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The Thing About STRIPES & TOPS!

acd42d27e092fc71bc1bfc909aff37d1… is that black on white, white on black, thin or thick and always horizontal,  stripes printed on basic tops are the longest married clothing couple of all times.

Not rare are the shopping occasions when some of my friends throw fashion tips at me, which is by all means a great thing (throw away bitches. in a good way.) and what happens is this. I always end up buying something black. And something with stripes. Hence the fashion don’t’s thrown at me: “Stop dressing in black for God’s sake” versus ”Ahhh, a striped top? Again? Whatever.”

And the worst part (for them, not me. I see nothing wrong with my shopping logic) is I still feel I need some extra striped tops. Black clothes? Well those you can never have enough. stripped-teeToday’s post came to me really as a simple math thing. (go figure!) What happens when you take a basic tee + the one print trend that’s always gonna be a hit, no matter the decade, the sex, the age or the season? Yes, black & white thin horizontal STRIPES I’m looking at you. Well… easy peasy. You get = STRIPES ON TOPS. A look, again taken for granted, that’s always there to save the day, always looks great, is incredibly versatile that it can go from office to weekends, from beach to business meetings, from 9 am to some 11 pm dates or late drinks.

Think of a style, any style, and dare yourself to dress around a black and white horizontal thin black & white stripped top. It’ll work. Hell, it will look fantastic. Clean, trendy but effortless, chic and slightly boho or even rich & luxurious if you mix it up with tons of whites and gold accessories. black-and-white-thin-horizintal-stripes-looknicole-richie-street-stye-stripped-topstreet-stye-stripped-top (4)street-stye-stripped-topThere’s something retro & sophisticated about a striped top look, but then again it can also be a I-can’t-be-bothered-thing that looks better than chic and cool altogether.

It’s got a bit f that navy trend, or those 60’s styles, of those 90’s basics… it’s all really up to you how you wanna wear it. street-stye-stripped-top (2)street-stye-stripped-top (8)street-stye-stripped-top-flat-pumps-skinny-jeansstripped-topAnd contrary to belief, that stripes are sooo hard to pull off, a STRIPED TOP is the easiest thing to wear with ANYTHING. It may not sound as such, but visually it’ll be a total fashion brilliance. street-stye-stripped-top (7)street-stye-stripped-top (11)street-stye-stripped-top (14)

  • Best black & white striped tops combos in my humble opinion remain those with jeans & colored heels.
  • An all black style with a striped tee equals amazing.
  • An all white one will look sea-side-like meets rich socialite on holiday.
  • Leather skirt or trousers, very cool.
  • Brogues or flat pumps with any outfit will give the striped tops a very French vibe.

The most precious style tip when it comes to these ladies tops is a pop of color. RED lips look beyond amazing with a black and white striped top. 😉

stripped-tops-looksstripped-top (2)Sometimes all it takes is a basic thing, the simplest clothing item & the most versatile print ever to look fabulous. Sure, florals in spring will always be a hit. So will bright colors. Or whites. But somehow I thing we’ve done the basic things in our lives a little injustice.

Black & white stripped tops are the basic chic in our lives. But the same chicness and coolness one can get with red or navy & white stripes. On tops. Or on anything really. Do you remember Khloe Kardashian’s red & white striped dress. Oh. My. God. So let’s get the inspiration going then.

Black & White STRIPPED TOPS looks: alexa-chung-stripesstreet-stye-stripped-top (2)street-stye-stripped-top (3)street-stye-stripped-top (5)street-stye-stripped-top (6)street-stye-stripped-top (9)street-stye-stripped-top (10)street-stye-stripped-top (12)street-stye-stripped-top (13)street-stye-stripped-topstreet-stye-stripped-topstreet-stye-stripped-top-red-pantsstreet-style-stripes (2)street-style-stripesstreet-style-stripes-black-whiteMicah Gianneli_Best top personal style fashion blog_Rihanna stylstriped-tops-trendstripes-on-tops-stylestripes-opstripes-tops-and-bold-colorsstripes-trend-2014-spring-summersummer-look-stripes-shortsstripped-tee-styleColored STRIPES looks: stripes-trend-on-tops (5)stripes-trend-on-tops (9)stripes-trend-on-tops (4)stripes-trend-on-tops (2)stripes-trend-on-tops (3)stripes-trend-on-tops (6)stripes-trend-on-tops (7)stripes-trend-on-tops (8)STRIPES all over: stripes-trend-street-style (2)stripes-trend-street-style (3)khloe-kardashian-red-white-striped-dressstripes-trend-street-style (4)stripes-trend-street-styleA statement piece is easy to wear, right? You just put it on and let it do the job. When it comes to simple plain things, it’s mostly a go-for-simple-sure-thing or an imagination-style-exercise. Anyway whatever the case, bold or simple I’m all for it. Maybe I’m just having the Monday blues and hope these stripes will take me to some cool & chic place on the French riviera. Or maybe not.white-black-stripesAnyway, I shall not stop. Stripes and black clothes here I come. Again.

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