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Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Sneakers?

sneakers-for-summerUnless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’re probably aware of everyone’s latest fashion craze: THE SNEAKERS! Why the obsession? Cause fashion today is about having fun, looking chic & sophisticated rather than too polished. Hence the sneakers’ ubiquity & everyone’s love affair with them. I too am guilty of the sartorial fad, so when I was gifted with  pair of New Balance Sneakers from SCORPION SHOES I was ecstatic. 24They’re an independent footwear retailer from Camden, London, and I can honestly say their collection of shoes, which are for both men AND women, are my kinda guilty pleasure. Boots, sneakers, espadrilles, loafers, slip-ons, slippers, oxfords and what not, they have them all! And it all gets better when you see their brands: Nike, Adidas, Converse, New Balance, Toms, Vans, G-Star, Superga, Fred Parry etc. A HEAVEN OF SHOES. Need I say more?

New Balance Sneakers for girls & boys - SCORPION SHOES

New Balance Sneakers for girls & boys – SCORPION SHOES, 2014  summer lookbook

New Balance Sneakers for girls & boys - SCORPION SHOES

New Balance Sneakers for girls & boys – SCORPION SHOES, 2014 summer lookbook

GIRLS, click here to shop. BOYS, click here to shop. For SNEAKERS, click on RUNNING, but I’m telling you… an overall browse is well worth it.

Fred Perry Sneakers for girls & boys - SCORPION SHOES

Fred Perry Sneakers for girls & boys – SCORPION SHOES, 2014 summer lookbook

Gola Sneakers for girls & boys - SCORPION SHOES

Gola Sneakers for girls & boys – SCORPION SHOES, 2014 summer lookbook

Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers for girls & boys - SCORPION SHOES, 2014 summer lookbook

Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers for girls & boys – SCORPION SHOES, 2014 summer lookbook

Today we’ll talk sneakers: Why we adore them so much lately & How to wear them in summer?

We’ve had it with uncomfortable shoes, and the moment designers gave us the athletic trend, we took it and said our thank you’s while up-ing our sporty game on a daily basis, not just when going to the gym. Today every single girl & woman with a penchant for fashion is rocking sneakers with just about anything from skirts to dresses, suit trousers, jeans, shorts and what not. BUUUUT not just any sneakers, that’s the trick: it’s the once-running shoes, in bright colors, or just a touch of neon or bright shade to them.

Bright sneakers became – for girls and boys alike – this summers #1 staple, and the #1 Shoe of 2014. They even work for… work you know, depending on your domain, but chances are if jeans are OK, so will a pair of sneakers be, with say… a black minimal dress or pant-suit. Weekends & casual strolls around town are more fun when you have the most comfy and colored shoes on. From quirky styles to minimal looks everything works.

sneakers-stylessneakers-summer-looksGet the sneaker street style look with Scorpion Shoes (click here). 

How I wore mine: New Balance Sneakers from Scorpion Shoes. So as I’ve already confessed to, and professed my shoe crush for the New Balance Sneakers from Scorpion Shoes, needless to say I’ve basically slept in them. Well… no, but I might as well have, since I barely took them off. Worn them all day yesterday, when I got them, and today as well. Sans la nuit, doh. Aaaaand I’ve changed outfits like I have fashion ADD, which only led to one brilliant conclusion: they go with anything. Except maybe an evening gown. But that’s fine. For today’s post I’ve practiced what I’ve been preaching so far and worn mine with a white mesh top, a colored bustier bra underneath, a pair of simple classic black shorts, and some accessories for a touch of bold & edgy femininity. 37After a whole day in them, I have to tell you something: I’m in love.

With the way they feel, soooo comfy they literally make me wanna go for a run, with the way they make me feel, athletic, young, chic and sporty. And the best part is they’re not at all big and chunky on the feet. This I love, cause it only means they’ll go a looong way and easily blend into any kind of outfits, from feminine to more boyfriend inspired styles. The color is perfect: black for a more classy touch, and just the right amount of neon and color razzmatazz. Ah… 🙂 1136817Shop them here.

The prices are affordable, the quality is great, the shipping is fast, the team over in Camden Shops is fantastic, the shoes feel so comfortable and easy to walk in, and they’ve got a little something for everyone. I love how eclectic, cool & urban chic their styles are, how the shops reflect the whole canal cool vibe atmosphere, packed with fantastic music, amazing bars & street style. A definite must see: SCORPION SHOES (click).

14 thoughts on “Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Sneakers?

  1. Love this post, Dana! I don’t own a pair of New Balance, but I rock my Nike every day to and from work. Sneakers are so versatile and durable, and gives me the flexibility for my afternoon walks and it’s so comfy! Love the trend too, thanks for sharing!

    I love you and your shoes! 🙂

    XxGlor (www.sweetlemon.me)

  2. Sneakers –> tennis shoes –> sports shoes have come a long way through technology to create a better supportive footwear for the activities we seem to need them for. To me, they are a utility shoe that I can wear, but obsessed —- well, it’s up to you.

  3. Heh, I;ve never been obsessed with them 🙂 Really, usually I wear chunky platforms or shoes like converse (but not THESE original one, if you know what I mean… 😉 I don’t know how they’re called in english, these classic flat black shoes with white soles and laces :D)

  4. Ahhh, so totally in love with your sneakers! I come from a town that really ;promotes an active lifestyle so I’m a huge fan of sneakers. When worn right they are cute and fun and super stylish!

  5. Don’t know if you saw this or not. Comfort is now chic! Oh ……Birkenstocks. ); (still a little sad about that). This look is more fun . Tricky not to look like a nerd! But I think nerd chic I kind of “IN”! 👯🍷💎. Life is Good!

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