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Why The MAXI Dress Became A Staple?

maxi-dress-look (20)Rewind a few years, say circa early 2000 and the absence of the day-time maxi dress will strike you. Unless there was an event to attend or some posh gathering, wearing a maxi dress was a safe ticket to a social eyebrow raising followed by a wtf. Or, maybe I was just absent from the world back then, and bared too little knowledge of what was in and out at that time. Which is fine I guess.

Who cares what was hip in the past or not (only the entire fashion world). We live in the now. ‘Carpe Diem the trends’ baby!

Whatever. maxi-dress-trend-2014So, back to the Maxi Dress as a staple. Don’t you think for the past 4 or 5 years, since the maxi made its fashion comeback, maxi dresses is all we talk about and resort to in summer? And even in winter and autumn for that matter.

Spring as well.

Hence my Eureka moment! maxis-looksIt seems to me only since last year the maxi dress was nipped and tucked a little bit and the rules of the ‘how-to-wear’ one have expanded to the point of to-hell-with-them-do’s-and-don’ts. What used to be a style & design rule for the maxis (flat shoes, floral prints, strapless, or classic soft A-lines) is only a tiny part of the maxi trend in 2014. Actually more and more designs resemble the 70’s boho chic styles that I absolutely adore.

Which actually makes me think we’ll be able to wear them in the cold season as well with brown long boots. Beautiful. maxi-dress-look (15)maxi-dress-look (9)Today maxi dresses are silky, chiffon made, cotton, jersey, fitted, loose, strapless, cami, long sleeved, short sleeved, cinged at the waist, oversized, A-lined. A billion styles I’m telling you, with basics like black or white making a huge comeback. And long sleeves kinda ruling the streets when temperatures are on our sides in summer. Read cooler. maxi-dress-look (3)maxi-dress-look (4)maxi-dress-look (10)Style shoes wise it all changed. For me at least. If a few years back I thought maxi dresses only looked fab with flat shoes, gladiator flat sandals and the likes, today I could rock this shit with any shoe. Aha. Even bloody sneakers, or wedges, or chunky massive sandals, which I used to hate when paired with a loooong dress. Now I think it looks so 70s New York sophisticated I’m blown away.

Now I love all the quirky looks and clashed styles I used to hate.

But I have fashion ADD, so… maxi-dress-look (13)maxi-dress-look (8)And to wrap this shit ASAP, cause the freaking weekend is coming and we need some maxi inspiration, I’ll just say this: Hallelujah for the maxi dress! Say your thank you’s and Amens and all of that, cause seriously the loooong day-time gown is a true blessing for all women. It’s the easiest gimmick to look chic, stay cool in summer’s heat, and cover up on those fat days we all have. For me these are reasons enough to make any item a staple. maxi-dress-look (5)Er besides, the versatility of a maxi is unquestionable and the styles and outfits, even layers you can make with one and play dress up are a blessing.

So without further ado let’s get our maxis on.

Honestly this pleading is more addressed to my present self obsessed skinny jeans and cami tops persona. Better get them maxis out and rocking this summer.

Well… if not, I’ll still have autumn and winter for them. See? My point exactly, on all the why’s and the love for this dress. maxi-dress-look (6)summer-look-maxi-dresssummer-look-maxi-dress (8)summer-look-maxi-dress (9)maxi-dress-look (2)maxi-dress-look (7)maxi-dress-look (11)maxi-dress-look (12)maxi-dress-look (14)maxi-dress-look (16)maxi-dress-look (18)maxi-dress-look (19)maxi-dress-lookmaxi-dress-stylesmaxi-dress-trend-2014 (2)maxi-dress-trend-2014street-style-maxi-dress (2)street-style-maxi-dress (3)street-style-maxi-dress (4)street-style-maxi-dress (5)street-style-maxi-dress (6)street-style-maxi-dress (7)street-style-maxi-dress (9)street-style-maxi-dress (10)street-style-maxi-dressstreet-style-maxi-dressstreet-style-maxi-dressstreet-style-maxi-dress-long-sleevessummer-look-maxi-dress (2)summer-look-maxi-dress (3)summer-look-maxi-dress (7)summer-look-maxi-resssummer-look-maxi-dress (5)summer-look-maxi-dress (4)summer-look-maxi-dress (6)Have a lovely weekend my lovelies! 🙂 xoxo

13 thoughts on “Why The MAXI Dress Became A Staple?

  1. I’m totally in love with your blog…. I have always thought myself to be quite trendy but never bold enough to go all in. But ever since I have stumbled across your blog, I am beginning to dare myself more. Looking forward to have a long trendy relationship with you.

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