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The One Thing We Always Wear: Jewellery

thefashiontagSo finally Friday’s here and after which seemed like the busiest week in history, and I thought of sharing with you some of my pics and outfits from during this week featuring Rings & Tings.

You know, the brand I always collaborate with on jewellery, cause they’re kind enough to gift me with the most amazing pieces ever that really became pretty much my go-to things whatever I wear or wherever I go. And people just adore them! The compliments I got on most of these jewellery pieces are solid proof I’m not losing it, the power of great jewellery is there and it works. rings-and-tingsSo this week I’m sharing with you 3 outfits featuring 3 jewellery pieces, of which well, most are statement. Why? Cause I cant help myself. I’m like a jewelley sucker I swear, the bigger the better, the brighter, the funkiest, the flashiest bet your money on it, I’m gonna pick it. And while this practice has alarmingly proven me that I am in serious lack of simple pieces, I can’t help this statement addiction, hence my picking some fabulous jewellery from Rings and Tings again to feed this flashy craving I have.

Oh, and they all must be in gold, otherwise (for me) it’s like, what’s the point? jewellery-rings-and-tingsThe statement fringed necklace (see it here) has become my favorite piece so far. It’s somewhere between a necklace and body jewellery & it’s the easiest thing to wear contrary to its visible razzmatazz. It looks best with understated clothes, simple outfit, plain shirts, or basic looks, whether for work or casual. For bolder statement it can be paired with printed tops as well. For this piece strangers have stopped me to compliment it and ask where it was from. Love it. I’m wearing it here with a very basic all black outfit, and a pop of color. ringsandtings-statement-fringe-necklaceI love its chains, like super thin feminine silky fringes that just adorn your top, and the way the necklace becomes chunkier and slightly edgier at the neck with its thicker chains, that look like chokers, it’s all – for me – impossible to resist. I love it’s quality, the fact that its not heavy, it’s easy to wear, it doesn’t tangle when it’s on, rather when it’s off, so that’s the only thing to be careful about: place it well to avoid tangling, otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time un-tangling it. But hey, if this is the price I have to pay for wearing such fab pieces, fuck it. I’m all up for the challenge.  For more beyond amazing necklaces, of all styles and designs, click herefringed-necklacegold-chain-statement-necklaceThe gemstone earrings (click here for all earrings) are the perfect glam piece for both daytime as well as evening. They look absolutely great paired with whites, blues, denim, and not very busy tops. I wore them here with a simple denim shirt and white jeans for a very summer’ish fun effect. Perfect for office, for meeting friends, for going out, for dates – they’ve become a very stylish go-to accessory for me. gem-earringsgem-stone-earrings-ringsandtingsdenim-shirt-white-jeans-earringsAnd what I love most about these pieces, is that they’re not heavy, they look soooo expensive, rich and posh, which is fantastic. But their price doesn’t break the back contrary to what some may think. So go on and check some of them out here. Totally worth it. 🙂 rings-and-tings-earringsstatement-earrings-lookThe Bracelet Ring (see it here) is a piece I wore more than my sneakers, I swear. It’s soooo feminine and delicate I adore it. It’s statement yet incredibly versatile and I’ve worn it with anything from sporty attire, to casual, to smart, to fun, to whatever. It’s the one bling  that is subtle enough but every now and then when your hands are doing the talking it’s there. 😉 bracelet-ring-jewellerychain-bracelet-ringI loved its cool design and black & gold combo, and how its black beads look so delicate against the hands and the thin gold chains. And it’s very comfortable. I wore mine here with a casual military style: parka, green shirt and cutoffs. For more bracelets you so gotta check these outmilitary-lookring-bracelet-from-ringsandtingsringsand-tings-bracelet-chainbracelet-ring-lookAh… every single piece I adore and I’m so grateful to Rings & Tings for them. I love their quality, the fact that they’re affordable, fast delivery and have a massive, I repeat a massive online store packed with so many jewellery goodies, it’s like heaven all over again, all the time.

Make sure to check them out here Rings & Tings Store and follow them on  Facebook.

Have a lovely weekend! 🙂 xoxo

4 thoughts on “The One Thing We Always Wear: Jewellery

  1. OMG I’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous bracelet. I love statement jewellery, the doorbell knocker earrings, the huge necklaces, chunky bracelets and other stuff like that so I’m gonna check this shop right now!

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