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5 DETAILS To Upgrade Boring Style Days

Summer-Street-Style-2014Boiling degrees, dirty slow wind, sweaty skin, burning sun, sticky clothes no matter how fresh you left the house. No. This is not a one of those film scenes. Just a regular hot summer day in a crowded city, where most of its citizens look like struggling people trying to make it through the desert in clothes, not outfits, not sartorial groundbreaking shit. Just plain clothes to cover us up, cause walking naked is still socially unacceptable.

Then there are those crazy girls and boys who look bloody great at 39 Celsius degrees, who don’t sweat, who love to play dress up in boiling or freezing weather. This post is not for them. Cause you know.. they’re not human.

tumblr_mlr82whyQB1ropwwwo1_500This post is for people like me, and maybe some of you, who struggle to shake off the dreadfulness of having to choose an outfit that will only stick to a sweaty skin and piss us off anyway, cause seriously some of us just throw the towel in in summer (or even winter when it’s too cold). Fashion, right then and there, is a whatever thought postponed for say… spring or autumn.

But I try you know. I try to make style promises in summer, but when a bathing suit for work sounds better than a shift dress par example, that second you just know style-defeat is upon you and while mumbling a fuck off you end up wearing something plain or basic. Which is fine. Nobody died from lack of razzmatazz. Right? Spring+2013+Models+YTPXmSM7EmTx

Still ladies, not all is lost, because as plain, simple, basic even ugly as we might dress one day, for whatever reasons, there is ONE style gimmick that will make all the difference in our entire fashion world. Drumrolls. The DETAILS.

They don’t say ‘The Devil lies in the details’ for nothing, because that’s where all the juicy style shtick is: some tiny little apparently-not-thought-through outfit thing. So… if style boredom is your state these days, don’t sweat it or try to shake it off, but rather make use of these 5 tips that will make us look as if we gave a shit and put some effort and thought into our looks.

1. RED LIPS. A splash of color can go a looooong way, especially when you’re only rocking a plain tee, a simple dress, jeans and a basic top. Nothing about your look is out of the ordinary, yet you look like a million bucks. Think model off duty, French girl in a rush. How? With bold lips baby.

red-lips-basic-outfitred-lips-basic-outfits (2)red-lips-basic-outfits (2)red-lips-basic-outfits (3)

red-lips-basic-outfits (4)red-lips-basic-outfits (5)red-lips-basic-outfitsred-lips-basic-outfitsred-lips-looks2. A WATCH. While I prefer the gold style watch, any other design is perfect. Watches are the classic understated style detail. There’s something so rich but simple about women who wear watches that I think this little thing may just make a lot of difference. And get you anywhere on time. detials-for-cool-outfitsoutfits-details-watchestrendy-outfits-details-watches (2)trendy-outfits-details-watches (3)trendy-outfits-details-watches (4)trendy-outfits-details-watches (5)trendy-outfits-details-watcheswatches-outfits

3. JEWELRY. Doh. From simple dainty pieces to statement ones, from one to a pile, they will always be the ultimate thing we resort to when we’re not feeling our outfits complete, or when we want to dress up a look. details-that-countjewelry-detials-in-outfitsjewelry-outfits (2)jewelry-outfits (3)jewelry-outfits (4)jewelry-outfits (5)jewelry-outfits (6)jewelry-outfitsstreet-style-jewelry-outfits (2)street-style-jewelry-outfits

4. NAILS. ‘A woman’s style and care for herself is betrayed by the details: nails, hair, skin.’ – my mom used to say, and you know what? I couldn’t agree more. I could go out in my PJs if I have impeccable nails (read bold stiletto style, cause I just love those). Well kept nails in statement or classic and simple designs and colors are that thing nobody notices but everyone does actually. When you shake hands, tuck your hair, sip your drink, pay for something, carry your bag… statement-nails-looksstatement-nails-looks (3)statement-nails-looks (2)street-style-nails-outfits

5. SUNGLASSES. In any season and almost any occasion a pair of classic black shades or one of these trendy funky pieces will work with any outfit making us look cool, rich, sophisticated, chic… depending on your style. funky-sunglassesstreet-style-details-sunglasses (2)street-style-details-sunglasses (3)street-style-details-sunglasses (4)street-style-details-sunglasses (5)street-style-details-sunglasses (6)street-style-details-sunglassesDuang Poshyanonda Photo © athens-streetstyle.com

So really then, why bother on trendy outfits, if we don’t feel like it, when we’ve got tiny details up our sleeves?

One thought on “5 DETAILS To Upgrade Boring Style Days

  1. Like make-up if you use too much bling or extravagance, it will not really help and you’ll have to carry the extra weight, bulges, or hardware making it seem even more yucky. So keep it stylishly simple.

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