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We Need To Talk About Rihanna’s Dress

rihanna-dress-CFDA (2)If you’re a human living on this planet then you’re probably up to date with the latest controversy exploding all over the internet: Rihanna’s nude sheer dress at the CFDA Awards, a gown that left little to the imagination, exposing her drop dead gorgeous body, covered in tiny sparkles and glitter from head to toe, as her head was wrapped up in a glittery scarf reminding us of the 1920’s icon, Josephine Baker.

Anyone with a pulse has an opinion about the dress, with statements ranging from Stunning, Beautiful, Flawless, Gorgeous, all the way to Cheap, Attention seeker, Horrendous, Ugly, Disrespectful et all.

Whatever you say about the dress, and the occasion, one thing is true – she owned it. She killed it. And she’s the only one who could have pulled off such a risque look and extravagant waaaay-too-sexy Adam Selman dress, and look absolutely beautiful in it. Naked, yes, but still incredibly gorgeous. rihannarihanna-adam-selman-sheer-dress-CFDAGuided only by her fashion sense and maybe her payback statement to Instagram (as my friend Vanessa said), she came and showed the world why she’s a style icon, confessing in her slightly awkward and emotional speech (with funny bits), as she received the CFDA Fashion Icon Award, that fashion has always been her defense mechanism “Even as a child I remember thinking – ‘She can beat me but she cannot beat my outfit!’.” rihanna-dress-CFDA-backviewrihanna-dress-CFDA (3)Riri has ”fashion balls” all right, as John Water said, and if you’re the faint-hearted kind you’re not gonna love her, nor see what the fuss is about showing up in outrageous outfits, constantly breaking boundaries, and having a style the never remains unseen, whether loved or hated.

So she showed her breasts. Big fucking deal. And her bum.It’s not like we’ve just landed off from Mars and seen the first pair of tits and ass. Sure, some will play the occasion card: ‘you cannot wear that to an event, it’s disrespectful’. Well obviously you can, if you’re Rihanna, and seriously now, what better occasion to do shiny-sheer than at CFDA?

rihanna-dress-CFDA-nakedrihanna-dress-CFDAWith designers, stylists and money poring in, most women would be overwhelmed, and their personal style covered up, nonexistent, or too frail to shine through. What she’s doing though is just having a blast with clothes. While expressing herself.

The girl is having fun. It’s just fashion. Sheer & completely see-through, true, but do we really mind it, or is it just our constant need to be politically correct ALL THE BLOODY TIME? It’s turning us into tiny little hypocrites, scared to speak up minds, afraid to say something wrong. Say it. Do it. If you mean it. Back it up, but don’t hate on something beautiful just because it’s out of the box, and it broke a few boundaries. Rihannarihanna-austinaija-22014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Winners WalkOr… if you really think she looked meh or bleah in that dress… my bad.

14 thoughts on “We Need To Talk About Rihanna’s Dress

  1. There’s no denying that she looks amazing in that dress.The way I see it is if you’re going to be risque this is the place to do it!

  2. It’s Rihanna so c’mon…Sometimes I have the impression that Bey tries to imitate her…but she fails. Riri is just the one and only.

  3. i think she wants male attention and doesn’t value her body as much since she’s showing her privates to everyone.

    Or, it can be seen that she loves her body too much, she wants everyone to see.

    She does look good though and it is sexy. But, only a person who has been hurt would do this to herself. Coz, she cant grab the attention of the one she loves
    (i.e.: Chris Brown)

    She’s a Pisces . I’m one too.
    I’ve done things for attention.

    She’s gonna attract the wrong type of male that only sees her body and not what’s important.

  4. I loved the dress. This isn’t the first time a woman has shown her nipples at a fashion event. Just google “sheer blouse fashion show” and you’ll get an eyeful. Kendall Jenner just did a few months back, and she’s barely legal. Where was the hue and cry then? As for wearing a thong, I’ve seen more bums at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show than I saw on the Red Carpet at the CFDA, and that the VSFS, with its bright lights, beautiful clothing and rocking music, is far more geared toward children than a stuffy award show for fashion designers. Hypocrisy, thy name is America. If you’re going to condemn displaying your bare nipples, or your bare bum, then criticize everyone. Don’t just make an exception because it’s Rihanna. She was gorgeous, and perfectly appropriate for the occasion. Besides, I so wish I had her figure. #Freethenipple.

    • The Victorias Secret Fashion Show covers and leaves more to the imagination than Rihanna’s dress did. A breastfeeding mother feeding her child lunch in public with her breast uncovered leaves more to the imagination than Rihanna. The only difference between Rihanna, VSFS, and Breastfeeding Mom? Rihanna and the VS models are idolized for having their breasts out in public, while if the Mom pops out her breast, it’s unnatural, disgusting, and people loathe to see it. The reality is, she’s doing her part to sustain life by feeding her child. America, get your Priorities Straight.

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