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Are Mermaid Wedding Dresses A Trend?

4caa456f5e15f100ff30e7c2e15f3e7fNot to sound like a self-absorbed, shallow, obsessed by fashion to the point of dementia bitch, but… when it comes to the wedding day, sure, the venue, flowers, menu matter, the perfection of the groom + families reunited into terrifying we’ve-got-to-be-happy-all-night-long state of mind, matter too, but one thing will top it all… the WEDDING DRESS. Hello! 1sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (2)Jokes aside, of course it all matters, but in my case I knew if I had the right dress it would all fall perfectly into place. And it did. I never really gave much crap about the ‘how’s’ and the ‘why’s’ of it, until it was the case, but when it was, I knew it had to be classy, so that even after 30 years, if I were to look at the wedding pics, I could proudly say: ‘Yes I had the perfect wedding dress.’ And it’d still be as classy decades later. sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (4)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (3)Every year comes with wedding dresses trends, and it seems to me as if for the past couple of years brides are giving in to simplicity and classic wedding dresses styles, with mermaid cuts taking front stage. Every bride wants 2 things: to look slightly sexy AND beautiful. Sexy mermaid wedding dresses from Dressv deliver on this rule spot on. sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (8)I literally got lost in their mermaid wedding dresses collection, and found it so hard to pick only a few designs to show you today. They’ve got them all, with a main focus on simplicity, tasteful cuts, beautiful exquisite crystal and beads embellishments, sublime fabrics & embroideries, and mermaid styles that range from vintage inspired, to classy, refined, and sophisticated designs.

Makes you wanna get married all over again just to have a go at a mermaid dress one more time.

And because shopping for the dress is both a curse as a blessing I give you some fabulous dresses from DressV to make you sigh and shop if you’re looking for a sexy mermaid wedding dress. Spoiler: they are beyond beautiful AND very affordable. 🙂 sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (7)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (5)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (9)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (10)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (11)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (12)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (13)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (14)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (19)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (18)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (20)sexy-mermaid-wedding-dresses-from-dressv (23)Mermaid wedding dresses styles have certainly gained fame lately, so would you agree on their trend trait?

Have a great weekend lovelies! xoxo

5 thoughts on “Are Mermaid Wedding Dresses A Trend?

  1. I don’t have a glue about wedding dress fashion but I’ve always found the mermaid dresses the most beautiful *.* Big puffy princess dresses are not for me 😛 Xx

  2. WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!! SSSSOOO Gorgeous and elegant! All styles of dresses are subject to the winds of fashion desirability and personal preferences. It has been a while since I drooled over pictures of wedding dresses and these Mermaids would have been among the top of my choices.

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