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The Oversized BLAZER: Is There A Right Way To Wear It?

boyfriend-blazer-street-style (3)Apparently everything these days is about size. The bigger the better. Question mark. When it comes to fashion it seems more yes than no, with women’s looks borrowing pretty much all they can from menswear, with slouchy oversized silhouettes, 80s cuts and big bold frumpy coats, jackets and blazers. Blame it on the cycle of fashion, on women’s full plate with constantly being too polished or dressing too fitted, whatever the reason, the outcome is great.

And while there’s nothing new and groundbreaking about a blazer, be it fitted, oversized, slouchy, or structured, talking about the blazer look and wearing one is still considered a trendy thing. In a very classic chic sort of way. boyfriend-blazersOversized or boyfriend blazers have been hot for decades. Hello, the 80s, remember, with a quick relapse in the late 90s and 00s, when fitted was the only size everyone was doing, which soon ended to make way to classic blazer cuts and for the last few years to the big blazer also known as the boyfriend blazer. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (10)boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (5)For this year though it seems to me like even boyfriend blazers went up a size and are bigger, longer, wider, broader (sans le big shoulder pads please!), and it makes me wonder about two things. 1) Do we, or CAN we literally wear our boyfriends’ blazers for a style statement? and 2) Is there actually a right way to doing this massive blazer look?

The current obsession we’re having now with ‘how to dress like a French girl?’ makes me quickly jump to 2 answers for the above questions. What would a French girl say: YES to (1), and NO to (2). Duh. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (3)oversized-blazer-street-styleTruth is it takes a certain kinda swag and attitude & GREAT personal style to pull off a boyfriend blazer look per se, without any attention to what you’re pairing it with. That said, there are girls who look amazing in oversized blazers and slouchy trousers and frumpy tops. It’s hobo-chic and it works. For some.

It’s got to do with the details of your look: from hair to makeup, shoes, bags, accessories. Adding a bit of jazz to your hobo-chic look with these is what sets you apart from a just-hobo look. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (15)For the rest of the world though, the safest way to do the oversized blazer does actually imply a RIGHT way to nail it, by paying attention to ONE style trick: keep at least one item of your look fitted (trousers, jeans, skirts, or top) to create a balance in the silhouette. Think like an architect. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (4)Another trick to pulling off an as-big-as-you-want-it-to-be blazer is playing with lengths. More and more bloggers, celebs, and fashion savvys are opting for the blazer dress, which is a fab way to dress for a posh evening out, a cocktail party and so on, but it’s also inspiring to see how great a big-ass blazer can look with a mini skirt, shorts, or short dresses. Sizes in this case can be either slouchy or fitted, cause you’re playing with lengths, which will create a visual balance. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (2)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (19)For chicness and sophistication purposes you can consider: rolled up sleeves, wearing your blazer slung on your shoulders, using a belt over it, popping your collar (I can’t believe I just said that! Well… for cold days you know), adding a scarf over it, pairing it with sporty tops, statement accessories for example, and so on. boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (7)boyfriend-blazer-street-style (2)Enough talk. Let’s see some photos for inspiration… 🙂 boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (5)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (8)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (9)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (11)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (12)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (13)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (14)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (16)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (17)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (18)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (20)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (21)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (22)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (23)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (24)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015 (25)boyfriend-blazer-autumn-trend-2015boyfriend-blazer-look (2)boyfriend-blazer-street-style (4)boyfriend-blazer-street-style (5)boyfriend-blazer-street-styleboyfriend-blazer-style-trend (2)boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (3)boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (4)boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (6)boyfriend-blazer-style-trend (7)boyfriend-blazer-style-trendoversized-blazersoversized-blazers-looksRight way or no right way, one thing’s certain: oversized blazers have never been so hot, and they’re not going anywhere!

3 thoughts on “The Oversized BLAZER: Is There A Right Way To Wear It?

  1. I love this post! As for the question of “a right way to wear it”, I personally think that you can wear it however you please as long as you’re comfortable and happy with the look.

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