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Sweatpants & Heels: The Coolest Thing Eva?

sweatpants-and-heels-street-style-1Aaaand it’s official. The world has gone mad, and I with it. Once upon a time mixing sporty with smart was by far the worst thing a true fashionista could do. Fashion faux-pas doesn’t begin to cover it. Hell, you didn’t even need to be a fashion savvy to not mix your sneakers with your skirts or… your sweatpants with your heels. WTF? Right? Which brings me to today’s post: SWEATPANTS & HEELS. Is this look a trend or more of a fad? How did we get here? I swear we live in a time of style anarchy. All rules are broken, all faux pas are getting the effing, and we’re all doing the opposite of what our moms or fashion books (what?) taught us over the years. And we’re so good at it. sweatpants-and-heels-street-style-lookBut as any movement has it, this too bares some resistance. Take me, as a child/teen/or even early 20s sad face. Had you told me then I’d dig the sweatpants and heels look I would have probably punched you right in your face, for assuming I know so little about fashion. Comes to show how fabulous this world is. Some might call it shallow, with loving one thing today and hating it the next without the slightest remorse. Chillax, it’s just fashion, and at the end of the day, it’s art and a form of expression. Here I go again, rambling, as if to prove to myself how cool this look is. gulp.

sweatpants-heels-trend-2013Seriously now, if sneakers and sequins go together why wouldn’t sweatpants and heels? It’s the same style clashing I’m preaching about, and I really think it combines the laid back (sans the sweat) look with the poshness of some uber sexy shoes. It’s slouchy, but hot. It’s trendy, but effortless. Yet, all is not so easy and pink in sweatpants & heels universe, cause mastering this look comes with a few styling tips that we’d better obey, otherwise we’ll end up looking like hobos.

  • sweatpants’ color must be a classic: grey, black or white with or without side stripes. No prints, no patters. Well OK I guess solid colors might work as well, green, red, blue et all.
  • heels must be feminine, stiletto style, never ever do chunky. Stick to one strap sandals, or classic pumps. Ankle boots, wedges, platforms tend to look hideous.
  • keep it simple. don’t over do it with jewelry or makeup as it’s all about those gym pants and your heels. It’s enough of a statement.

street-style-look-sweatpants-and-heelsstreetstyle-sweatpants-and-heelssweatpants-and-heels-street-style-2look-2013-sweatpants-and-heelslook-sweatpants-and-heelsrihanna-look-sweatpants-and-heels streetstyle-trend-sweatpants-and-heelssweatpants-and-heels (2)sweatpants-and-heelssweatpants-and-heels-rihannasweatpants-and-heels-streetstylesweatpants-and-heels-street-stylesweatpants-and-heels-street-style-1 (2)sweatpants-and-heels-street-style-trendsweatpants-and-heels-trend-2013sweatpants-heels-sporty-luxe-stylesweatpants-heels-sporty-luxe-styleWho’s to blame for this? Designers? Celebs? (Rihanna). Or some cool hungover chick who could not be bothered about the ‘don’ts’ of fashion and ended up starting a trend much to her own surprise. I have yet to do this look, but I’m more then willing to give it a try, cause I think it looks beyond fantastic. It screams I can’t be bothered but it looks so cool.

Or maybe it’s all a conspiracy started by commuters with 2 outfits in posh bags. Or a sleep-over-mess turned chic. Walk of shame anyone?

24 thoughts on “Sweatpants & Heels: The Coolest Thing Eva?

  1. Oh. My. God. No. It’s not a matter of what the mom or the ‘fashion books’ said. For me it’s something like …triumph of form over content.

  2. I kinda dig it. Hey, if you can rock it, then do it. Theres no harm in making a statement, and if people are talking about it– you’re doing something right! I mean after all, isnt that how trends start?


    • I so agree with you. Totally! I was starting to think i was the only one loving this look, i think it’s cool and effortless, and different, sort of “fuck all the fashion rules, but still look super chic”. And yeah, ur so right, after all, that’s how trends start, with a bit of controversy right? Thanks so much xoxo

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  4. The sweatpants are so comfortable and easy to wear and that’s the fashion of today, and its look so cool for everyone specially with high heels to that’s the nice concept. Thanks for sharing this beautiful ideas.

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