Holiday Party Looks: SEQUINS!

party-looksOne of the best things about the winter holidays is the fact that, courtesy of all the parties, we can go over the top with all that glitters. What better time to drape ourselves in sequins, beads, glitter and glam, than at a Christmas party or on 2014 New Year’s Eve Night?

Sequins – whether on skirts, dresses, trousers or shorts – have never been out of style, mush less when it comes to the celebration of the NYE. Although, truth is… sequins have been adorning our clothes for the past 2 years or so, in daytime as well. Remember all those luxe glam styles clashed with chunky knits, and all-bundled-up looks? sequined-pants-looksequin-skirt-knitted-sweater-styleCause a sequin pencil skirt can look uber posh and why not professional (if the work area allows) with some pointy ankle boots and a crispy shirt or sweater, over which you can don a smart blazer. And speaking of blazers, those too can be sequin and can take you from your 9-5 all the way to your Christmas party or some cocktails out with your colleagues. winter-party-style-sequin-blazerThis, however is not about how to don sequins during the day, although if you wanna do that, glam it up girl! We can never go wrong with this timeless style. This is an inspiration post to help us all figure out what the hell to wear to New Year’s Eve Party & the rest of the winter holidays get-togethers. 

One way to go about this is to go full-on makeup and glamour. A sequined dress, in any color, with heeled pumps for a more classy take, or with ankle boots for a hint of edge or sophistication – is a great way to put an end to all the ‘what to wear drama’.

black-sequin-party-dresswinter-holiday-party-looksIf however you wish to look a bit more effortless and sophisticated, yet not give up on this night’s glam free pass a touch of sequins can go a looong way. 

My favorite style will always be a sequined mini skirt paired with a not-so-glam top, like a T-shirt, a sweatshirt or a graphic tee. Heels on, accessories, the right hair and makeup will give you a bit of that Kate Moss effortless rocknroll vibe. You’ll look as if you couldn’t be bothered with the whole NYE frenzy, but pulled it off majorly and look so hot!

party-look-sequined-skirtSequin shorts are a more cheeky but comfortable alternative to the mini skirt.

Sequin blazers add a bit of razzmatazz to absolutely any look. Sure you may need to take it off if it’s too hot, but you know what they say: sometimes the 1st impression really counts. 😉 sequin-blazerparty-looks-trend-sequinsSequined leggings or trousers seem to be quite major this season, and really, if you’re not gonna wear them for NYE party, when are you? It’s the best occasion. And they look incredibly hot & sexy. Paired with a more sophisticated top, like a silky blouse, shirt or a posh tank top they can look better than a dress. Paired with a less extravagant top, they ooze that glamorous effortlessness I was telling you about. sequin-trousersOr a cooler way to don sequins is to pair them with jeans. Fantastic mix! sequin-topEnough talk… let’s get down to business and scroll through these amazing sequined styles perfect for any winter holiday party! 😉

gold-sequin-dress-for-partygold-sequin-dress-partymini-sequin-party-dressmini-sequin-skirtparty-dress-lookparty-dress-New-Years-Eve-partyparty-dress-style-sequinsparty-outfitsequined-looks-for-partysequined-looks-New-Years-Evsequined-pants-stylesequined-party-outfitssequined-skirts-pants-NYE-psequin-leggings-streetstylesequin-party-dresssequin-party-lookssequinssequins-2014street-style-sequin-pantssequins-trend-2014streetstyle-sequin-leggingsstreetstyle-sequin-pantsWhat do you think? Are sequins your thing?

(more NYE & Party looks here)

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