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What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

office-look-bags (7)Oh, not too much, but what it is, better be real, you know. Let’s not get all feisty and life preaching here though. Not the time. Not the place. Not the mood, and frankly not the point. Well maybe a little bit sometimes. And since no question mark is pending on us let’s talk fashion, the obvious point of le conversation today.

When it comes to fashion assuming girls want it all, and need it all is a pretty fair assumption. Hell, quite understated if you think about women’s 2 major obsessions: shoes and BAGS! So yeah you guessed it, girls love – among other things – BAGS. From tiny pretty delicate ones, to massive styles, to totes, messenger bags, clutches, designer’s, retail’s, vintage, classic, funky – we honestly can never have too many. office-look-bags (6)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (3)The thing about BAGS is plain and simple: they’re that one accessory we can have so much fun with, to the point of going over the top, even when going over the top is not a comfortable step for us. You know? A bag can very well set a style mood for your outfit, or be the monotony-breaker of a simple/plain/boring look. I mean it’s not like we wake up everyday in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet with an unquenchable thirst to play dress-up for 2 hours before work. At 7 a.m. Actually we’re all guilty of je m’en fiche office outfits, or can’t be bothered moods that basically translate to a pair of black trousers and a white shirt. Or an all black outfit.

And that’s fine. Really.

But is there something we can do to… mix business with pleasure. To not fret at what to wear today (while wearing thew same go-to-meh-outfits) YET pull a massive trick from our hats and actually appear like we’re Miranda fucking Ker on her way to… a Victoria Secret meeting. bags-for-office (3)street-style-bags (4)How can we dress simple and I-don’t-care-what-I-wear-to-work-today but look like we’re the poster girls for The Sophisticated Professional Woman?

Well… it may be easier than we thought. Just think about that one thing we’re always wearing. All. The. Time.,  and would never go anywhere without. Especially to work. Nooo. Not your undies. Your BAG.

Bags to women are like pockets to men. We have a world in there, since the beginning of time. We can barely find anything in it, but that’s hardly the point. Our office bags are our best friends. They go with us from 9 – 5, they carry all our shit, and the bigger they are the better. autumn-trend-bags (5)autumn-trend-bags (2)So when it comes to OFFICE BAGS, what’s your favorite style?

I for one – not that anybody cares, but anyway – am very particular about bags. Like I know what I like, I know precisely what I want, and will not even consider reconsidering. That’s a good thing. And a bad one as well.

In my world, bags have to be structured. Having said that I love all bags – tiny, normal, massive, designer or not – as long as they’re structured & look expensive. autumn-trend-bags (4)For office – since it’s today’s topic – I adore massive bags in basic classic colors, with few gold details to them, that can be carried by the handles, or over the shoulder. For boring outfit days, massive office bags in bright colors, with expensive details, or funky prints can really be a ticket to great effortless style. The instant second you pick one up and just carry it or throw it over your shoulders, regardless of the outfit, you look more chic, more sophisticated. It’s that simple. bags-for-officeSo without further ado let’s have a look at some amazing big bags just puuuuurfect for work. Cause they’re big enough to fit a whole day into them and pretty enough to up out office game. 🙂  autumn-trend-bags (3)autumn-trend-bags (6)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (2)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (5)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (6)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (7)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (9)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (10)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (11)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (13)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (14)bags-for-office-autumn-trend (15)bags-for-office-autumn-trendmassive-bags-looks (2)massive-bags-looks (3)massive-bags-looks (4)massive-bags-looks (5)massive-bags-looksmassive-bags-looksoffice-look-bags (2)office-look-bags (8)office-look-bags (9)office-look-bags (11)street-style-bagsstreet-style-bags (5)street-style-bags (3)street-style-bags (2)Street-Style49office-look-bags (13)office-look-bags (12)And now it’s your turn. 😉

13 thoughts on “What A Girl Wants, What A Girl Needs

  1. I love the way you write, it always is so entertaining!
    I’m a massive fan of huge bags and I carry literally everything in there. People have started calling me Mary Poppins… I wish I could have a Celine bag, they are just gorgeous

    Lots of love xx

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