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From Russia With Love: SILK SCARVES & Why We Love Them!

silk-scarves-trendThis post has to start off with a sigh… which translates into our love for silk scarves. More precisely Russian silk scarves which have made a massive comeback in the past years.

Ever since Dolce & Gabbana showed their SS collections packed with Russian motives on printed mini dresses, and models wearing printed silky scarves of both Russian & Italian inspiration wrapped around their heads – the fashion world was hooked on Russian inspired everything. dolce-and-gabbana-head-scarfThis was topped by Keira Knightely’s Anna Karenina film, and Russian fashionistas turning heads at Fashion Weeks all the world. Read Miroslava Duma, the definition of fabulous street style. She was always spotted with these Russian silk &wool  scarves wrapped around her head in the most traditional, yet incredibly fresh way possible.

The “From Russia with love – Trend” was born. 

Russian-trendEver since this boom, women, girls and men alike cannot get enough of the Russian silk & wool scarf trend. It embodies luxury, richness, quality and high fashion in the most versatile possible way. Personally I’ve always adored these scarves as they reminded me of my mom when I was a kid and how she just wrapped one around her head on a windy chilly day and looked incredible. She was nailing the cool and effortless thing way before it was ever a thing. miroslava-duma-russian-scarvesWhat is it about Russian Silk Scarves that we love so much? When I met this brand – LUXYRA, an online fashion boutique selling silk & wool scarves from Russia – it just hit me.

It’s the rare mixture of yesterday’s old & traditional with today’s fashion, class but sophistication. 

luxyra-wool-silk-scarvesLuxyra sells these silky wool sleek soft scarves, for both men & women, which were made in a factory dating from 1795 (talk about tradition, vintage vibe and old timeless values that sometimes go hand in hand with fashion and style).

These Russian scarves are made from high quality sheep wool, with handmade fringes that are literally the icing on the cake. Together with the logo, that looks fabulous embroidered on a corner, these scarves are like the best reinvention of what Russian women used to wear in the 1700’s. Luxyra-silk-scarf-Russia-1luxyra-men-silk-scarvesThey hold on to the vintage’ness yet can be so easily adapted to today’s occasions & styles.  Which brings me to my next question:

How To Style Russian Scarves? Their vibrant rich colors and patterns resemble some old Russian painting forgotten in some countryside house’s attic, now resting on rich luxurious fabrics wrapped around some beautiful fashionsta’s neck or head.

One may think due to their explosion of colors & rich flowery prints you can only wear them with basic clothes, clean cut, solid colored ones, but I beg to differ on this one. If fashion has taught us anything it’s that rules can sometimes be set aside and personal style brought to the spotlight. Luxyra-Russian-silk-scarves (2)Luxyra-Russian-silk-scarvesluxyra-scarvesLuxyra-silk-scarf-RussiaA rich printed extravagant colored Russian scarf can look so sophisticated with a printed coat, a statement top, leather jackets, dresses, and… it can go from morning to evening as the best statement accessory. Plus, it’s timeless, and goes in any season, from chilly winter days to hot summer days, when it can be your best accessory, wrapped around your head as you head to the beach or worn on your bare shoulders when you go out for dinner by the sea.

For a more quirky yet traditional style, wear it as a head scarf tied in front. With posh heels and a great personal style it will look so eclectic. Luxyra-scarves-from-RussiaOne thing I also love about Luxyra’s Russian silk scarves is that they come in so many colors, some classic toned down, some super vibrant and rich, to accommodate all styles, tastes & ages. The brown’ish tones are more subtle, and can easily go with anything.

And then there are the deep tones: pinks, reds, blues, separate or altogether in this brilliant explosion of colors and patters. While all are fabulous, it’s these ones I love most. Russian-silk-scarves-LUXYRAluxyra-scarvesNeed some fashion inspo? Here are some street style pics of how girls are wearing their Russian silk scarves. 😉 My Luxyra scarf will arrive soon and I’ll post some pics of how I’ve styled mine as well. head-silk-scarvesmen-silk-scarvesmiroslava-duma-street-style-Russian-scarvesNick-Bronson-scarf-cashmere-silk-streetstyle-styleRussian-silk-scarf-streetstyleRussian-silk-scarvesscarves-street-stylestreet-style-miroslava-duma-Russian-scarfwww.thewindofinspiration.comstreet-style-Russian-scarves (2)street-style-Russian-scarves

Get the look & shop here: LUXYRA | Twitter | Facebook 

6 thoughts on “From Russia With Love: SILK SCARVES & Why We Love Them!

  1. Yeah, they’re beautiful but I have round face and it looks like a full moon when it’s wrapped in scarf 😉 But I wear them just as a scarf and sometimes I tie them on the hips.

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