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How Do You Like Your TRENCH COAT?

trench-coats-trendsBeige, black, fitted, loose, crumpled or not, over time the Trench Coat has been all the above and so much more, while remaining a staple. With autumn settling in and the weather turning to its inconsistencies: warm, cold, windy, cloudy, rainy and sunshine (sometimes all in one day), we’re left in a tiny fashion predicament: What To Wear? And look good? The Trench Coat. D’ohh. Literally the best fashion invention and mixture of trendy & comfy – the gabardine Audrey Hepburn’ish piece will forever be our go-to transition coat. And the best part about it is that, while designers such as Burberry have given us reinvention after reinvention, you don’t need to go break the bank or do the trench coat statement if you don’t want to. The classic beige, belted, knee-length trench coat is still IN. 

Why we love it? Seriously? Cause it’s probably the most versatile piece and there’s no wrong style rules when it comes to picking one. Well… maybe there are a few, but overall the truth is, the Trench Coat pulls together any style, mixes into any look and goes with any outfit. Take ballet pumps – a classic nude or even black knee length trench coat will have you looking like Audrey Hepburn, or those French chic girls in post cards. Boots? Ankle styles for a more urban vibe, high boots for ultra sophistication, motorcycle for grunge approach. Heels? Now you’re talking girlfriend! I mean no look will ever top a classic beige trench coat, knee length, buttoned up (or not), somewhat fitted with classic pumps. I’ve always thought of this look as the ultimate sexy and polished style. classic-style-trench-coatcamel-trench-coat-street-styleSo all is simple and forever in with the trench coat, but there are so many styles these days, that if we should want to get one, we are faced with the much loved and hated question: What Style Trench Coat Should I Buy? If you’ve already got a classic one, then just go for a more statement piece: leather, lace, colored, shorter, flared, printed. If, however you’re buying your 1st Trench Coat I think a classic style in beige or black is definitely the answer. classic-trench-coat-street-styleblack-trench-coat-street-styleWhat Is The Trench Coat Trend For 2013? Aside from the crazy funky amazingly looking Burberry trench coats in strong holographic shiny colors, super fitted, knee length, waist belted, leather sleeves, 2 tones, or the leather or lace styles, one trend that’s making a huge comeback, I think is the 80’s style trench coat. I know, not the best fashion decade, nor the most flattering trench ever, right? Still I’m seeing more and more fashionistats going for the relaxed crumpled trenches in camel, beige, nude et all, super long (think knee or over-the-knee-lengths), rolled up sleeves, as if we’re all channeling Melanie Griffith in some 80’s journalist/CEO/detective film story. Or a hobo. I’ve been a bit wtf? at first, but you know what? It’s a actually a very refreshing comeback of  the 80’s style. It may look less chic and more bohemian, less sexy and more je m’en fiche – but that’s the beauty of it. Not to mention how amazing it looks with high heels and jeans. Have a look… 80's-style-trench-coat-look80s-style-trench-coat-street-style80s-style-trench-coat-trend-2013classic-beige-trench-coat-lookclassic-trench-coat-stylerelaxed-trench-coat-street-stylerelaxed-trench-coat-trends-2013street-style-trench-coattrench-coattrench-coat-street-styletrench-coat-street-style-80s-tredSo, how about those Statement Trench Coats? Recap: I need a black trench coat, a beige one, a fitted one, an 80s style one, and then, can I get the shiny Burberry one please? Thank you. burberry-statement-trench-coat-streetstylestatement-trench-coat-burberry-street-stylestatement-trench-coat-trend-2013statement-trench-coatstatement-trench-coat-streetstylestudded-sleeves-trench-coatLength wise, they say the best hem is the one around the knees, because the shorter one tends to shorten you. Double breasted styles tend to widen, patterns or crazy textures to create more volume. What do you think? Longer or shorter? short-flared-trench-coat-looktrench-coat-alexa-chingLeather Sleeves Trench Coats? They are huge this season, and perfectly mix the rough or grunge obsession with the classic styles. leather-sleeve-trench-coatleather-sleeve-trench-coat-2013-trendtrench-coat-leather-sleeves-street-styletrench-coat-leather-sleeves-trendHa! And just when I thought this Trench Coat thing was a no-brainer. So many ‘versus’… Think I’m gonna settle for a classic black one. And a beige one. Oh, here we go again.

7 thoughts on “How Do You Like Your TRENCH COAT?

  1. So, I’ve just acquired a calf length 1980’s Burberry double breasted trench coat, with removable woollen liner in really good condition. Have a bought a ‘pup’ fashion wise and will I be laughed off the street in it, or am I still able to make a positive fashion statement if I wear it?

    • oh definitely wear it!!!!! omg, i bet it looks fantastic. it’s a classic piece, it’s a staple, rock it! btw, always rock your fave itmes, regardless of trends and what people might say! do you. It’s all about having fun and expressing yourself. 😉 Thanks xoxo

  2. Thanks for the support Dana, I was a little worried, but am hugely encouraged by your recommendation. I will do my best to ‘rock it’ assuming I can still shake a tail feather at 46! Many thanks 🙂

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