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How Would You Wear A Fur Vest?

2014-autumn-trend-fur-vestsIf until recently my addiction was limited to rings, leather and black anything, I confess I’ve added one more item to the infamous list: FUR anything. Well… faux fur to be more specific and for 2014 fall FUR VESTS to be even more accurate.

Although, who am I kidding here, give me a fur costume and I’ll probably end up living in it as well. So I’m extending this addiction to fur bags (massive trend alert for this season), fur collars, fur hats and of course fur coats. From tiny short ones that have a more punk glam vibe to them, to long dramatic styles. Hell I’m on the hunt for one that resembles Carrie Bradshaw‘s for a while now: that knee length nude fur coat that she used to wear with flirty dresses and sandals. Oh. My. God. 12014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (2)But today we talk fur vests because:

  1.  they are one of this season’s biggest trends, and go perfectly with the 70s obsession happening right now;
  2.  they’re one of the best layering transitional pieces out there, that may not keep us warm (faux fur that is), but instantly dress up a look when worn over jackets, sweaters, dull or repeated outfits. It’s got a sophisticated-luxurious-trendy-grungy-classy-feeling to it. It’s all a matter of personal style and how you pair it up with different items; and
  3. I’ve just been gifted by Lookbookstore with a fabulous black faux fur vest (hips-length) and a dressy black sweater, so I’m out fishing for outfit ideas for my next week’s style post. I know… how selfish of me. 🙂  See them here on my Instagram.

2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (2)2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (3)Since the idea of how glamorous, chic, classy et all is not an issue, nor is the question what fur vests look good worn with (like everything doh), let’s focus on HOW we would actually wear one. Or how we DO wear one?

Do we layer it with casual shirts (plaid, denim, flannels) or chic comfy thick knitted sweaters? Do we still do the leather-jacket layered-underneath-look? Can we wear it with a tee? Can we throw it on over a super sexy dress? fur-vests-autumn-street-style2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (4)2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (5)Do we rather pair it with flats or heels? Sneakers or biker boots? High heeled boots or classic pumps? How about sandals? Yes I’m aware it’s autumn but I think there’s something so incredibly hot yet classy about a fur vest (even coat) paired with ankle-strap sandals I can’t help myself. It’s a season clashing, a style clashing, a sophisticated fashion chaos that screams luxe and a bit of that celebrity look, or rich woman in between business meetings. cause you know, the VIPs never have to walk, they basically jump from one limo to another and are delivered to the actual venues. So… a fur vest and bare feet is like so glamorous and do’able! 2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (6)fur-vest-look (5)fur-vest-look (9)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (12)Do we go for the classy look or for the casual weekend style? Model-off duty vibe or rich-editor? 70s glamour puss or edgy sophisticated babe in 2014? fur-vest-look (12)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (2)Being a fashion-moody person I’ll probably take all of these on each day of the week, OR just keep doing one look over and over again until I’m literally sick of it and all the items I’d wear. Today I’m into the sandals and all-black outfit with fur vest on top thing. Tomorrow or on Saturday when I’m taking my photos, who knows? I’ve learned to stop making style plans for more than one day, cause I’m seriously impossible at committing to them.

Enough talk now. Let’s leave it to the street style peeps to show us a million ways we can wear a FUR VEST. Not that we need to, but you know… a bit of inspiration never hurt nobody. 😉  2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (7)2014-autumn-trend-fur-vests (8)2014-autumn-trend-fur-vestsfall-trend-fur-vestsfur-vest-look (2)fur-vest-look (3)fur-vest-look (4)fur-vest-look (6)fur-vest-look (10)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (2)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (3)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (4)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (5)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (6)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (7)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (8)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (9)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (10)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (11)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (13)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (14)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (16)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (17)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (18)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (19)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (20)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (21)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (23)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (24)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (25)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (26)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (27)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (28)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (29)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (30)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (31)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (32)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (33)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (34)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (35)fur-vests-autumn-street-style (36)fur-vest-style (4)fur-vests-autumn-street-stylefur-vest-style (2)So what do you think? How do you wear fur vests?

3 thoughts on “How Would You Wear A Fur Vest?

  1. I actually saw a fur vest at TJ Maxx last week and it was pretty cute. It had sort of a rugged, shaggy look to it.

  2. Well I’ve never tried that trend – I just chose fur accessorizes – but those outfits with the white lace and black maxi skirt are sooo amazing, so maybe I’ll buy faux fur this season.

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