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9 Trends To Wear In 2014 Spring!

2014-spring-trends-from-theYeah we’ve got a few weeks left until Spring (to say the least) but that don’t mean we can’t start preparing for this year’s hot season. Tons of trends are making their way into the springs and summers of our 2014 lives, and I think knowing what lies ahead can be a great shopping insight and practice-makes-perfect situation until the warm weather kicks in.

Who the hell says we can’t start wearing 2014 Spring trends in winter? Why wait? Exactly. 2014spring-trends2014spring-trends (2)Freshly picked off the runways straight into retail chains (if not first done by a few celebs) these trends will be massive this Spring. Sure, some have always been a warm season hit, and apparently continue to woe us year after year, others are really new, and others are well… reinvented. runway-trends2014runway-trends-2014runway-trends-2014-summerWhat I can tell you is that 2014 Spring is a fabulous & exquisite cluster of every trend and look from the 50’s to today. 2014 is still all about personal style and mixing your shit, rather than chasing trends. Yet… a bit of what-to-wear insight never hurt anyone. runway-trends-2014-spring1. PASTELS & LIGHT PINKS 

Huge on the runways the dusted muted ice-cream colors remind us of those 50’s housewives dressed in proper skirts and tiny sweaters in the cleanest most delicious colors ever: mint, light blue, warm whites, muted yellows, peaches. And the massive hit: PINKS.

Personally I’m not a big fan of this ice-cream color trend, as I find it a bit ‘in-between’. And sort of too PJ style. Anyway… I’ve been taught by fashion to never say never, so there you have it. 2014-spring-trends2014-summer-trends-pastelspastels-street-style2. ATHLETIC 

Designers were all smitten with the professional sporty look, or the incredibly polished/athletic styles of the upper class. The runway was invaded by clothes inspired from the golf course, swimming pool, tennis court, cricket, riding, running and God knows what other sports the aristocracy prefers. Wanna look posh? Wear sporty chic or athletic inspired clothes mixed with your own style.

Basically it’s the same sporty luxe thing, done by pop stars for the past year, with a slight more polish & femininity to it. athletic-trend-2014-springathletic-trend-street-style3. 90’S

Okay. We will NOT go there anymore. Crop tops, biker boots, flanels, cutoffs, ripped jeansdark lips, chokers, plaid. You know the drill. 90s-street-style-trend90s-trendstreet-style-90s-trend4. BUTTON-DOWNS & WHITE COLLARS

Well, well, well. Never have I thought the day will come when office wear got a makeover. SHIRTS in all forms, shapes, sizes, colors and textures are IN. This is one big hit off the runways, with models wearing them buttoned all the way up, or unbuttoned up or down. (like button up from your neck to your midriff, and leave it open from there down).

Although collarless coats and jackets are incredibly trendy this spring, when it comes to shirts keep it classic: WHITE COLLARS on any color shirt. shirts-trend-2014-summerspring-2014-trend-shirtswhite collar trend-2014-springwhite-collars-trend-2014-spring5. SKIRTS

Never ever have skirts in all sizes and lengths have had such a glorious moment in fashion, as this year. From pencil straight, to pleats, from mini (off the tennis court inspired) to maxis all is IN. Although they say the spotlight will belong to tea length skirts and high slits. floral-skirtskirtsskirts-street-stylestatement-skirt-streetstylblack-maxi-skirt6. BOXY TOPS

This I love in theory. In practice… unless you’re skinny you’ll probably end up looking like a chest of drawers. I’ve never really been into boxy cuts, cause I find them pretty unflattering. Nevertheless, I would not say no to a boxy cropped T-shirt with boyfriend jeans.

Boxy jackets, coats and all types of tops in this shape are IN. 2014-spring-trend-boxy-tops-streetstylestreet-style-boxy-trend7. PRINTS

These have always been a hit of the hot season. Florals? Duh. (click here for more). 2014 Spring will see the rise of 2 huge print trends: POP ART & GRAPHIC. 

Inspired by nothing else than this culture of pop we’ve got and the times we live, these prints are a great combo of modern and retro. I adore a touch of 50’s or 70’s retro in a look. 2014-spring-floral-printgraphic-prints-2014-spring2014-spring-trend-graphic-printspop-art-prints-streetstyl,estreet-style-pop-art-print-2014-trend8. OPULENCE & LUXE DETAILS

Ina sea of sporty-boxy looks we girls need a bit of jazz and glamour. So thank God for SPARKLES, CRYSTALS, SEQUINS LAME, FRINGES & HOLOGRAPHIC textures (click here for more). They are all (still) IN and I could not be happier about it.

Whether as small embellished details on collars, sleeves, or hems, or invading clothes altogether, these luxurious textures and cluster of opulence has never been more appealing than this spring. I can already picture a fabulous look: athletic inspired style meets luxury details. 😉

Not a new thing at all, but feels good to know we’ve got a free pass at draping ourselves in sequins like it’s a New Year’s Eve party all year round. lame-trend-spring-2014-streetstyleholographic-trend-street-stylestreet-style-crystalsstreet-style-luxurystreet-style-fringes (2)street-style-fringesstreet-style-sequins-2014-trend9. SUITS.

Ladies man up, cause that 70’s style suit is back in fashion. Alongside this retro oversized flowing cut, those late 90’s early noughties suits are catching the spotlight as well. Two words. Bold colors! Ta-daaa. suits-street-stylespring-tyrend-2014-suitsstreet-style-suitsstreet-style-suits-2014-spring-trendThese are just a few of the looks we can do over the hot season, but plenty more to come, as well as a closer look at each and everyone one of these over the next months.

Cant’wait to see what you all think, and whether or no these trends will stick. 🙂

6 thoughts on “9 Trends To Wear In 2014 Spring!

  1. i’m with you on the pink! there is very little pink in my wardrobe and it will likely remain that way. As for the girl in the black crop top with the black blazer…someone offer her a cheeseburger, please!

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  3. I’m all for the Skirts, Prints and Opulence trend. I love graphic, floral, Pop Art, African, Indian, ‘Traveler Prints’ etc, I love my All Up In Yer Face, Metallic Bling. The gold fringe detail on that girl’s cap is super cute, not seen that before!

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