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If You’re Thinking: GIFT IDEAS For Christmas…

christmas-gifts-ideasYeah we’re one month away from the winter holidays, but nothing tops being prepared and chilling over hot chocolates while the rest of the world goes mad over the same dilemma “What gifts to get friends and family for Christmas?”… I know I sound very unrealistic, so feel free to roll your eyes all you want, after all, what’s a Christmas without the panic & the frenzy of last minute shopping, right? Though I’m  clearly aware of the chaos that awaits I somehow always end up being a demented last minute frenetic holiday shopper, instead of learning my lesson once and for all, and prepaired in advance.

(Much like my trying to cut on sweets, you know? Damn right they’re bad for me, but no way in hell I can say ‘no’ to a delicious cake if it’s right in front of me. After I put it there. To test myself. Moral of the story: knowing the outcome does not necessarily mean changing something.) Yet it does imply our awareness, hence the hope that someday good will prevail, and we will not leave Christmas shopping for last minute. Promise?

claires-accessoriesAssuming we’re all in the same boat here, welcome to the next predicament: What To Buy? Even an add on Craiglist saying: In desperate need of Gift Ideas would not get us very far. Yet it’d get us one step closer to the victory of Christmas Shopping. Relax though, no need to resort to this. Unless you want to of course. Then it’s totally fine.

So let’s get down to business. I’ve always thought the best gift ideas are those involving accessories, pretty little fun things, that everyone (read especially young girls with a penchant for fashion, beauty & styling) loves and can never have too many. No wonder when I came across Claire’s Accessories I was literally teleported to this beauty &  accessories heaven I would’ve killed for in my high-school years (okay uni as well. hell, make that even late 20’s, as I confess I’m a total girly girl).

clairesPretty Pink Paris Charm Bracelet-8-99Tons, and I mean tons of amazing gift packages, Christmas gift ideas for both prepaired & last minute shoppers. From simple feminine cute accessories to BFFs charms, backpacks, fluffy pink slippers you never wanna take off, to more versatile grown-up-Christmas-gifts such as that posh golden boyfriend watch, makeup kits or nail polishes.

Here are a few gift ideas from Claire’s to get you thinking, as well as some street style for inspo… 36150backpacks-street-stylebackpacks-street-style4821863268BFF-gift-ideas-Clairesla-modella-mafia-Ruby-Aldridge-Model-Off-Duty-Street-Style-4neck-refinery29Claire’s Accessories Ear Cuffs, Earrings, Headbands, Watch: jewelry-gift-ideas-Claires19-95-Gold Crystal Boyfriend Watch ear-cuffsear-cuff-lookstatement-earrings-lookjewelry-headband-lookgold-watch-stylestreet-style-golden-watch-gift-ideaDark Red Rosebud and Gold Spike Detail Headband-7-99flower-headband-look16-99-Christmas Pudding Bobble HatiPhone-cases-Christmas-giftiPhone-cases-gift-ideasYou in the mood for some fun sweet Christmas gift to make your girlfriends laugh and have a good time? Claire’s got some great Christmas costume items that can give that razzmatazz to any outfit you’ll be wearing at your Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. 66415Stripe Elf Socks With Bells-7-99No winter holidays will ever be complete without the glam & beauty that go with any Christmas look. From simple hair doughnut buns to big dramatic eyelashes – you’ve got it all at Claire’s. claires-makeup-gift-box-Christmasmakeup-Christmas-gift-ideasMake up looks for inspiration: colored-christmas-makeup1makeup-looks-10Claire’s hair accessories & hair some hair inspiration: hair-pins-buns-Claires-giftbraided-styleClaire’s nailart & some nail inspo: claires-nailsnails-for-ChristmasAnd if you think you’re throwing money down the drain for some silly sweet things that’ll only last one holiday… think again. Most of these gift ideas, thought bought under the Christmas excuse, can be damn well worn on a daily basis, throughout the whole year. Well maybe not the reindeer ears, but you know wheat I mean.

And if this ain’t so… no need to panic or break a bank. These pretty little gift ideas come in very affordable, so getting a fun one-holiday-affair-thing will be just that. A great gift to don one night at a Christmas party, while making a style & beauty statement.

Get the look here:

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3 thoughts on “If You’re Thinking: GIFT IDEAS For Christmas…

  1. These are so great! It’s weird for me this year because my family will be so far away that I have to do all of my shopping online….. I might have to hit the stores just for fun…(ha!)

  2. I love. And. Hate. Christmas. All in same. BreAth. My. Birthday. Is. Literally. Five. Days. Before. Christmas. So. Yeah. Gifts. Are. Sorta. Thin. But. Hey. I. Live. In. My. Gift. Year. Round. So. Yeah. Hint. A. House.

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