Backstage & Spotlight Experience At Business Days Fashion Event!

… aaand that’s a wrap, for my 2 days travel to Oradea Romania for a fashion related event I was telling you about in a previous post. Actually I was freaking out about, ’cause of my constant inability to pick a look to don for this happening. Talk about being deep right? Ah well… it’s a risque that comes with the territory (fashion that is) and honestly I do not mind it at all. Actually I love it. What’s there not to love about hot heels, red lips, silky tops, cool bags et all. The problem though (cause there is one) is how do you pull it off without looking ridiculous? Keep it classic (not boring mind you) or have fun with it, while risking to get some raised eyebrows on the side? I went for the 1st one: black trousers, black blazer and a silky pink powdered top. Figured it was mainly a business gathering with a fashion show at the end… so I had to make a slight concession. No, no, do not give me the cold shoulder now… I still added a tiny razzmatazz with red heels & lips. YES I did it: I donned red lips during the day. I mean I was introduced as a London based fashion blogger with FashionTag & a fashion contributor. If that wasn’t a pressure I don’t know what was. So before I proceed and tell you all about the actual event, fashion show, and share some cool backstage pics, here are a few outfit photos. oradea22bvbvvghvhiygynou-oradeaYes it was raining. I mean one might assume the further you travel from England the better the weather, but NO. So yeah I had to pull out an umbrella that really made it all look even more boring fashion wise. oradea3oradea5Enough about me now. So what was I doing there? I was asked by Bucharest Business Days to sort of host the fashion show. Well actually it was more a case of presenting it and a bit of entertaining the audience with my jokes, which at that moment completely ditched me and I ended up with a ton of jitters and a dry mouth. Thank God for the wine tasting during the show. I confess it was delicious and I would have emptied more than 2 glasses had I managed to get my hands on a bottle 🙂 oradea25oradea26oradea28

543822_533312033387547_299205305_nwineoradea5.jpgBusiness Days and I go a long way (since last year actually) and it literally makes me so excited to be invited to such business & fashion events, just because I salute everything they are doing and I love the idea of inspiring people. That is the biggest gift a successful person (such as the speakers there) can do for those around them. Plus BD (click here to read more about them) nailed it this time, I mean to gather over 600 people, plus successful business figures, put together a wine tasting, dinner party, and fashion show,  may just seem like the regular social/business event… but being backstage and talking to a lot of those faces I was impressed. And they did make such a big deal of me being there, that I’m still not sure that was a good thing. Now I have to man up to these new uber high standards. But I’m not in the least complaining. Au contraire, I’m grateful to them for letting me host the half hour fashion event, for giving me a free hand at the speech, for meeting the designers face to face, and having small chats with those local posh faces. I really do think Business Days Company will take it up a notch in Romania and will step by step be an eye-opener and a support and inspiring group for so many talented people out there. I’m always so very genuinely happy every time someone tries to make a change and succeeds, when they believe in dreams and follow their passions. That’s what it’s all about actually. So yeah, I do predict a long bright future for these guys at Business Days. Kudos to them!

My close friend at Business Days- Codruta Nicolescu, an amazing woman! So proud of her and thankful for her believing in me 🙂 32591_533142590071158_701870584_n

482317_533141030071314_1785550606_n561425_533140916737992_1767765361_nAbout the fashion show now. Not to sound like an egocentric bitch or anything, but I was super focused on my own speech in between collections. Still, with an eye for all fashion & beauty bits I managed to catch a few catwalk glimpses to share with you. Also went backstage before the show to see the clothes and meet the models (from MModels Romania), who let me tell you, were so fresh, young, beautiful, and nervous, it was endearing. oradea8oradea7oradea9oradea10oradea11oradea12oradea14oradea15oradea19The 1st collection shown, belonged to local designer Anca Manea who creates for business & professional women, hence the name of her brand: AvM Business Women. How was it? Well… it was business all right: pencil skirts, classic shirts and no deux-pieces, as she believes the era of the classic two-piece suit is dead. Yet she still kept it very classic, I suppose making fashion for the over 35 year old business women might make one take the safe road every now and then. Besides money still make the world go round right? I will though confess I would have loved more edge & simplicity. I know, that’s a slight contradiction in the least, but it’s just my personal taste. She did do the 2013 Spring / Summer biggest trend – Black & White and I suppose she tried mixing the ’50s pencil skirt with the 17th century aristocratic shirts. Think Christian Dior first pencil skirt in the late 1940’s meets Louis XIV frilled and over embellished shirts. Beads: check. Lace: check. Ruffles: check. The shoes were too posh for the look making it all seem a bit flight attendants gathering. Platform shoes are slowly loosing ground to the classic heels, I think we’re all a bit tired of channeling strippers. Hair and makeup: JLO super dolled up, classic buns and strong eyeliner.  A collection made for the professional woman going for the super classic look! While I personally love more salt and pepper to a look I can see why some prefer the typical pencil skirt (you can never have too many, I love them) and the classic shirt, which has a certain crisp and timeless elegance to it.

DSC_2316 netDSC_2318 netDSC_2320 netDSC_2351netIn the second part of the show, the catwalk was invaded by models of all ages showing ‘Feminine In The Boardroom‘ collection by Aime Cristie. If with the former is was all about ‘‘burn les deaux-pieces’‘… with Cristie it was the exact opposite, as she believes business women, CEOs et all, though competing with men should not look like them, but maintain and play up their femininity & beauty (ah… so many ways to rock and show this attitude). She creates for the global woman and wants to inspire us all to basically walk in our own shoes.  And YES I do think this women-in-business talk is barking at the same door for ages. Damn girl, if women do not rule the fashion world, I don’t know what they rule! Examples of powerful assertive women are a tone, which just proves my case. No, I will not name names as you all know Anna Wintour for instance and the likes of her. Now, did Aime Cristie‘s collection transpire all this? You tell me. Lots of designers take inspiration from a woman’s sex-appeal and femininity while playing up her power and strength. Just take a look at Alexander Wang‘s latest collection. Anyway enough name dropping 🙂 They did pull it trough brilliantly at the end of the day. I mean Romania is at the very beginning of all this glam meets art business, and pret a porter is basically what everyone evolves around. But hey… it’s a start and that’s the hardest part and the most important one in making it big. For now I can live with super classic designs from my fellow Romanians, but that’s only because I’m hoping for more freedom, edge and pure creativity in a few years. Which I’m quite sure they might deliver. 
All in all for me it was a fantastic experience and criticism aside (no pun intended, it’s my job) I loved chatting with the designers, I found them super friendly, simple, trying to make a difference in the town they lived, striving to be better in what they do. That I salute and admire. Glad to be back though with this great experience in my pocket so to say and with great expectations from Business Days. (check them out here). Twitter | Facebook | Youtube 

Also I might do an outfit post tomorrow with what I wore on the 2nd day at the event. Have a lovely weekend dolls 🙂 xxx

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