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Grrr… Unleash The Animal Inside! What The… ?

animal-print-2014-trendOr… ‘We’re All In The Jungle’. Or… ‘Animal Print Chic.’ Or… ‘The Animal Instinct’. You get it. It’s the ANIMAL PRINT Trend again making a hot mess out of our 2013 – 2014 fall/winter sartorial choices. Whether you like it or not, is not even important (sorry girls), what matters is the daunting question: has animal print fashion ever been out of style? It seems to me as if it’s that one thing some people with a penchant for quirkiness and extravagance in clothes adore to wear, while for some it will always be a no-no. So OK the question after all may be, which lot do your belong to? It is too loud for you or you’re more like bring the animals to the zoo. Errr I mean on the clothes. In prints. No need to alert Peta on this one.Β animal-print-street-style-snake-printAnd speaking of the zoo, when discussing 2013 animal print trend, it’s a zoo & a jungle alright. From the classic leopard print to snake, cows, crocodiles, lizards, and what not, the wild life rests magnificently on your clothes.

  • coats of all sorts (structured, fake fur, short, long, slouchy) come in tons of such prints in any color. Sure a leopard is a yellow/brown/black kinda massive cat, but in coats it can be blue, because printed clothes are the unicorns of wild life.
  • tops
  • jackets
  • trousers
  • skirts
  • dresses

animal-print-street-style-coatanimal-print-street-style-dressanimal-print-street-style-look (2)pants-animal-print-street-styleanimal-print-street-style-blazerToo much, but still don’t want to sit aside. Ding! Ding! Accessories!

  • animal print shoes (ankle boots and classic pumps are fantastic)
  • bags
  • clutches
  • scarves
  • gloves… it’s a heaven. I mean a jungle.

animal-print-shoesanimal-print-bagsanimal-print-bags-trendanimal-print-clutchesDespite its exoticism and sort of classic feature (given by time if not by the prints per se), not everyone’s as excited as me when it comes to this printed chaos. Out of my lot of friends I’m actually the only one loving and wearing this shit. They all think its dated, borderline matronly and well… something a posh grandma would wear. Really? Well, yeah! If you dress like a grandma. Cause you see when doing animal prints there are 2 ways you can go: super cool & trendy, mixing them up with boots, black, ripped jeans, boyfriend T-shirts. Or you can go all rich glam on it: precious jewelry, posh bags, high heels, red lips.Β coat-style-animal-print-street-styleanimal-print-street-style-luxe-style

However you put it, animal prints will always look their best with an all-black or even all-white outfit. A pop of color in nails, lips or bags, or shoes, will definitely make it more sophisticated. RED looks fabulous! For an uber cool look, don denim, from head to toe and an animal print coat. That urban denim vibe against the matronly classic extravagant print is amazing. Leather is so daring and hot, so mix it up, cause it definitely screams hotness. And don’t even get me started on those summer maxi animal print dresses. Thank God it’s autumn. Did I mention those fake fur animal print coats? Β animal-print-street-style-fur-coatanimal-print-street-style-fake-fur-coatanimal-print-coat-lookanimal-print-street-style-2014-winteranimal-print-street-style-coat-fall-2013animal-print-street-style-coat-lookanimal-print-street-style-edgy-lookanimal-print-street-style-lookanimal-print-street-style-suitanimal-print-street-style-trend-2013-autumnanimal-print-street-style-trouserscoat-look-animal-print-street-styledenim-and-animal-print-street-stylejacket-animal-print-street-styleskirt-animal-print-street-styletrouers-animal-print-street-stylestreet-style-animal-print-coatstreet-style-animal-print

19 thoughts on “Grrr… Unleash The Animal Inside! What The… ?

  1. This post has my style written all over it!! I’ve always had leopard in my wardrobe and one snake skin look, but I’m loading up on the Snake skin looks right now…so digging the second look~ STUNNING!

  2. The pictures are great, but jackets or trousers would be to much for my style…i stick to accessories, e.g.scarves. I have a leo printed scarve and a snake-skin/zebra-mixed scarf with khaki in it *love*..and a Gabor bag with tiger print…..really pushes outfits!!
    Nice post!! xoxo

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