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Stuff MEN Should Wear This Winter!

men-street-styleBoys… it’s been a long time since we’ve talked about you. Here, that is. 🙂 When it comes to 2013 – 2014 Autumn & Winter there are a few things men have got to do, fashion wise: boots, coats & layers. Basically nothing’s new and it’s no rocket science that in the cold season human nature requires you to wear thicker clothes such as the ones above. Yet… it’s not what you wear, but HOW you wear it that counts.

All men are fashion wise somewhere in between a business-casual-cool style. What this season does though, is challenge men to be edgier, to experiment more with fashion & looks, and not be boring. street-style-menHow to do this? Focus on some details: funky socks, rolled up jeans, trousers in boots, printed scarves, hats/beanies, a few bling (earrings, rings, necklaces. Keep it simple boys!), and layering jackets.

For example if you love your leather jacket a little too much to part from it until next spring, wear it over some T-shirt or shirt, and top it all with your coat. A cool beanie, some shades and Chelsea or motorcycle boots, or even tennis shoes, depending on your look – will do the trick. street-style-men-jacketsstreet-style-men-shoes-rolled-up-jeansstreet-style-men-shoesYou a business lad? Tired of donning the same boring grey suit every day, from behind that boring grey desk? Ding! Ding! Pay attention: thanks to Mad Man series, all those 50’s, 60’s men styles are back. I’ve got one word for you: DAPPER style!

You can wear a 3 piece suit, cause vests are really cool, and you can wear it in so many ways it’s fucking great! Channel your inner gangster persona with a classic look, go edgy/rocknroll with some grungy details (a denim shirt underneath, leather, cool boots). Or you may choose to emulate those Italian boys from Fashion Week. You know, those wearing plaid, printed or colored blazers, funky combinations (parka coat with a suit, bomber jacket with some luxurious 3 ensemble).

What to wear to work?
street-style-menstreet-style-men-1street-style-men-business-looksstreet-style-men-office-wearstreet-style-menstreet-style-dapper-looksdapper-looks-men-streetstylI think the key element to a guy’s great style this season is BOOTS! As long as they’re higher than the ankles, and can keep your trousers fashionably tucked in, or rolled… they are a staple this winter. Any color, any style, vintage or brand new, with or without laces – you need to have at least a pair. men-shoes-street-stylestreet-style-men-bootsstreet-style-men-boots-1street-style-men-shoesstreet-style-men-boots-2Nothing is more irresistible than a guy feeling and looking cool in his shoes (literally) while keeping warm from the blizzard cold with his hands in his coat’s pockets and collar popped up.

Coats men should wear… street-style-men-boots-2men-street-stylestreet-style-men-coatstreet-style-men-coatsstreet-style-men-winter-styleJackets will always be in from denim to leather to military, and they always build a very cool casual style.

Jackets styles… street-style-menmen-jackets-streetstylestreet-style-men-casualAlso, a big hit and massive trend in men’s fashion is the beard. Scruffy looks are IN (so hot!), whether you like them or not, the question is though, how scruffy is too scruffy?

Until you think about that one… have a look… street-style-men-beardsMore on Menswear TRENDS for the cold season here.


18 thoughts on “Stuff MEN Should Wear This Winter!

    • Ya the problem is when we purchase a shirt its a minimum of $175.00 plus and a suit for us is at least a weeks salary in a nut shell our rags cost triple what yours do.

      • This is too true, I’d love to afford even one full outfit thats listed here, but it would cost in the 3-4 hundred dollar range

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  2. When the article goes to boots, the third picture down, the vintage looking leather boots with the white on the bottom where do you find these?

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