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There’s A New Accessory In Town: BEACH TOWELS

summer-beach-inspirationFYI there are a few teeny tiny things a glamourachi girl (what? I can invent words) cannot hit the beach without: swimsuit, sunscreen, shades, flip-flops, bag, bracelets, and an iPhone, right? Wrong.

As of this summer the #1 beach accessory is no longer your swimsuit (which is not an accessory per se I know, but for the sake of fun let’s pretend okay?). It’s your BEACH TOWEL.

It was after reading this post on WhoWhatWear that I got to thinking about this towel thing. A new craze in summer beach fashion, huh? Not groundbreaking, but not bad either. stetement-towels-for-the-beSo the star of the beach is no longer your bikini. Big deal. In the real world you’d still have to wear one DOH! but all eyes will be on that little piece of shit they call a TOWEL, that’s been taken for granted all these years, or even worse, had its prime time in those 90s. Remember those horrific 90s image printed towels? Over-the-top kitsch dolphins, cartoons and that cheap soft porn pics of naked women lunging over some idiot’s towel?

After what seemed to have been the era of let-me-see-how-dumb-you-are-towel-statements, the fashion world of these bath slash beach fabrics has fallen in utter obscurity, to the point where showing up at the beach with a simple colored piece to sit your hot body on, was HELLO! a statement of beach chicness. beach-towels-for-summerbeach-accessories-beach-towelsclassic-beach-towelsAs of this day, ALL has changed! Amen to that. Cause seriously I don’t know how the hell, up to now, I could sleep safe and sound knowing the industry of beach towels is so uhhhhh… un-sartorial. Right.

Sometimes being a bitch about regular stuff is way easier than taking things seriously I admit, but truth is, the idea of putting fashion and style on beach towels is a great one, and I dare say ‘how come it took us so long?’. I mean we live in the era of Facebook quirky/inspiring/dumb/smart/great posts, of famous quotes, Instagram snapshots, pins over pins on fashion boards, internet memes and whatnot. Er by the way, how about a Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes beach towel? Ka-ching to that! beach-towels-2014-summerbeach-towels-trend-2014funny-beach-towelsSo putting two and two together comes easy and does four make. Although in all honesty we’re a fucking twisted generation: we design beach towels after our online life, only to then, after parading them in this other world called the REAL WORLD we take ’em back to Instagram, FB, Twitter and the likes.

Who cares though right? As long as the towel is humongous and molds to your life mantra or just this summer’s mood, sit your ass on it!

Let’s have a look, and get some summer beach inspiration… anchor-print-beach-towelsbeach-towels (2)beach-towelsbeach-trends-2014-beach-towelsbirds-beach-towelscolored-beach-towelsfun-color-beach-towelsfun-text-beach-towelsgirly-beach-towelsluxe-beach-towelsstatement-beach-towelssummer-beach-lookssummer-looksummer-outfits-for-beachsummer-trends-beach-towelsswimwear-looktext-beach-towelsIt’s a great trend adding a bit of color to more color, adding a bit of sense, funny or weird to a look and a day at the beach. Think of it as a personalized trend for this summer’s holiday. Wear one each day to your moods or looks. Match with your friends and create your beach story. (if her’s says one thing, and yours another, who knows… it all might just make sense). I love this trend. And I’m not even a hardcore glamourachi. 🙂

How about you? YES or NO to these fun towels…


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