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Everywhere Rings & Tings!

fashiontagIf you’re wondering what I did over the weekend, wonder no more. I played dress up & accessorizing with my new gifts from Rings & Tings. I’ve been wearing all their jewelry non stop, everywhere, with anything, and I absolutely adore them.

This month I got some pretty amazing necklaces that have been waiting and waiting to be photographed. A pair of super glamorous earrings, that I’ve previously taken out on a night out with friends at a dancing club, and also a fabulous bracelet and tiny rings… that I got last week, wore them out on Friday night, but haven’t yet styled them for my blog. Will do so this week, cause you so need to see them as well. ringandtings-fashiontag (3)NECKLACES: My 2 favorite pieces right now that go pretty much everywhere with me, especially on those basic #ootd are the 2 statement necklaces. One of them is a very vintage looking necklace in green-blue-pink-and-rusted-gold that looks amazing with tees. From basic tops to more fancy style blouses this jewellry can most definitely dress up any boring look. Its length can be adjusted, as all Rings & Tings necklaces I have so far, and although it’s a bit of a bling and massive piece I stand by my-from-morning-to-evening-mantra when it comes to it.

I’ve styled it here with my mini leather skirt & neon sporty top, but you can also check it out on Instagram with a basic tee or a rock inspired boyfriend t-shirt. statement-necklace-style- (4)statement-necklace-style-statement-necklace-style- (5)You can buy it here, or click here for the most amazing necklaces ever!

My 2nd necklace is very glamorous and can definitely go for evening outfits, with its massive white gem stone and thick golden chain. Yet, it’s incredibly feminine and I love how it looks against day time/more fun/clashing outfits. I find it so sexy and feminine! I styled it with a fun sequin top & cutoffs while having fun with that dress-up game I was telling you about. statement-jewelry-looks-fashionTagstatement-jewelry-looks (2)statement-jewelry-looksstatement-necklace-style- (2)hood-urban-style-ringsandtings-necklaceYou can buy it here! SPOILER: the prices, quality & fabulousness of all these tings are the best thing you’ve ever seen. Worth the click. 😉

My obsession with earrings is not a new thing… although now I’m more into necklaces, I still adore a good pair of statement earrings to give a bit of color and personality to an outfit. These golden black & yellow earrings are the perfect piece for an after-work drinks, for cocktails and nights out. Keep the rest simple and make them the center piece of the outfit.

I’ve styled them with a strapless black top & pencil skirt (I know it looks like a dress but it’s not though) and a white blazer on top. statement-jewelry-looks-dana-cristina-ringandtings-fashiontag (2)ringandtings-fashiontagstatement-jewelry-looks (4)statement-jewelry-looks-earrings-ringsandtingsBuy them here. And click here to see soooo many styles (from basic to over the top) it’ll blow your mind.

A little teaser now for later on this week: the fab bracelet & tiny rings. 🙂 fringe-braceletThank you Rings & Tings for all my amazing pieces! So happy when a new gift arrives for me, the thrill of unwrapping it, and wearing them is the best. They do have some of the trendiest pieces out there, ranging from simple, tiny, dainty ones to uber glam and extravagant styles. My friends all love them as well, and the quality/price of these jewelry compares to nothing.

Their shop is a HEAVEN you must visit: SHOP (click here) | Facebook

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