5)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (6)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (7)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (8)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (9)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (10)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (11)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (12)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (13)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (14)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (15)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (16)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (17)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (18)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashion (19)Carrie-Bradshaw-fashionCarrie-Bradshaw-looks (2)Carrie-Bradshaw-looks (5)Carrie-Bradshaw-looksCarrie-Bradshaw-outfits (2)kinopoisk.rucarrie-looks-sexandthecityfashion-sex-and-the-citySATC-style (2)SATC-style (3)sex-and-the-citysex-and-the-city-carrie-stysex-and-the-city-fashion (2)sex-and-the-city-fashion (3)sex-and-the-city-fashion (7)sex-and-the-city-fashion (8)sex-and-the-city-fashionsex-and-the-city-fashionstyle-looks-SATCsex-and-the-city-lookssex-and-the-city-lookssex-and-the-city-looks (6)sex-and-the-city-looks (5)sex-and-the-city-looks (3)sex-and-the-city-looks (2)sex-and-the-city-looks (4)How can we not crave for a SATC 3?

New York may not be all ‘Sex and The City’ as a friend of mine once said, but what if it could, just a little bit? The 4 girls certainly taught us a few life lessons. The meaning of true love between friends, and why doing over-the-top fashion is okay. If only life was a movie, right?

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