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Fall 2014 Trend: The SWEATER Dress

fall-trends-sweater-dress (11)Knits. Knits. Knits. The trend was all over the runway for 2014 fall. Groundbreaking right? Well certainly not, but very comforting to know that what us mortals have been wearing for centuries in autumn is in fact this season’s trend. Of course sweaters of all sorts have made the look each year, but head to toe knits? Or layered knitted tops & cardigans?! Err, somebody call grandma, tell her she’s been robbed of her Sunday fashion attire.

Pardon my sarcasm here, but who can honestly say head to toe knits work on a daily basis, on people interacting with other people, out there in the world? Read: office, meetings, important rendezvous. Dates? I’m leaving aside. Hell if you’re wearing head-to-toe knits on your date you can kiss your second date good-bye, and that’ll be the only thing you’ll be kissing. Btw.

Or maybe not. A SWEATER DRESS is a head to toe knit look. fall-trends-sweater-dressNot a new and groundbreaking style in the least, not fashion forward, not unseen or undone before. No. Yet most definitely warm, cozy, trendy (according to the above), with that 70’s vibe that’s massive this season (Trendy Twice). May not be a layered look, or composed of knits look (knitted skirt + sweater + cardigan), but it’s a head-to-toe knit alright. And one we can rock in a heartbeat, and take anywhere, while keeping warm. sweater-dressesCan we do the head-to-toe knit trend then, and NOT look like grandma? YES. It’s all about textures & accessories ladies.

So if your upper half is covered in chunky knits, sweaters, cardigans OR sweater dresses – the topic of the day – make sure you’re wearing posh shoes, sexy heels, over the knee boots in patent, leather or suede. Sleek feet style! Add some rich-looking jewelry and a faux fur coat, a leather jacket, a classic trench and you can forget about granny-style. fall-trends-sweater-dress (4)2014-fall-trend-knit-dresses (2)oversized-sweater-dress-style (2)The great thing about sweater dresses is the million of styles, designs, knits, colors, prints and patterns they come in – making it super easy to choose one for any occasion, office and weekends included. They’re easy to style, to wear, to accessorize, to dress up or down. They go with bare legs and tights as well, hell even short shorts underneath if you wish. On those hectic mornings when you’ve got nothing to wear, or lazy Sundays when you’re doing lunch with your friends – a sweater dress is the best thing to wear. You just pull it over, put some boots on, a coat and you’re done! 2014-fall-trend-knit-dresses (3)fall-trends-sweater-dress (2)street-style-sweater-dresses (5)What sweater dress to choose? It depends on your style, your mood, and where you’re going.

There are those oversized chunky sweater dresses, that look like are 10 sizes up, but go amazing with classic stiletto pumps or thigh high boots. sweater-dresses-trend (3)street-style-sweater-dressesThen there are the more fitted styles, over the knee, pencil cut that are great for office with a blazer on top. sweater-dresses-trend (5)sweater-dress-look (4)fall-trends-sweater-dress (20)The short loose versions are great for going out to lunches and dinner and even dates. Go figure. They look great with any shoe style and make a perfect effortless but polished look when paired with a boyfriend blazer. Or get that 70’s vibe and pair them with a faux fur coat. fall-trends-sweater-dress (7)fall-trends-sweater-dress (6)fall-trends-sweater-dress (8)Not to mention the textures they come in. Knits alright, but they range from those chunky uber thick styles to those thin, almost sheer, silky designs. Literally a million ways to do this trend, without even overdoing it, and always looking effortless, slightly boho-chic, but very polished in a cozy kinda way. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

Let’s have a look at more street styles: 2014-fall-trend-knit-dresses (5)2014-fall-trend-knit-dressesfall-2014-sweater-dressesfall-trends-sweater-dress (3)fall-trends-sweater-dress (5)fall-trends-sweater-dress (10)fall-trends-sweater-dress (12)fall-trends-sweater-dress (14)fall-trends-sweater-dress (15)fall-trends-sweater-dress (16)fall-trends-sweater-dress (18)fall-trends-sweater-dress (19)fall-trends-sweater-dressfall-trends-sweater-dressoversized-sweater-dress-style (3)oversized-sweater-dress-style (5)oversized-sweater-dress-style (6)oversized-sweater-dress-stylestreet-style-big-bags-3street-style-sweater-dresses (2)sweater-dress-looksweater-dress-look (2)sweater-dresses-trend (6)sweater-dresses-trendsweater-dresses-trend (4)street-style-sweater-dresses (9)street-style-sweater-dresses (8)street-style-sweater-dresses (7)street-style-sweater-dresses (6)street-style-sweater-dresses (4)What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Fall 2014 Trend: The SWEATER Dress

  1. I just bought a Mango Grey sweater dress, so its in fashion- goody! And you are right about how to accessorize this look so you dont wander into Frumpsville- kick ass boots, statement embellished jewellery, a bold lip- the works!!

    • ‘Frumpsville’ lool, YESSSS totally! so jealous of you right now, I need to get one of these as well, and definitely rock them with high boots, bling and red lips. Oh my! Thanks babe! ur comments are always making my day! kisses xoxoxo

  2. Love Sweater Dresses. I have a lot of them. Turtleneck ones too in various colors. love the fact that you can accessorize your jewelry with them. I don’t own thigh high boots, I have thick thighs from being a runner and I have to wear a mid to low heel. because I have a high arch. But, still can make it work with my boots that hit me at the knee.

    Thanks for the Info. what beautiful styles and colors too. can’t wait to wear mine again.

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