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The BOMBER Jacket: Must Have OR Not?

street-style-bomber-jacketThis cool jacket – once only an aviator’s attire – has slowly but surely crawled into our lives, nipped, tucked and completely reinvented as if to make up for all the lost time when it was hanging forgotten in retired pilots’ wardrobes. It was probably in one of these wardrobes that some quirky fashionsta/designer rediscovered it and thought ‘what if?’

So now, the BOMBER JACKET so luxuriously and fashionably hangs off sexy backs of 18 year olds, channeling Rihanna or Miley Cyrus, and 30 something editors, stylists, buyers or simple pretty socialites. Bomber-jacketmiley-cyrus-bomber-jacketrihanna-bomber-jacketbomberJacketbomberjacket-styleNo longer belonging only to aviators, The BOMBER JACKET might actually be that one thing to replace the staples we’ve grown tired of. Or it could just come in handy on those days when even the coolest leather jacket appears so boring. It does give a slight effortless sporty edge, in a very un-fashionable fashion to its sartorialist wearers.

This amazing jacket has completely slipped my mind when, a few weeks ago, I was bitching about the ubiquity of the leather jacket and the lack of other options, hence my post on blazers, which, will of course remain classic staples, but on the edgy side… what have we got? Ding! Ding! It’s the BOMBER! bomber-jacketbomber-jacket-heels-skirtbomber-jacket-heels-skirtbomber-jacket-trendIt’s first major comeback on the runway was almost 2 years ago, when it was also the Varsity Jacket, its twin, that made a style splash. The Varsity (click here for more) is the Letterman Jacket, an attire of high-school & college students. It’s made out of 2 fabrics (cotton on the back, and leather on sleeves), unlike the Bomber which is made of one, and though fitted at the writs, neck and waist, its collar is fold-able, unlike the bomber’s which, due to aviators profession had to be as simple as possible. Enough Wikipedia info… moving on to how the Bomber became so cool. bombers-street-styleStep by step it caught up with 1st celebs, then off duty models, then bloggers, then retail chains and now everyone else. Who’s to blame for the BOMBER Jacket Trend? Aside from us (the gurus of street fashion and style, pulling it off everyday on buses and tubes in the most eclectic and coolest fashion mixes ever) I would give some credits to designers as well.

Today the Bomber Jacket is all grown up and a far cry from its initial restricted lines and fabrics. What it kept intact was its cinched wrists, waist and neck design, but its fabric play and experimentation is a heaven for all fashion lovers. From luxurious expensive silky textures to leather, lace, sheer fabrics, simple jersey, or anything actually – this jacket can transform into anything. It can be a classy-edgy blazer. A leather jacket. A sporty outwear. A cardigan. bombers-looksbombers-trend-2013-2014jacket-trend-bombersThe best ones are those eclectic styles, that have the cut of the sporty bomber jacket, but the fabric of some posh thing, more expensive than your monthly rent. It’s those ones that go best with heels, skirts, sexy strappy stiletto sandals, red lips or even cocktail dresses. street-style-bomber-jacket-2bombers-trend-2013-2014Also the printed ones, or the different fabrics insertions some have, make the Bomber Jacket the IT jacket of 2013 fall. It can be worn underneath a thicker jacket, thus acting like a blazer or cardigan at the office, giving extra personality to your outfit, or it can be made of thick fabric and can be your urban-luxe jacket for freezing autumn and winter days. jacket-trends-bomberprint-bomber-jacket-lookContrary to belief it does go with ANYTHING and gives a bit of quirkiness to any style. Mixing and clashing styles and clothes is today’s thing so no wonder the BOMBER JACKET in printed luxurious silk looks great with cutoffs and sneakers, and the cotton or jersey style is fabulous against Louboutins, sequined tops, and expensive skirts.

For a bit of glamour and urban vibe mix this jacket with red lips, and cool accessories. In other words, be a girly girl in a man inspired jacket. Confusion is sexy! classic-bomber-jacketclassy-bomber-jackethow-to-style-bomber-jacketsImages by Micah Gianneli | info@rawwcreative.com | www.rawwblog.comTruth is, the Bomber is a great jacket alternative. Having come a long way from the strict fashions of aviators, the bomber might just be our new staple, that we so desperately run to when leather becomes too much (read boring). Besides, its millions of styles and designs makes it incredibly easy for us to play and experiment with infinite bomber looks.

More street style… printed-bomber-jacket-street-stylestatement-bomber-jacketstreetstyle-bomberjacketstreet-style-bomber-jacket-1 street-style-bomber-jacket-3street-style-bomber-jacket-4street-style-bomber-jacket-6street-style-bomber-jacket-7street-style-bomber-jacket-8street-style-bomber-jacket-fall-2013-trendwomen-bomber-jacketswinter-bomber-jacket-stylestreet-style-bombersstreet-style-print-bomber-jacketwinter-bomber-jacket-lookstreet-style-printed-bomber-jacketstreet-style-the-bomber-jacketstreet-style-the-bomber-jacket-lookFashion sometimes means getting bored of something too soon and replacing it with God knows what old thing or funky weird item, so I’m thinking owning at least one bomber jacket (in cotton of silk) might just be a late fall investment. Hey, you could probably pull it off next Spring as well, and if worse comes to worse and it becomes dated in 6 months, relax… it’ll probably make a new comeback in say… 5 years?

What do you think?

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