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Are Men In Polo Shirts Hot? From The Golf Course To The Streets…

street-style-men-polo-shirtWell, well, well. ‘What do you say, what do you know?’ polo shirts are back! Not that they’ve ever really been out of fashion, given their main purpose and incredibly versatile trait, which translates into numerous styles for numerous occasions, ages and walks of life. For all men.

Just had a chat with my brother over this golf-look & he agrees they’re IN. Besides, his fashion choices and some of my male friends’ testify to boys’ love for the classic POLO SHIRT. street-style-polo-shirtsFor the past 50 years or so men have stubbornly refused to give up on these. From the Kennedys, to movie stars who paired them with crispy pants on their yacht getaways, to filthy rich men in a middle life crisis and pressed pants, tanned playboys, young wannabe professionals, preppy East Coast boys, all the way to actual golf players, and Scott Disick – everyone expressed their penchant for proper fashion in the polo manner.

old-abd-new-looks-polo-shirScott+Disick-polo=-shirt-lookScott+Disick-polo-shirtThe polo shirt has got that special something that screams ‘I do care about fashion, but really I can’t be bothered every day, so I just threw this on.’

Why the POLO comeback? We can blame it on high end brands, I mean it was only last Fashion Week that designers gave us a free pass at all sporty things. With the inherent self razzmatazz and personal touch, (which I’m sure our boys do not lack) Spring 2014 will belong to the sporty chic sartorial choices. Moments & snapshots from a golf course, a yacht, or a race are great sources of inspiration.

Or we could always blame Leonardo Dicaprio for the POLO comeback. He practically lived in this look the entire film – The Wolf Of Wall Street.

How to wear Polo Shirts?

  • For a preppy/old Hollywood rich actor style pair them with chinos or pressed trousers, loafers & shades. It’s relaxed and casual. You can also throw on a blazer, which beats the leather jacket when it comes to polo shirts.
  • For a 50’s meets 70’s style go for polo shirts in stripes, patterns, checks, and those muted ice-cream colors. Pair them with skinny trousers, jeans or shorts and always roll up your trousers for a cooler vibe. To play with styles switch up shoes: loafers, sandals, oxfords, sneakers. No boots.
  • Feeling adventurous or hipster cool. Dare to wear bright bold colors: neon green, turquoise blue, reds, pinks, fuchsia et all. Pair them with just about all the above and your sunnies.

menswear-polo-shirtsstreet-style-men-polo-shirtsCasual office wear, weekend cool guy, beach relaxed style, whatever you choose to do is great with just ONE DON’T rule. STOP popping your fucking collar. Unless you’re Alex Turner out on the prowl again, of course. alex-turner-polo-shirtalex-turner-polo-shirt-look

Where to shop?

I found the perfect brand and store for you – Function18. One of those online shops that you gotta love for reading your mind, you know. They’ve gathered in one place all the fantastic brands that design polo shirts and are selling them here at super (really!) dupa prices. I’m talking Tommy Hilfiger, Galvin Green, Lyle & Scott, Hugo Boss, Ping, Nike and Adidas. 



Function18 is a brand that for over 10 years focuses on golf clothes for men. And since the sporty rich relaxed look is the TREND this spring, this brand just became a must see & shop. 🙂

Here are some of my faves polo shirts from Function18. I do love black basics cause they can be styled so easily.



And then I’m all for bold crazy colors and vintage/sporty prints.





Need some more inspiration? Take it form the streets. 😉 men-polo-shirts-comeback-20jay-z-polo-shirtmenswear-trend-2014-polo-shirtmen-trends-2014-polo-shirtpolo-shirtpolo-shirt-look-2014polo-shirt-men-streetstylepolo-shirt-trend-2014-men-streetstylesean-combs-polo-shirtstreet-style-polo-shirts (2)polo-shirts-stylesIf it’s good for James Bond, it’s great for you. polo-shirt-trend

Get the look & shop here: Function18 online shop | Twitter | Facebook 

3 thoughts on “Are Men In Polo Shirts Hot? From The Golf Course To The Streets…

  1. Errr…I prefer shirts. They’re more mannish. Polo is (just for me, of course) boyish. Even if James Bond wears it.

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