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7 Tips For Mixing Prints This Summer

bold-summer-printsWhen a friend of mine once asked me ‘I’d really get a pair of bold animal print leggings, but what would I wear them with?’, and I told her: ‘Well, animal print looks amazing mixed with animal print, and also black and white stripes.’, you do not wanna know the look she gave me. Bitch, you high on something?/Oh, I don’t know how you work in fashion, but, you ain’t working my fashion – kinda look.

And really, can we blame the ignoramus? Up until a few years ago mixing prints was a massive faux-pas, as were unmatched shoes-bags-belts a century ago, and people really get stuck on what’s comfortable and easy to do, rather than explore a domain – fashion – that they really do find unappealing. mis-matched-mixed-printsSure, I could have told my friend to wear them with something black, white, or denim, but what happens is that the moment someone finds out we work in fashion, this sudden stupid pressure and idiotic feeling kicks in that we have to have a shtick or something. It’s like when you keep ranting about favorite books, films, music and then someone bluntly asks you, so what’s your top 3 favorite TV shows? WTF. You go blank. Stuck in the equivalent of a writer’s block. TommyTon-street-styleBy now though, pretty much every human being who’s wearing clothes knows that (1) rules are obsolete to a certain extent, and (2) mixing prints is a definite DO in fashion. More so, it’s the embodiment of sophistication, ultimate luxe, and trendy coolness. Mixed-prints looks translate into fabulous styles and outfits in any season, for any occasion. Especially office wear. How so, you might ask?

Instead of wearing a two-toned or one toned outfit to work, putting on mixed prints in a pencil skirt and blouse is an instant style re-make, making you appear so very chic, fun, yet professional still. Nevertheless… mixing prints, as chaotic as it may come across is one trend that actually comes with a tiny guide, in order to nail this look to its very core. mixed-prints-summer-trend (2)

7 TIPS To Master The Mixed Prints Looks

1. Mix & match prints according to colors and textures, not the prints themselves. It’s more about the overall image and strong visuals than getting it right, so forget about everything you knew in fashion, and think about your outfit as a dazzling crazy puzzle that needs to be put together. A painting that makes no sense, if you will, but looks fabulous. office-wear-mixed-prints-summer2. Different textures, BUT mix on the same color palette (different patterns, of slightly same colors). mixed-prints-looksmixed-prints-summer-trend-street-style3. If you’re wearing similar textures you can do different colors and prints, those bold bold styles at Fashion Week for example (skirt in one print, blouse in another and jacket in a totally different one). mixed-prints-summer-look (2)mixing-bold-prints4. Stripes – are the easiest way to mix prints, as they’re the basic definition of a print, which makes them super versatile against any other. They look amazing mixed with:

how-to-mix-printsmixed-prints-summer-trend (3)nicole-richie-mixed-prints4b2dea9c8ea635ede34b0930e3daa725solange-mized-prints5. Florals – are definitely the most common print in summer, but don’t do it like everyone else, paired with white pants, or black top, or denim. Instead have fun with it. They look great mixed with:

  • other floral prints (remember: same colors, or same textures)
  • tropical (tricky, but do-able if they’re in the same color palette)
  • stripes
  • graphic
  • black & white
  • dots

mixed-prints-floralsmixed-printsmixed-prints-summer-lookmixed-prints-summer-trenddots-mixed-printsddd42889e7689792e66db3d720738adesummer-trend-mixed-prints6. Animal print. Oh, the infamous animal print some love and some hate, is actually a pretty basic print that goes great with most of its siblings:

  • other animal prints
  • stripes 
  • checks
  • florals (this is pretty tricky, but I’ve seen it done and it’s worth tones of tries until you get it right)

mixed-prints-look-animal-print-checksmixed-prints-animal-printanimal-printssummer-prints7. Checks – though a lot more worn in the cold season, they have that classic vibe to them, which can easily turn into glam grunge, and paired with a different pattern they look very eclectic.

  • different checks
  • stripes
  • dots

mixed-prints-stylemixed-prints-style-checks-stripesblack-and-white-bonus2JENNY MIX PRINTS 8 BY BALCAZAR +OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmixing-prints (2)nyfw celebrity sightings 3 110912Sarah-Jessica-Parker-Polka-Dots-Checks-VideoIf you’re doing them – kudos to you, and don’t stop!

If you’re hesitant, the only tip you have to remember is to HAVE FUN with them, and if the overall outfit looks great, wear it! It’s about making a very sophisticated fun & bold fashion statement. And once you get the hang of it, you can forget all the above rules and do your own thing.  😉

5 thoughts on “7 Tips For Mixing Prints This Summer

  1. Absolute adore this post. I was thinking of how I would mix prints this morning and this happened to appear. Thank you!!! XOXO

  2. Really good tips especially the last one! I’ve always have the tendency to avoid purchasing those fun colourful print. It’s like the zone that has been left untouched for years!!! But now imma gonna try them out and HAVE FUN! Great post. Keep it up!:)

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