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What Do You Think About The UGLY SHOES Trend?

chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (11)Why is it that we always want what we can’t have? And what we can’t have is always so much more enticing & appealing than the opposite? That’s me when it comes to the UGLY SHOES trend. Hell that’s even fashion and life in general, but today we focus on the trend that brought tourists’ ugly Teva sandals, velcro strapped shoes, pool-side-like-flip-flips, chunky soles and horrific unsexy shoes  from the underground of not-even-fashion to the freaking runways. tumblr_mk9cifenmn1s96mm7o1_500How in the name of God have we managed to go ballistic over the ugliest shoes in the history of fashion? How?

And more troubling then this, how the hell did they get a hold of me? I used to be the stiletto-heels-girl, the cool-white-tennis-shoes-type you know. From this… to shoes that make us look like giant ants walking on kilometers of sticks legs, struggling not to fall, cause otherwise we’d definitely break our necks from the height of some of these chunkers. From feminine to… utter ugliness. Adult jelly sandals. Birkenstocks. Foam-soled-humongous shoes. 2014-ugly-shoesAnd I, my friends simply love them.

The ugly shoes though grew on me in time and literally stuck with me after a shopping weekend when I gave them a try, only to later confess my new shoe-crush. To my friend’s total disgust. And to add more insult to injury I fell hard for those super HIGH chunky ugly shoes. The kind that add about 7 inches to my already 5’10 height, which basically makes them, in my case, a NO-NO. Unless of course I plan to be the skinny giant on a loose.

So this predicament just puts the exclamation point on this blog post’s opening aha-moment.

And what I’m left with are Birkenstocks, adult jelly sandals, Teva, velcro, anything not too high.


Thank God the world does not evolve around me though, and talking about the things you can’t have and wear is the closest you get to the actual trend-practicing. So let’s talk ugly shoes. chunky-ugly-shoes-trendHow do we wear them? Since they’re ugly as fuck (but likable in a very twisted way) I wouldn’t even bother with finding the right outfit. The whole point of these shoes is to not look pretty. Having said that, while the anything-rule goes fine here, I think they look best with more feminine attire with a slight edge, grunge, or glam to it, depending on your style. The key word is either basic or sophisticated.

A lot of birkenstocks, Velcro sandals, or chunky heels, in black or white, look great with a pair of jeans (either skinny or loose), a basic top (shirt, tank top, tee, cami), and a statement bag for example. chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (6)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (10)On the other hand there’s the chic sophisticated ugly shoes look, where you just do it all: prints, mismatched patterns, bold lips, wild hair, big shades and maybe a more understated pair of trousers or skirt. It’s all about pushing the envelope, and the funkier it looks the better. chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (4)But why are so many girls head-over-heels with the ugly shoes? Do we really love them or is it just a fashion-brainwash-effect? 

I got to thinking that all this ugly trend thing is just our way of saying we’re sick of overly sexy looks. It’s the ugly statement making a point of ‘listen, you don’t have to be uncomfortable to be fashionable. nor do you have to try so hard.’ A tip, let’s say, we’ve taken from the less-sartorial-preoccupied peers, read comfortable tourists who’d rather have fun than worry about their posh shoes.

And they do have a point. Up to a point. Cause we do strive a bit more to put together quirky looks with the ugly soles, than they do.

But just think about it: this whole trend is a middle finger to everything that stands in opposition. We’re ridding ourselves off of all that’s unnecessary and beautiful but uncomfortable. Or let’s just say we’re leaving the sexy uncomfy stilettos for rare occasions, when we do wanna make the hotness statement.

Let’s see more beautiful ugly shoes now. 😉 celine-ss-14-chunky-shoes-trendchunky-shoes-trend-2014 (2)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (3)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (5)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (7)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (8)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (9)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (12)chunky-shoes-trend-2014 (13)chunky-shoes-trend-2014chunky-shoes-trend-2014schunky-shoes-trend-2014-streetstylegivenchy-ss-14-chunky-shoes-trendmarni-ss-14-chunky-shoes-trendprada-ss-14-chunky-shoesstreetstyle-ugly-shoesstreet-style-ugly-shoesstreet-style-ugly-shoes-looksugly-sandals-summer-trendugly-shoes-looksugly-shoes-trendugly-shoes-trend (3)ugly-shoes-trend (2)ugly-shoes-styleugly-shoes-stylesugly-shoes-outfitsUntil then, perhaps we’d just rather not bother one bit with what goes with what, and don the ugly shoes cause we simply can. Or maybe we’re just brainwashed, I don’t know. Or attention seekers, avid to be labeled as hipsters at any cost. What do you think?

P.S. For the record, I’d rather have a world of women in these ugly shoes than in those horrific stripper platform heeled pumps.

9 thoughts on “What Do You Think About The UGLY SHOES Trend?

  1. I’m so there with you, I haven’t completely crossed over though and I’m still admiring from a distance. I’m not fully convinced that I’ll pull it off even though my imagination has already taken me there. Love your posts, always a good read. 🙂

  2. Are we supposedly recapturing the beatnik, late 60’s, early 70’s attitude of grunge or the peasant/hippie look? If so, then this ugly look is kind of discarding the present trends that helps us to escape from a world of being commonly mundane/average and hoists us to be with more lofty and all around desirable associates. The truth of the matter is: people should be able to choose their own appearance/adornments even though society continually tries to determine what we should wear. If ugly attire is your bag, then it’s yours to be fulfilled. Personally, these ugly clods do have some merit, but not enough to cause me to wear them. I much more prefer my stiletto heeled male outfits to satisfy the sense of fashion I’ve developed, which means I don’t really follow trends (or norms), unless they fall in line with my preferences. Why would I even want to wear uglier shoes than the boring ones society has come to expect I should pick?

  3. What a great post, I’m glad you did this one! I looove ugly shoes, don’t know why, and actually don’t care, but I’m so into this trend. I would wear them day and night, but for utility reasons, just wear sneakers most of the time, and just admire pics with girls that can sport this trend! Kiss kiss, Dana!

  4. Well… I repeat: follow trends, fashion, but don’t chase them/it… I won’t wear them, just they’re not involve in my style. But if someone likes them – not problem 🙂

  5. It’s up to the individual. From my POV these ugly shoes make girls and women look like Bratz dolls, a little deformed in terms of proportions.

    I prefer the everyday elegance of vintage clothing and retro inspired styles. It was possible and still is, to incorporate some of that retro glam into the current time without being uncomfortable and impractical.

  6. I won’t be purchasing any of these “army boots” for fall. Why do we want to dress like men? Unfeminine and clunky shoes, nope not me.

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