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Cuffs & Fringes On Lazy Days

SAMSUNG CSCStatement cuff bracelet? Checked. Fashion lazy mood borderline boring? Checked. Slight hangover, cause doh it’s me & a photo session on a weekend. Checked. Tons of fun and brilliant photos though? Double checked.

Whenever I choose jewelry I always seem to go for the extra-too-much-statement-opulent-over-the-top pieces, that are more difficult to pull off actually. Except for when you’re feeling lazy and can’t be bothered with the fashion thing, in which case statement pieces are a blessing, dressing up a simple look, giving it a slight edge and coolness. SAMSUNG CSCSo styling my Fringes Bracelet Cuff from Rings and Tings was pretty much a piece of cake, cause what I basically did was wear a very simple outfit, to which I just added the beautiful gold cuff.

It was the first time I wore it with jeans, in the afternoon, and you know what, except for a few wtf looks from strangers (who probably lacked in fashion penchant anyway) I think it looked kinda great. I only wore this fabulous bracelet in the evening, with an all black outfit and bold lips, but styling it for an afternoon, and having to wear it from 5 pm on (daylight & evening bling hello!) was a tiny challenge. SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCWhy it’s my favorite piece? Because it’s pretty unique, it looks brilliant without trying, it moves, it slides across the wrist, it has a razzmatazz all of its own and puts the exclamation point in any outfit. It needs no other accessory. It does the job by itself. It feels a bit heavy, but the kind of heavy that makes you aware you’re wearing a sophisticated piece.

And the fringes… oh my God. They literally feel like a golden tiny curtain resting on your arm. Everything about this bracelet – how it feels, how easy it is to style, its quality, price, its chicness and edge – everything is irresistible. And I absolutely love it.

For more bracelet styles, click here to shop.  SAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCSAMSUNG CSCHave a great weekend lovelies! xoxo

P.S. Thank you Alex for the amazing photos. 🙂

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