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The JACKETS Battle: Denim VS Leather

leather-denim-jacketsYeah, yeah, yeah. Autumn’s here, and were it not for all the websites and online mags preaching the arrival of fall with its sweater weather and ankle boots, I swear I would have still been in my bikinis oblivious of the rain and cooler temperatures.

Right. So, since living in another season is not optional I too have decided to join in on the world wide web and, drumrolls please… talk about autumn and its looks, and fads, and trends and whatnot.

One thing we change about our style habits come autumn is wearing a jacket. That’s to say we can still stretch some summer’ish outfits into fall, but for evening or crispy mornings we – most likely – will need a jacket. And when it comes to these, the last few years in fashion seem to have been all about the redundant leather jacket, and for 2 years now, the denim too is making a comeback. street-style-summer-denim-jackets (3)summer-leather-jackets-style (3)Two jackets styles we never discussed and I’m sure all of you probably own at least one of them and are lusting over for more. And then more. Leather & Denim Jackets may be quite similar: usually short, they go with everything, perfect transitional pieces, perfect for layers, for any style bla, bla, bla. YET the 2 looks they translate to are quite different for the trained eye, so I was wondering if you guys had to choose a favorite between these 2 which would it be: DENIM or LEATHER? denim-or-leather-jackets-foAlthough I practically live in my leather jacket, I will admit I hate the fact that it became more than a staple, it became a ubiquitous bitch, that’s all over the place, regardless of personal style. So, while leather is my first and only true love, I am considering a denim affair for this autumn. For variety reasons you know.

Leather can translate to more chic and smart looks, to a bit more professional in that sophisticated editor kinda way. It’s sleeker somehow. Whereas denim is a bit more sporty and casual, but with the right outfit it can definitely look cooler. summer-leather-jackets-stylestreet-style-summer-denim-jackets (5)I have a theory about denim: that due to its colors  (which come in a trillion hues, so there’s that as well) it really really compliments any skin tone making us look more fresh. And of course, denim goes with anything. But so does leather so… at the end of the day it’s really a matter of taste and mood.

Let’s have a look at each of these and then we can make a decision. Or not.

Leather jackets… summer-leather-jackets-looksummer-leather-jackets-lookssummer-leather-jackets-street-stylesummer-leather-jackets-style (2)summer-leather-jackets-style (2)summer-leather-jackets-style (4)summer-leather-jackets-style (3)summer-leather-jackets-style (5)summer-leather-jackets-style (6)summer-leather-jackets-trendtransitional-pieces-summer-leather-jackets-styleDenim jackets… denim-jackets-looksstreet-style-summer-denim-jackets (2)street-style-summer-denim-jackets (4)street-style-summer-denim-jackets (6)street-style-summer-denim-jacketsPFW SS2014: Street Style Day 5summer-denim-jackets-lookssummer-denim-jackets-style (2)summer-denim-jackets-style (3)summer-denim-jackets-style (4)summer-denim-jackets-style (5)summer-denim-jackets-style (6)summer-denim-jackets-style (7)summer-denim-jackets-stylesummer-denim-jackets-style (8)Err, can I have both?

Have a great weekend y’all! xoxo

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