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White Jeans In Winter. What Do You Think?

OK, I know what you must be thinking right now : this girl’s got an obsession with jeans. Not gonna deny it, cause obviously alongside my fashion & food cravings, what 2014 does for me, is bring out a somewhat consistency in obsessions. It kicked in with the jeans trend (the ripped shit we talked yesterday), who know though what’ll be next. street-style-white-jeans-in-winterBut today no classic blue denim talk (cause we did that here & here). Au contraire. Today I dare thee to a debate:

Are white jeans cool again? And if so, should we be wearing them in winter?

how-to-wear-white-jeans-in-winterFirst of all, I know what y’all are gonna say: when were they out of style in the 1st place? Point taken. Yet, they were more of  a niche look for those summer gals emulating cruise slash luxe sailor slash rich holiday in the Mediterranean styles. You know, with the white bottoms and some bright flowery top. Or black for a bit of fashion drama by the sea.  white-jeansWhen and who decided to take this look out of its summery context right into… WINTER?

White denims are stubbornly sticking around for 2014 winter and I so-unoriginally predict spring & summer 2014. In many ways it does seem as if 2013 was just a teaser for lots of trends.

So, I dare ask – in this white denim in winter thang – where do you stand?

I, (not that anyone gives a crap, but just to humor my massive narcissistic ego I’m gonna tell you anyway) was skeptical at first, until I saw a friend of mine pulling off this style without looking like a rich infatuated socialite unaware of the fact that it is winter outside. Not summer.

This friend of mine looked cool. And slightly edgy/grungy. And then it hit me: can we pull off the white denim trend in winter and not look ridiculous?

She, alongside tones of other girls & posh fashionistats out there are holding a massive YES sign to all my born-out-of-white-winter-insecurities questions.

White does tend to appear brighter than any damn color in winter, but I’m sorta liking this trend, which I have yet to try. To the HOW screaming in my mind I have one word. (actually more.) white-jeans-winter-lookGeraldine Saglio at RochasIf you love wearing them in summer (my case) nail the look in winter with black shoes. Black ankle boots, black wedges or sneakers and a dark colored coat, black blazer or leather jacket  look best (read fabulous) with white jeans in winter. As for the top, I love the coziness of an oversized soft black sweater, or the crispy feel of a dark colored shirt tucked in. But, white does go with anything so do not shy away from colors.

And now let’s get some street style inspiration. 🙂  How-Wear-White-Jeans-Year-RoundOlivia-Palermo-white-jeanswhite-jeansstreet-style-white-jeans (2)street-style-white-jeansstreetstyle-white-jeansstreet-style-whitejeansstreet-style-white-jeansstreet-style-white-jeans-1street-style-white-jeans-2 (2)street-style-white-jeans-2street-style-white-jeans-3street-style-white-jeans-trrendwhite-jeans-2014-trendwhite-jeans-black-ankle-bootswhite-jeans-coat-winter-stylewhite-jeans-lookwhite-jeans-shirt-lookwhitejeans-street-stylewhite-jeans-street-stylewhite-jeans-white-sweater-stylewhite-jeans-winterwinter-style-white-jeans (2)winter-style-white-jeanswinter-trend-2014-white-jeansI’m so curious what you think about this trend: winter & summer? Or just summer?

3 thoughts on “White Jeans In Winter. What Do You Think?

  1. Oh shit…I’ve never think about it if this is ok or faux pas – wearing white jeans in winter 😉
    Why not…I like the monochrome mix and the white colour paired with beige and brown. This reminds me a cup of hot latte or chocolate, which is sipped in a cozy room while there’s cold outside.

  2. i love white in the winter! I’ve worn my white jeans twice so far. The latest being with chambray, oatmeal colored sweater and brown boots. i felt pretty classic and it was well-received on Instagram! this post has inspired me to wear them tomorrow 🙂

  3. Well, if you live in Miami or Los Angeles or other warm cities white jeans are always a go-to. I like these looks, especially with the black sweater/shirt/jacket and black boots.

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