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How To Get The Textured Hair Look?

textured-hairstyle-menkoi-messy-lookYou know the one, right? It’s the signature hairstyle of Kate Moss or Sienna Miller, half combed half tousled, but all the way effortless and sexy in that bed-hair kinda style. So how can you get this hair, without doing the bed-hair-thing, but actually washing it fresh & styling it in less than 20 minutes? No hair teasing required.

Easy peasy. I’ve used MeNKOI products for both hair care as well as styling, and I… am ecstatic for finally nailing the textured hair thing without dehydrating my hair (no dry shampoo, no teasing) and making it look 100 years old. So here’s how the story goes…

For the past 2 weeks, ever since MeNKOI have gifted me with 2 hair products (Leave in Conditioner & Matte Wax) I’ve been using them religiously to see if it’s love or not, and – with each hair washing and using them -to try a different way of applying the product and styling my hair, until I’d find the ONE for me. The results: LOVE them, and finally mastered a hairstyle that’s so easy to pull off. Please disregard my need for a hair trim & coloring. Will get there one day. textured-hairstyle-menkoi (2)After gliding and sliding through last week’s photography session or lack thereof, to be more specific, I finally got around to shooting some pics yesterday to capture the whole process.

Well… at least all this ‘photo drama’ bought me more time to test the products, which let me tell you are the BOMB!, not just for the above reasons, but for being organic and 100% natural, made up of avocado oil, Aloe Vera, wheat germ oils, rice bran oils… Also they’re incredibly affordable, so the quality price ratio is the best. They get delivered fast and the team behind this great brand & organic product concept is the best I’ve worked with: great assistance, fun, easy to talk to and extremely professional. 😉

STEP 1: Using MeNKOI HEALING ELIXIR (leave in conditioning treatment) textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products (2)After washing my hair, I’ve applied a small quantity of Healing Elixir on damp hair, mostly on my ends, avoiding my hair roots, for fear of a greasy look. I left it in, until next washing. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-messy-look (6)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-productstextured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditionerIt smells great. It looks weird & fun in that washed out blue-grey-ish stone color. It does hydrate my hair, and gives it a bit of thickness. My hair is naturally very thin and straight, so this elixir makes it look thick without any teasing or puffy hair effect. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (2)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (3)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (5)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (7)Then I’ve massaged it in and flipped my hair back and forth. For swag you know. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (6)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (8)STEP 2: Blow-drying my hair. No combing. To get that tousled effect you know. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-organic-products-leave-in-conditioner (9)STEP 3: Apply MeNKOI MATTE WAX for defined hair texture and that Kate Moss messy hair look. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (2)The wax has literally the best smell ever: strawberry. If you’re into that. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (3)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (4)I took a bit of wax cream on my finger tips, massaged it in my hands and then applied it on my hair ends, pulling them in tiny strands to get that textured tousled effect. I am in love with this product, because for me, it’s the only product I know that gets the whole cool-messy-hairstyle-look right. textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (5)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-matte-wax (6)textured-hairstyle-menkoi-messy-look (2)And ta-daaa! 1textured-hairstyle-menkoi-messy-look (4)What you must know about MeNKOI hair care products: they’re organic, you only need to use a little, they’re hydrating, affordable, smell good, and leave no greasy texture on your hands after applying them.

Like they say – ‘Good for the hair and the soul!’ 

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10 thoughts on “How To Get The Textured Hair Look?

  1. I agree with BUDDING FASHIONISTA! you look like WoW! Your hair looks amazing! I should definetlly try this product! thanks for the tip!

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