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Homecoming Dresses To End The Fashion Drama

tumblr_m26yjzY8yH1rskzm7o1_500Okay, so I may be too little too late on this one, YET a little reminiscing never hurt nobody, right? Besides summer’s the season of evening events with a black tie et all, and also why not join on the talk & dresses-drama that come with a homecoming event, and have fun digging up dresses, inspiration, makeup & hair while trying to remember the thrills and chills of such a great cliche moment. 😉

Do you go over the top with the frocks or not? Is it classy or trendy? Dark or light? Long or short? So many questions, options and fashion headaches. Well… let’s not despair and divide and conquer. tumblr_n6mx6rgtXl1t5zljqo1_1280Homecoming is about having fun, right? Felling comfy, but classy with a touch of glamour, edge, or trendiness – wherever floats your boat. So, it may be safe to say the easiest way is to not go over the top, to keep it girly and fresh without breaking the bank. Inexpensive homecoming dresses from DressV (click here) – the brand I was telling you about this week – has quite the spot on collection of such dresses. inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (9)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (10)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (6)Short, knee length, in fluid fabrics with simple classy crystal embellishments here and there, in bright shades OR whites! These, my ladies are beyond fantastic. For homecoming, evening cocktails, summer parties and the likes – I would most definitely go with a WHITE DRESS, such as the ones over at DressV. They’d look fabulous with golden accessories, simple stiletto sandals and a perfect tan.

Lets have a look at some white dresses & get celeb inspo as well. 😉 tumblr_mxd4pioL0v1seyboso1_1280tumblr_n6ihltCzJG1txp1iio1_400tumblr_mtvmg3DVMd1sjua4jo2_500white-homecoming-dress-DressV (3)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (2)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (5)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (9)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (10)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (11)white-homecoming-dress-DressV (12)Or you can go with colored inexpensive homecoming dresses. Let’s have a look at some pics for inspo, and some dresses designs from DressV: tumblr_n6g8fgKmNz1txp1iio1_500tumblr_n84raeCnV31sxvde6o1_1280inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (2)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (3)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (4)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (6)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (5)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressV (8)inexpensive-homecoming-dress-DressVGirly with the right amount of hotness. Classic with a twist of trendiness! 😉

4 thoughts on “Homecoming Dresses To End The Fashion Drama

  1. You’re so hot ladies like the outfits but hey I just like it when a woman knows how to wear something that fits her body and with morality. I’ll say this dreeses are are hot and so as you ladies not that I will wear them lol but I like them and like the body inside the dress is so sexy.

    I have to admit ladies I’m a man and like beauty in you.

  2. Men should have similar options. I’m not talking about the actual dresses as they are depicted, but the draping, the appliques, the prints, the ruffles and pleats, the flowery or puffy looks, the necklines, and etc. are also the styling men would like to wear on occasion. Men use to be considered very fashionable with such choices. Then society’s attitude changed and men were relegated to outfits of the drab and boring choices of attiring. Menswear has not changed women into men, so why is it a common view that men are trying to be women by putting on womenswear items.

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