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Peplum – A Trend That Never Dies! Enough Already or Thank God?

chiara-ferragni-peplumLately I’ve been bombarded by people (who do not have a clue nor an interest in fashion, so I really do not see where their curiosity is coming from) with the ever-classic (read cliche) question “What should we wear this spring, what’s trendy?” So my job may be to blame for this, as everyone thinks whoever works in fashion is well dressed, just because to them that’s what fashion is all about: being super trendy, posh and put together. I see it completely different: fashion is a way of expressing yourself, beyond and regardless of any boundaries whatsoever. And at the end of the day style is what matters. And that’s what true fashion is. But anyway, I smile back containing my urge to roll my eyes and spill all the beans on trends. YES trends are a part of fashion. And a big one mind you, but it’s how you mix them and wear them that betray your style. Not to mention I probably come across like a wacko for most of these people, fashion wise. Like ripped jeans and pumps? Talk to the hand girlfriend. Or my boyfriend’s t shirt and some super posh necklace. What the fuck? Thank God I love stirring up a bit of controversy and watching elbows bumping by and hardly ever contained smiles or raised eyebrows. We’ve all got those know-it-all Miss Goody Two Shoes aunts or whatev who think if they’re wearing a black top they look edgy and have got it all nailed down. Fair enough, I do not judge and couldn’t care less what anyone is donning as long as they’re happy with it. Ah… had to get all this off my chest 🙂 Back to today’s topic: Trends & Peplums. Yeah, peplums have been around for quite some time now and it seems to me it’s a trend that’s refusing to die. Should we all scream enough already or be ecstatic it’s still on for 2013 Spring & Summer? (and NO they had no idea what I was talking about when I told them peplum is still in. HA! Was a mean bitch at that one, but I was only trying to make a point to the lot, which again they’ve been oblivious to.) 🙂 FASHION Peplums 1peplum-diane-von-firstenbergpeplum-look-diave-von-furstenbergTo be honest with you I was a bit surprised last FW when so many designers were showing loads of peplums for their 2013 S/S collections, and not because I hate it, just because I admit I had an impulse of AGAIN?! But why fix it if it ain’t broken, right? From 1800s peplums did a great job for women of all ages and silhouettes. It had a huge comeback in the 1940’s due to Chrsitian Dior‘s fabulous peplum jackets as part of les deux pieces and since last year… we can’t seem to get enough of this fad. Now is there a rule as to which peplum fits what body type? I have no idea. Never wore one (I’ve got it down on my list though) but I assume it’s a case of everyone’s happy with it, because peplums do justice to both skinny & curvy figures, making each type look good. Take Kim Kardashian for instance. This woman loves peplums. And with a few exceptions she rocks them, just because they accentuate her waist and play up her curves. Why hide it if it’s there. Flaunt it. For the less blessed curvy ones? It adds magic where’s there’s less.

From left to right PEPLUM by: Alexander McQueen, Dries Van Noten, Balenciagapeplum-tops1Kim Kardashian Shops At Christian Louboutin In Tight Jeans And A Leather Peplum Topkim-kardashian-peplum-lookFrom the uber extravagant ones that look like huge folded circles around your waist & hips to the more simple designs – peplums are in and still causing a frenzy. Or not. I mean they look great… but it’s starting to look like those S/S trends that never die: florals, navy, prints… Just saying. Observations aside peplum has got that understated elegance and classic vibe to it, while some designs can look super avantgarde and edgy. So you see. It is a case of everyone’s happy. peplum-trendBut when it comes to actually wearing one you need to choose: Peplum TOPS vs Peplum BOTTOMS? I suppose tops are easier to pull off and mix with an infinite number of outfits, tied to so many looks: maxi skirts, mini skirts, tight, A-line, trousers, shorts, cut-offs. Peplum tops have got a bit more versatility to them and if you choose a super statement one – like a leather peplum top (this one’s on my list) you’ll be wearing the crap out of it, just cause it goes with absolutely anything for any time of the day & night.

Peplum TOPS leather-peplum-topkate-middleton-peplumpeplum-beltpeplum-lookpeplum-shirtpeplum-stylepeplum-topspeplum-top-street-styleSTREETFSNprint-peplumspring-trend-peplumstreets-tyle-peplumstreet-style-peplumPeplum BOTTOMS now that’s a different story. Or Not. They’ve got a bit more razzmatazz to them and even a slight edge. Picture a mini peplum skirt with a tucked in shirt, t-shirt of tank top. And hot heels. Yeah I know, pretty hard to say no to such a look.

Peplum Bottoms peplum-dresspeplum-leather-skirt-stylepeplum-skirt (2)peplum-skirt-street-stylepeplum-skirt-stylestreet-style-peplum-skirtyellow-peplum-skirtPeplum Dresses 2012 MTV Movie Awards - ArrivalsLady-Gaga-Peplum-dresspeplum-dresses-celebsAlice + Olivia By Stacey Bendet  - Front Row And Backstage - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion WeekAnd then there are the peplum DRESSES (see pics above) which are a dime a dozen: from red carpet super glamorous ones to cocktail knee-length designs and even office/day attire styles. Peplum dresses I think are all about class and timeless sophisticated style. Celebs are loving this trend. And what’s there not to love? A proper well designed peplum will give you a free card to eat all you want at a dinner party and hide it away! GENIUS! Don’t know about you, but I’m sold. What the hell was I waiting for all this time? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Peplum – A Trend That Never Dies! Enough Already or Thank God?

  1. Awesome pics as usual! I love the first paragraph rant, awesome. I generally like peplum’s but they have to fit right otherwise they can look really strange…..

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