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Do We Still Like OVERALLS?

overalls-look (2)Hey, the farmers of the world called. They want their clothes back. Or at least credit for the rise of a trend, you know what I mean. Until that happens (let’s not hold our breath for it, though) we’re left with taking credit for all the ‘cool-hipster’ looks we’re putting together, courtesy of the OVERALLS, since 2013. That’s when the denim overalls had their 15 minutes of fame.  denim-overalls-look (2)I’d have honestly guessed we’ve had it by now with this look, as last year, every.single. blogger. was photographed in a pair of denim overalls looking cooler than cool. But… what do you say, what do you know? It ain’t over till it’s over. At least not according to the online media, pushing stories of this trend down our throats, cause really now, the overall amount of err… overall pics has drastically dropped. Yet… their cool vibes remain intact. denim-overalls-trend-2014 (5)denim-overalls-trend-20142014 Summer, and why the hell not autumn as well, bring us still a few overalls styles that are not too shabby. Actually they’re quite great. And while denim still rules, white overalls and leather styles are on the rise, and what’s even greater than this (I know, a bit too much greatness for a farmer’s look) is that designers & retailers have nipped and tucked this motherfucker trend a little bit. Well… I’m guessing it’s for a clearer conscience when they’re cashing in on our lust for fashion. leather-overalls-trendoveralls-trend (4)denim-overalls-trend-2014 (3)overalls-look (8)denim-overalls-lookSo how exactly are this year’s overalls different than last’s?

Through cuts & more fashion forward designs. Par example, if last year by overalls trend we meant those boyfriend oversized slouchy styles, today, more fitted cuts (think skinny jeans styles), alongside more edgy designs are rising in the overall crowd of overalls. Short styles remain IN, as do BF slouchy ones of all colors, not just denim, and styling them is pretty much been there done that: sneakers, heels, sandals, layers et all.

That’s the great thing about overalls: layering! Man… it’s the best style gimmick that comes with this trend, and in summer… bustier tops and crop tops are making the overalls look incredibly trendy. overalls-look (6)overalls-lookA new overalls style on the radar is the suit-denim (it’s just a name I made up), which looks like a freaking Cat-Woman suit: a bit more fitted and possible to wear sans nothing underneath.I have one of these, BUUUUT… I’ve never ONCE worn it in public. Not so much as even showed it to anyone. Just tried it on. Looked in the mirror. Decided it was too Cat-Woman meets 90s stripper/pole-dancer for me. Then took it off and spend the whole day trying to figure out why in the name of God did I buy it in the first place.

Still wondering.

Although, after seeing these 2 ladies rock the shit out of the Overalls-Suit, I’m just gonna go and give it anther try (the 198,674,534,385th time) and reconsider everything. 😉 overalls-suit-styleZendaya seen strolling on the street after visiting Seventeen Magazine office building in New York CityApparently the style might be back in… so at least I’ll be gloating at myself while staring at the ‘suit’ in my closet, patting my own shoulder for the fantastic decision I once made courtesy of some low-self-esteem phase in my life. Fashion always, always saves the day. And a good decision then, may seem a bad one later, but will eventually turn out to be a fantastic spur of the then-moment. See the hotness of the looks above. Thank God I never threw or gave the overalls away. Ha!

Anyway… enough about me & my life choices. Why don’t we eye-ball the street stylers & their sartorial choices when wearing an OVERALL. denim-overalls-trend-2014 (2)denim-overalls-trend-2014 (4)leather-overallsleather-overalls-look (2)leather-overalls-lookoveralls-look (3)overalls-look (4)overalls-look (5)overalls-look-streetstyleoveralls-styleoveralls-trend (3)overalls-trendProcessed with VSCOcam with p5 presetshort-overalls-lookstreest-style-denim-overalls-trend-2014short-overalls-streetstylestreest-style-denim-overalls-trend-2014 (2)streest-style-denim-overalls-trend-2014 (3)streest-style-denim-overalls-trend-2014 (4)streetstyle8385-webstreet-style-denim-overalls-3street-style-overalls-lookwhite-overalls-lookAnd now… you tell me, YES or NO to this still-breathing trend – the OVERALLS?

8 thoughts on “Do We Still Like OVERALLS?

  1. I also thought the overall trend would die down quickly, but it is still going and with great force. I’m even considering buying a pair myself. All these photos just give me more reason to do so!

  2. I was ready to see the trend die…until i saw the black leather ones. hold up! maybe i can find an affordable, faux pair that can give me a quick fix before I officially say “au revoir.”

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