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The Belle Of The Ball

9343f55801c31b525a9554ca31a2e71eWarm summer nights. Parties and dances in glamorous gardens. Friends & loved ones close by. Laughing. Eating fancy food and sipping expensive champagne. Yeah… it’s basically our regular Friday night, right? Er no. But if it were… the above far-stretched-from-reality-picture lacks in one major thing: our DRESSES ladies!

Cause you know, when a fancy thing takes place, you can’t show up in anything less then fancylicious. So adding to the aforementioned scenario are evening party frocks and cute homecoming dresses for 2014 from DressV. The kinds that make the hearts stop as the warm wind of summer blows through their silky chiffon fabrics. The kinds that rustle as you dance or make your way though guests at that posh party you’re attending. cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (19)Short or long, intricate or simple, extravagant or classy, sequined, crystaled or not – the cute homecoming dresses 2014 from Dress V – sooth the eyes and quench the fashion lust you’re having if you wanna look your best at the homecoming dance party, or any other evening cocktail, wedding thing you’re invited to this summer.

A lot of the homecoming dresses over at Dress V are, though slightly blinged, quite classy and simple: knee length, silky chiffon, strapless or halter neck (major trend alert this summer) and in colors that never go out of style from bright reds and yellows to extremely elegant whites and blacks. White dresses are definitely the biggest trend in 2014, and frankly I see no reason as to why the trend should stop come evening. Au contraire, except for weddings, when wearing white is a major faux-pas, for the rest of the evening events I’d definitely go with this color. cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (10)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (13)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (14)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (7)Styling wise, when it comes to homecoming dresses and the likes, I’m all for keeping it simple. Less is more in this case. OMG I did not just say that! Er yes I did. A pair of chic earrings might be enough when rocking a homecoming dress. Or jewelry sets that never go out of style. Shoes wise: forget platform heels, please! Can we all just wear classic pumps & sexy stiletto sandals? Clutches wise – I prefer the small boxy blinged styles in nudes.

Let’s have a look at more dresses & chat about your fave evening dress style. 😉 cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (2)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (3)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (4)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (6)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (8)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (9)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (11)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (16)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (17)cute-homecoming-dresses-2014cute-homecoming-dresses-2014 (20)

Need to shop for evening dresses this summer? shop away then at DressV 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Belle Of The Ball

  1. Aww, beginning of the article makes me dream of one of these fab dresses 🙂 White ones are incredible!

  2. The dress tops like the 2nd and the 4th with the sweetheart necklines coordinated with a pair of classic stiletto pumps have always been part of my preferred look. It’s simple and yet so elegant.

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