Is THIN Jewelry Replacing Big Bold Bling?

tiny-accessoriesIn a time when the most conflicting trends live happily side by side, I would think this is not even the question, just my desire, (read desperation) for the opulent accessories to live forever. And ever. And ever. Although even if the trend slowly dies, who gives a crap. Aaaaanyway, the what-will-we-do-in-case-of-this-or-that, is not on today’s agenda.

Something else is.

The chat I’ve had with my friend Tina, over the weekend, has definitely caused a few trembles in my quiet little fashion world. And you’ve guessed it, one of them has to do with thin necklaces, rings, and bracelets, and how AMAZING they actually look. And the other one, not important today. tiny-jewelleryAfter texting me a pic with her #ootd, which included a long thin beautiful necklace, it hit me: the tiny pieces look great. Does this mean the era of statement necklaces and stone-sized-rings is over, though? Could we have foreseen it all once the knuckle rings became a trend and everyone was crowding them on their fingers? Well… no, cause Tina, for example has been wearing thin like jewellery since I know her. And we go waaaay back. Which only means one thing. No, nothing to do with age, but with the timeless and classic quality of these pieces. layering-long-thin-necklaceshow-to-layer-thin-necklacesjewellery-trend-thin-piecesThey might’ve lost some ground to statement anything really, but wearing a thin necklace has never been a faux pas. Nor have thin rings. For the past months or so I keep seeing more and more fab looks of: piled thin necklaces, thin rings on each finger and knuckle, chain ring-thin-bracelets, thin body jewellery – and the effect seems to be quite remarkable, and statement nonetheless. courteney_cox-long-thin-necklacedainty-jewellerydainty-ringslayering-thin-necklaces (2)I mean when we wear a statement ring or necklace, the outfit will probably be (more or less) about that. Outfits paired with big chunky jewelry look great, but those accessories are popping up. Now, when you wear thin jewelry, it’s like you’re wearing just tiny little straps of gold here and there, leaving the outfit to talk for itself (or not even that. it’s about the simplicity). It’s minimalism without being minimal. layering-thin-necklaceslayering-thin-necklaces-trendHow to wear thin jewellery? Either pile them up, and crowd the on your fingers, hands and necks (you know the look: layering thin necklaces!) OR keep it super simple with one tiny piece. You may just get surprised at how delicate and quite sexy the effect is. Right?

While I’m not negating the above qualities of these dainty pieces, personally I love me big bold bling. YET… never before have I reconsidered alternating the heavy look of statement pieces with the minimalist feminine style of thin jewellery. Never before until now… Shopping time! 😉

Let’s have a look… long-thin-necklacespiling-tiny-jewellerysmall-neckllacessummer-trend-thin-necklacesthin-body-jewellerythin-jewellerythin-jewellery-stylesthin-jewelry-lookthin-jewelry-trend (2)thin-jewelry-trendthin-necklaces (2)thin-necklacesthin-necklaces-lookthin-necklace-stylebody-necklacecarrie-bradshaw-necklacethin-necklace-styletiny-jewellery-styletiny-ringstiny-rings-necklaces-looksWhat do you think about the thin pieces?

10 thoughts on “Is THIN Jewelry Replacing Big Bold Bling?

  1. I looooove thin and subtle minimalistic jewelry. Love minimalism with focus on details. Great post with tons of inspiration! X Sofie

  2. Thin is indeed in, and might I add… class never goes out of style! As the pendulum of fashion swings back to the conservative and classic, thin, and yes, understated jewelry is just more feminine. I do like to layer however, and that is the right approach to being subtle yet bold.

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