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Wearing LACE In Summer: YES Or NO?

lace-trendMy relationship with lace over the years has been clear and blunt: I hated it. Up until last year, when faced with the major life event of being a bride – I had to (among other things) cross the dress off the list. I knew what I didn’t want: no princess or ball gown cuts for me, and no lace. Cause you see I always found it so pretentious and granny glamorous borderline decadent, in that Mrs. Havisham kinda way.

Yet, when going to shop for le robe of the big day, I got bitch slapped by the very clear and simple reality: the lace dresses were light years away from their un-laced siblings. They were fabulous.

And that’s how I found my dress, and how my LACE love affair begun. summer-laceThe TREND factor in this LACE thing is not even an issue, cause really lace has been IN fashion (more or less as a front-lady) ever since well… humans got ashamed of parading naked and started covering up with types of clothes other than animal furs or Tarzan inspired attire. It was actually a massive fashion hit all through those past decades. Even ‘Game of Thrones’ heroines are wearing it. Yes, I know it’s fiction, but… it doesn’t make the fashion thing less real, does it?

Evening dresses, cocktail attire, autumn and winter collections have more penchant for LACE, yet have you noticed how this summer, lace is everywhere? White lace tops, dresses and shorts are the feminine dainty pieces all women and girls resort to in 2014 summer for a bit of romantic chicness to their look. summer-lace-styleBlack lace might be a bit too harsh or heavy for some women in summer, but I love it. Doh. It’s so incredibly sexy, decadent, and very very seductive that I cannot believe I used to hate this fabric a year ago. summer-style-black-laceI guess what I used to hate about the lace look was the close minded trait I thought it bared: way too girly and too feminine sans le edge. And I don’t do that. But little did I know, cause LACE can be so versatile really. 2014 Summer shows us how lace can go to the office in a very proper feminine knee-length dress, to summer festivals in crop white lace tops, or lace shorts or skirts, to cocktails in lace pencil skirts, to events when lace anything can be paired with men inspired items: tees, sweatshirts, sneakers, statement jewelry and what not. white-summer-laceLiving in the age of all is IN gives us this fantastic fashion premise of mixing and matching it all, to broaden our creativity and push those once stiff style boundaries and make the craziest combos work. And that I love.

To cut a long story short let’s have a look at how street style peeps are doing lace and get some inspo: Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMilan Fashion Week Fall 2011, D&Gblack-lace-summer-trendblack-lace-top-summer-lookblack-lace-trend-daytimedaytime-look-lace-blouseMilan Fashion Week Fall 2011, Pradahow-to-wear-lace-in-summer (3)how-to-wear-lace-in-summerkim-kardashian-white-lace-dresslace-daytime-stylelace-dress-streetstylelace-dress-summer-grunge-looklace-in-summer-trendlace-jacket-lookLace-little-more-sexy-than-ladylikelace-skirt-looklace-skirt-summer-looklace-top-boho-lookpink-lace-skirtsheer_lace-streetstylestreetstyle-lace-shortsstreet-style-lace-skirtsummer-look-black-lacesummer-look-lace-dresssummer-street-style-lace (2)summer-street-style-lace (3)summer-street-style-lace (4)summer-street-style-lacesummer-style-lacesummer-style-lace-dressessummer-style-lace-shortssummer-trend-lace (2)summer-trend-black-lacesummer-trend-lace (3)summer-trend-lace-dress (2)summer-trend-lace-dresssummer-trend-lace-Olivia-Palermosummer-trend-lace-skirttreet-style-summer-lace (2)treet-style-summer-lacewhite-alce-top-street-stylwhite-lace-dresswhite-lace-dress-summer-styleAh… not to mention the fact that wearing lace guarantees nailing at least 2 other trends: exposed lingerie (if you’re up for the challenge) and sheer anything for extra hotness.

So let’s comment away on LACE in summer: YES or NO?

14 thoughts on “Wearing LACE In Summer: YES Or NO?

  1. Well, rather yes 🙂 with one exception: white lace mini dress. In my opinion, they’re so boring and pretentious. Black or white? Black.

  2. oOOh, would love to see your wedding dress! My love affair with lace began over a decade ago, having seen them grace the hands of Madonna ions ago. i have 3 vintage lace prom dresses, 2 in fiery red and the other in black,and they have really stood the test of time as i’ve worn them to death! I also have a floral dress with black lace detailings on the collar, pockets and sleeves, may sound like a match made in hell but i adore it and have assigned it to being my ‘wedding guest outfit’!

  3. Hi Dana! Really great article, and a big YES from me for lace this summer. 🙂

    If it’s not too much to ask, could you please tell me the brand of the black pants/jeans from the second picture after the Michelle Bobb-Parris picture? It is right above the picture with the girl wearing large white pants, a white lace shirt and a black corset underneath it. I don’t know if you know the brand of those pants, but in case you did, I would really appreciate if could tell me.

    THANKS A LOT for your help!! xxx

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